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  • luvurself 2w

    Figuring out
    The reasons why we blindly believe the lies they put on their innocent faces.

  • luvurself 5w

    It has roots don't let them grow deeper that you can't face them

  • luvurself 5w

    Inside your brains kill your wills and grow evils.

  • luvurself 5w

    Restless mind
    Destroy inner peace and makes your presence invisible for your own self

  • luvurself 6w

    Fallen leaves
    Dry leaves fall new grow like old one leaves new one came in your life

  • luvurself 10w

    Want break

    From feelings which are
    chaotic to my soul and
    blurring my true vision...

  • luvurself 10w

    Break up

    Hurts more then
    relief the soul

  • luvurself 12w

    Wish Or Need

    The Amount Of Their Needs
    Our world has much more resources than their needs to fulfill every individual's Need can be fulfilled easily
    But fulfilling expectations, desires is next to impossible.....
    Not even the Entire Universe Has Enough Resources to fulfill Man's Desires.
    "Make sure if that expectation is need or a wish or a desire...
    Unrealistic Wish OR Realistic Need??
    This should be very clear."

  • luvurself 12w


    The moment you fulfill an expectation of somebody who is close to you , who is related to you. What cause it ? Will expectations shrink or grow ? Does fulfillment of an expectation of your close one creates satisfaction in them about you or makes them expect more ?
    Does they satisfied or say Haa tumne yeh toh ki par yeh nahi ki yeh bhi karo, ab yeh bhi karo!
    It's impossible to fulfill expectations everytime!

  • luvurself 13w

    Preparing Myself

    To kick my fear and be brawny enough to face it and be prepared to celebrate..