My space is limited, my mind is full. Yet i can compensate.

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  • lunaticsrave 5w

    Last day

    One minute your here and the next one your not.
    Your best to be thankful for all that you got.
    The next time you see them it might be the last.
    So put all your grudges into the past.
    Nobody knows when it is time.
    Then up the stairs to heaven you climb.
    If you listen right now , It won't be to late.
    To learn how to love and forget how to hate.
    If today was your last then how would you act.
    Your choices right now have an impact.
    Always remember the last words you say could come back and haunt in the usual way.

  • lunaticsrave 5w

    Feeding time (revised)

    Its feeding time for the monsters.
    Then bathe them and put them in bed.
    Oh but they've had such a busy day.
    Stirring up shit in my head.

    I'll have to tell them some crazy story.
    Or sing them a sad lulliby.
    If I take care of the ones I have,
    they're reluctant to multiply.

    When they're all wrapped up in slumber,
    it puts my mind at ease.
    Living together as one ,
    a meer symptom of my disease.

    I get them all tucked in
    I give them a kiss goodnight.
    And as I am tiptoeing out of there.
    Another one turns on the light.
    char 2020

  • lunaticsrave 6w


    Imagine if you will .
    A tiny house. A tiny hill.
    No one there that cares about you.
    So it don't matter what you do.

    Poison is your daily pick.
    You drink it down it makes you sick.
    Swimming around within your head.
    So sick now your almost dead.

    The sun breaks out another day.
    They want you out. You choose to stay.
    The poison there , you take a drink.
    Confused , but it will help you think.

    Now they are at your door.
    They've had enough, they'll take no more.
    The poison gleaming across the room.
    Drink it now and meet your doom.

    Somehow the have gotten in.
    It's only you. You'll never win.
    You got the poison in your hand.
    Leave me alone is your command.

    The tears are streaming out your eyes.
    The words they say are ugly lies
    You drink the liquid down real fast.
    Poison isn't meant to last.

    And this time you go at will.
    The tiny house, the tiny hill.
    Now that your away from there.
    You realize that they did care.
    char 2020

  • lunaticsrave 7w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short tale on Spark

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    Sparks fizzle out..

  • lunaticsrave 7w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short write-up on Hollow

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    You can hear a hollow heart for miles...

  • lunaticsrave 7w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word one-liner on Forgive

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    Forgiving takes more than a prayer.

  • lunaticsrave 7w

    You decide

    Memory's that we both cling to.
    Dancing with no music on.
    Days that keep us together.
    Days when we wanna be gone.

    Love when there's no understanding.
    Love thats confusing as hell.
    Words that make perfect sense.
    Dont matter the way that you spell.

    Days that turn into years while, .
    your watching your life pass you by.Happiness turns into tears and your laughing to death as you cry.

    Everyday is a blessing.
    Every breath is your breath.
    Holding on tight to the future.
    When the future is certainly death.

    The thought of living without them.
    Makes you lonely and cold.
    Everyone asks how we did it.
    Well just let that secret unfold.

    charlotte 2020

  • lunaticsrave 7w

    Lunatics Rave

    When a haunting growl climbs up your spine.
    The stars and there planet began to align.
    That voice in your head says its time to begin.
    Words come bubbling out of your skin.
    Your darkest emotion makes you a slave.
    That is when the lunatics rave.

    Creeping and crawling like worms in. your brain.
    Talk all you want about how you've stayed sane.
    The questions still smolder, no answers tonight.
    As you are watching the fire began to ignite.
    This insatiable ego is one that you crave.
    You'll never go hungry when lunatics rave.

    Rockets now shooting and hitting the ground.
    The static is making a turbulous sound.
    You suffocate while you are drowning in air.
    You look and you dont see anyone there.

    Now your the hunted its your dying breed.
    You its your fault cause you planted the seed.
    Cant conjure emotions they will not behave.
    You cant do nothing when lunatics rave.
    charlotte 2020

  • lunaticsrave 7w

    Somebodys Son

    Away in a cell miles from his home.
    A boy the turns to a man.
    He hangs his head knowing the charge
    surviving the best that he can.

    He never had thought hed be in this place.
    He should have thought thought this all through.
    Now all alone with nobody there hes wondering what he must do.

    The door opens up and in comes a tray.
    Some slop and a piece of bread.
    He chows it down and back to his bunk.
    At least they can say that hes fed.
    His future is grim as he looks at the walls
    Theres so much that he could have done.
    He closes his eyes missing the day
    when he was somebodys son.
    char 2020

  • lunaticsrave 18w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Narrow

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    The narrower the trail the more fruitful the berry