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  • lupee20 12w


    I never thought u would do this to me
    Why u kept lieing to me
    I just wanted loyalty and fair
    Not a mess in my life or more stress
    I dont know why i kept loving u u made me this
    Deppression girl again but im not gonna lose myself cuz im the only one that understand everything im sorry for being big ass b.... I just can't i fall in love with u twice but im just done
    Even if hurts im sorry to make u worse
    I didn't mean too be mean to u but just forget what happened to us let it go

  • lupee20 12w



    I am a past mystery
    I am a future mystery
    Nobody really knows about mystery
    But i know everyone hides there mystery past
    That noone will ever see
    Only god can change the mystery
    Im always confidence that the better years get older a mystery comes along

  • lupee20 12w


    I am confidence
    In whats the future comes
    I am confidence
    Of the next year gets better
    I am confidence
    Because of you
    I never thought u gave me
    The best gift between us
    I am so confidence
    Put your mind into place
    And keep looking forward and confidence

  • lupee20 12w

    I am lost

    I am lost thru my mind
    I dont know where exactly
    My brain goes
    Everytime im alone i feel my brain poping out of my head
    All the blood dripping down
    My body
    I dont know why but i feel like im dieing
    Just going thru my head
    Alot of people think im fine but inside i wish someone could help me escape this mind i got
    I think too much thats why i have a unhealthy life
    Well ima keep thinking until i knock out on the floor
    I feel dizzy also so i better watch my signs
    Of health

  • lupee20 15w


    Sometimes i feel heartbroken
    Because of things that happened to me
    In the past its just been really dark
    Since i was a little girl
    Now idk what to think about life
    Life took all my firends and family and people who were close to me
    Im just so upset at life why is this happening to me
    Im just done its really hard to keep going especially with life
    I have my ups and downs all the time
    Its never stabled its just so hard that my life has to end it here
    Im sorry this is how i feel i lost my grandma my firends and even the guy i loved now i cant keep going can someone give me some advice
    I waz an mental hospital also so its hard not to fall back in deppression i just expressed myself

  • lupee20 18w


    This is how i feel
    Empty heart
    Bad gf
    Sad all the time
    Noone wants me
    I feel upset all the time
    I wanna leave to heaven
    I cant keep my feelings inside of me
    I might explode one of this days
    I wish people were more understandable
    Its just hard being like this.

  • lupee20 21w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word micro-tale on Inhuman

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    Im gone forever

  • lupee20 22w

    Im lost

    I think im losing my fucken mind
    Without you here next to me
    I think im going insane
    Nobody thinks i care about that person
    But that person is my life
    No matter what ill always be here for him
    Ily and always will this poem is written to the best person on earth

  • lupee20 22w

    Saying goodbye

    Saying goodbye is the worse thing that could happen to anyone
    Saying goodbye with tears in your eyes
    Saying goodbye to the person who you love The most
    Saying goodbye to all the bullies and the people who bring me down
    Saying goodbye to your old firends
    Saying goodbye to myself cuz i lost control
    Im sorry for saying goodbye

  • lupee20 24w


    I hear voices everywhere i go
    I hear voices and i hate it
    Voices always mess me up
    Voices are demons who want to get over ur head
    But im not letting those voices take control
    I try to stop them
    But they get angry
    And i get scared then things moved
    So i know the voices are mad
    But idc anymore those voices arent real
    There just in your head
    This voices in my mind say im worthless
    Im useless im not worth anything
    Sometimes i just listen to laugh at them
    So they can get angry idc
    I know there demons in my head have anyone hears voices too