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  • m_s_tanwar 3w

    Happy diwali

    May the joy, cheer, mirth and merriment of this divine festival surround you forever. May the happiness, that this season brings… Festive occasions fill our lives with a new charm and happiness. May this Diwali prove to the beginning of something great in your life!

  • m_s_tanwar 10w


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    ‌My life is the only gift I have for you
    In which lies an innocent heart❤...

    Which has feelings to be with you
    Even when it's hurt.....

    ‌My body needs a soul to live
    And you are the soul to me...

    ‌You are a shining star
    Which will lighten up my life
    Just with its presence....

    ‌I want to be a shell in this vast ocean
    For a pearl like you....


  • m_s_tanwar 14w

    My lil sis

    For many years we've shared our lives
    One roof we once lived under
    Sometimes we laughed, sometimes we cried
    Through winter storms and thunder
    The younger years have faded
    But thought all the time our friendship lasts
    Our bond in life remains
    As summer brings the happy times
    The autumn winds will whisper
    A closeer friend I'd never find
    then the One I call my sister......
    Love u dear sis..

  • m_s_tanwar 16w

    It is said some lives
    Are linked across time.
    Connected by an ancient calling
    That echoes through the ages.

  • m_s_tanwar 17w


    It's not something that makes people to follow your orders..
    But it's something that makes people to follow you..
    Not because of your seniority but because of the respect people have for you..

    As the leader is the one......
    who knows the way,
    Goes the way and
    shows the way...


  • m_s_tanwar 22w

    It's me

    I would rather die
    Please don't force me
    that much
    I'm like this only
    And will remain so
    Please don't force me
    to change
    And if i would be changed
    I will loose the real me
    I will loose myself
    And will become a
    Lifeless body
    So, let me be myself not someone else
    Because I am me not he....

  • m_s_tanwar 23w

    I don't have the words to explain such a divine bond..
    But still a try..
    For all those who made my life happier than ever before... My friends

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    Few years back
    I got search of what I was....
    The funniest people ever.....
    The biggest jokers ever.....
    The biggest fools ever exists....
    The most loving ones....
    The most caring ones....
    The most scaring ones...
    #The family beyond blood


  • m_s_tanwar 24w

    The girl

    This is a story of a girl,
    Her eyes were like pearl;
    Her lips were like petals of rose,
    Amongst all the girls I like her most;
    When I saw her beauty
    They seemed they are my duty;
    She looted my heart,
    With her soft speaking art;
    She always looks like barbie,
    With a cute smile of baby;
    Once she wore a pink dress,
    And was looking like a pretty mistress;


  • m_s_tanwar 25w


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    ‘Whatever appears as the unshakeable truth, the exact opposite may also be true in another context. It is the context or perspective that you’re looking from that moulds which particular reality you see.’


  • m_s_tanwar 25w


    One day
    I thought of explaining me to myself
    And realise that I have everything
    And that is me....