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  • m_a_n_g_t_u 3w

    If it's done for a ticket to heaven, for people's acceptance, for your own acceptance then its better not done.


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    Kindness demands a price, the pain must be shared. The state of the emotion must be kept the same. It's disrespectful towards nature to convert someone else's pain into pride. When you help someone the hurt must be shared with similar intensity, if not the same. A sacrifice must be made on your side, the form of the emotion must be kept pure.

  • m_a_n_g_t_u 5w

    Man oh mighty man,
    never do you cry.
    This gush of harsh life,
    you may deny,
    but one's gotta cry.
    I wish you never forget
    how to scream, how to weep,
    till time cuts you deep,
    till there is no other way,
    not a thing to try.
    I wish you find yourself
    some truths to apply,
    to open wounds of subtle lies,
    till its dark all around,
    gloomy faces nearby,
    & pain gets you high.
    I wish you find yourself,
    an evasive artful reply,
    for how, what & why,
    till your clouds collide,
    over that blue sky,
    till its clear to those dry eyes,
    they have been petrified.
    Its then when a man must cry,
    till his heart is satisfied.


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    I wish you find yourself
    some truths to apply,
    to the open wounds of subtle lies,
    till its dark all around,
    gloomy faces nearby,
    & pain gets you high.

  • m_a_n_g_t_u 6w

    You can tell a hell lot about a person by their talks.

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    Is the lack of alone time we spend really the root cause for everything wrong with the world?
    Doesn't creation of god give birth to a devil too?
    What if we lack some organs to feel some things that we don't know exist, things that can turn the world of science upside down & make all right wrong?
    What about the spectrums we have drawn around the group of people like Introverts, Nihilists, agnostics?
    Do you feel pain offers more than pleasure, maybe we just need to cry & ask for more?
    What is the right age to accept the exhaust of impressing the people?
    When being kind, am I not just trying to feel comfortable? Am i not doing this just for my sake?


    What's the latest Phone out there?
    What color was Ram's/jesus's Skin?
    Well who's the better of the kardashians?
    Who's gonna win that reality show?
    Which one is the best religion?
    Why isn't Salman Getting married?
    Who's god is more powerful?

  • m_a_n_g_t_u 6w

    What's sexy about nature is she's honest, her integrity is brutal.
    One of my oldest & favourite.

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    Ray from mighty sun go straight,
    mere feather holds courage to barricade,
    it's destruction seems explicit,
    burn to death written in fate.

    The ray would not bend , would not cheat.
    Even if it's in place faraway.
    Even if no one is watching.
    Even if it's needed in there.

    Leaves thriving in chaotic pattern uniformly,
    Similitude was never there nor was any rivalry.
    Coz ideal is irksome, one sprouting preeminent way,
    adjacent gone wicked, for the beauty, to stay.

    Faraway a star, burning it's heart,
    deep in the dark, without a pulse,
    no planets to run, species to nurture
    revolving for end with same impulse.

  • m_a_n_g_t_u 6w

    If only we were made of glass, if only it was all transparent, if only we could look into each other, see that it hurts the same. If only we could see same blistery soles, tired legs, loaded shoulders & bleeding eyes.
    It would be enough for us to hug out each other's tears.

  • m_a_n_g_t_u 7w

    The best thing that can happen in one's life is an early encounter with the void, the experiences of humiliation, disrespect, loneliness, embarrassment, guilt, the hard slap from life. Once you have been through them quite a lot, you get familiar to the feels. They don't affect you anymore. You start seeing the other side of the picture, the social constructs build to control you by scaring you with these same feels, doesn't bind you anymore.
    And now you are free.

  • m_a_n_g_t_u 7w


    I think it's about flexibility of one's character. It's not about working hard & earning yourself a well defined status or position, a safe future, a "better" life. No, it's not about all of that crap.
    It's about improving in a way that forces ones limits, stretches the fabric of the mind, the heart & hence the soul, in all the possible directions, leading oneself towards a state of flexibility. Where regardless of what's happening, good or bad, one is able to take what's beneficial & leave the rest. Similar to when Bruce Lee talked about being like water.
    Being able to adjust the aspects of one's character, for eg., to be optimistic when required, blindly if needed & at the same time appreciate the pessimistic prospect of the situation to keep the self to the ground, finding the perfect balance between one's mind & heart is the goal here. And the only way to reach it is to feel & to think as much as possible and then do it a little more.

  • m_a_n_g_t_u 8w

    You can never be "better" than anyone nor can anyone ever be "better" than you. It's not possible to compare the entirety of one being with another's without any particular context for judgement.
    One can be better at academia, at sports, in bed, at parenting etc. But as a being one can never hold more value than any other being no matter what they achieve.

  • m_a_n_g_t_u 10w

    Negativity doesn't exist to be ignored. It's a rarely explored universe with extremely beautiful treasure.

  • m_a_n_g_t_u 11w


    In this very moment a 8 year old is getting raped in a brothel till she can't walk.

    Somewhere a 24 year old lying on a bathroom floor with a razor in his hand is unable to kill himself because his mama would be sad.

    A 5 year old is learning to hate
    people she never met, people who belong to some other fucking religion.

    In this moment some guy is searching streets for his little sister who got chopped into pieces last night.

    In this very moment a mother is going through past, looking for where she went wrong while sitting on a rocking chair in an old age home.

    Somewhere in a metro a guy facing the window is holding on to his tears because there's people around.

    And here I am worrying about my pimples, my earnings, whom to vote, how many have I fucked, how many know my face, my dress, no. of likes, cell phone, house, cars, my status.

    The world wants you to think that the devil can be defeated with guns & money, thoughts were controllable, they want you to believe in their fucking system, in their gods.