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  • m_u_s_s 2w

    Hey dear writers! 💕
    Sorry for being off lately- Life is hectic!
    So I’m back with another one. Hope y’all like it!🌸🌸

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    Happy me?

    A living daydream turned into a nightmare
    All I could do was stand and stare.
    Wasn’t sure of my mistake
    Didn’t realize what was at stake.
    Sleepless nights and endless fights
    In my head, your promises I started to recite.
    All hollow and meaningless
    Started abusing substances to fill the emptiness.
    No pain could now get hold of me
    I walked around the house shouting with glee.
    The world was a better place, thanks to the alcohol and drugs
    People asked me questions but all I did was shrug.
    Pushed away family and friends in no time
    By the end of the month I was left with only a dime.
    Where did the happy me go?
    Apparently she ran away years ago.
    ©m_u_s_s 🐼✍

  • m_u_s_s 4w

    Here’s a piece close to my heart.❤
    Hope you all like it!😘
    Do like,share and follow for more.(●'◡'●)
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    My Friend

    At night a familiar stranger joins me
    He doesn’t miss a night whatever might be.
    He comes crawling in when I’m lonely
    Seems to me he’s my friend,the one and only.
    He sits right next to me and smiles
    “Your pending assignments have made two piles,”
    I look at him and shrug
    His smiling face turns smug.
    “It’s high time you let go of me
    You’re giving away your life and dreams, can’t you see?”
    I smile and laugh my lungs out
    “That’s what this is about?”
    He holds my hand and starts speaking
    “Stop escaping the situation and start sleeping.”
    I pull away my hand and shout
    “Leave before I throw you OUT!”
    He has a good laugh for a while
    He then starts speaking with a smile.
    “I want you to throw me out too
    It’s time you get out of the blue.”
    He stands up and walks around the room
    He stumbles upon an uneaten macaroon.
    “Let go of me love,for real this time
    I can’t be here all the time.
    You need to get up and go out
    Or God help me! I’ll scout you out!
    Enough caging yourself in the claws of past
    When was the last time you ate last?”
    I had no answers and so I stayed quite
    “I hope I don’t have to visit tomorrow night.
    Promise me you’ll not be the same tomorrow
    Get up and beat your sorrow.”
    With that he left for that night
    But his visits continue night after night.

    Wanna know who that friend of mine is?
    It’s the depression that comes crawling in as the night begins.

  • m_u_s_s 15w

    Here's what I happened to write in about 5 minutes ❤
    Hope you all like it��

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    I have thick thighs and hazel eyes
    And I can see right through your lies
    No need to sugarcoat things
    My sixth sense instantly clicks
    Falling for baits is not my thing
    To memories of past I no longer cling
    Your opinions don't matter anymore
    Call me whatever- a bitch, a nerd or a bore
    I'm the happiest I've been in a long while
    Watching karma come to you with a smile
    And if my words and thoughts offend you
    Congratulations! But sadly I never gave a damn about your opinions, let alone you

  • m_u_s_s 18w

    This piece of writing contains raw emotions and may somewhere or the other be grammatically wrong, but I hope you all understand the emotions behind it��

    #like #share #follow #repost ������

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    I have a whirlwind of emotions going inside of me
    Why can't the world just let me be?
    I suffer from depression and anxiety issues
    Wiping my tears, I've finished several packets of tissues
    Why can't I for once feel happy and content?
    Why can't people stop passing their judgement?
    Do they know what hell am I going through?
    How will they? when they have absolutely no clue
    Yes I'm hurt and in pain
    And there are absolutely no words to explain
    My soul is bleeding and my heart is screaming
    No hell compares to this feeling

  • m_u_s_s 19w

    I'm back with yet another imaginary piece of writing! ✨
    Hope you all enjoy it! ��

    Instagram id in bio��
    Let's connect! ��✨

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    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork ��

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  • m_u_s_s 20w

    Hey dear writers! ❤ Here's a special piece, one close to my heart ❤

    Translation in English-
    Neither do I have a death wish
    Nor do I have the courage to live
    Neither do I want to smile
    Nor do I want to cry
    I'm standing at that point in my life from where
    Neither can I move forward
    Nor can I go back

    I'm finally back on Instagram after my account went crazy
    The link is in the bio❤ Feel free to connect with me�� My account is open for now❤
    Will follow back ASAP ❤
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    Spread the word, repost and share as much as you can- It would really really mean a lot to me❤

    Much love! ❤

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    ना मरने की ख्वाहिश है
    ना जीने की हिम्मत है
    ना मुस्कुराने का मन है
    ना रोने का दिल है
    जिन्दगी के उस मोड़ पर हैं
    जहाँ ना आगे जाने लायक हैं
    ना पिछे हटने लायक हैं|

  • m_u_s_s 22w

    Sorry for not posting regularly dear writers ❤
    But thank you all for being so patient and a big shoutout to my family of 350! ��❤
    So blessed to have your support! ��

    #echoes #pod #original #like #share #follow #repost #support ❤❤
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    My heart and mind have a constant fight
    Their heated conversations keep me up all night
    My heart screams for love
    While my mind reminds it of the bluff
    Amidst all this my soul has a good laugh
    It's voice echoes- "That was just a lesson learnt in class"
    My heart and mind calm down and listen
    Their heated arguments imprisoned
    "Always in life there comes a time of conflict
    And the decisions you make in a hurry will only cause afflict
    Analyse the situation before rushing in with decisions
    Between all the alternatives have a clear division
    Balance your role, dear heart and mind
    The best way out will come when your opinions are combined"
    My heart and mind shake hands and smile
    The advise of my soul echoes every once in a while

  • m_u_s_s 24w

    Hello there dear writers! ♥♥
    Forgive me for not being active for almost a month ��
    So here is a little something for you all♥♥
    Hope you all like it����
    Sending my love to whosoever relates����

    #image #pod #original #like #share #follow #repost
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli��

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  • m_u_s_s 29w

    Our love! ❤��
    A totally imaginary piece of writing! But straight from the heart��
    Hope you all love it! ❤

    #like #share #follow #original #repost ��✌✌��

    Instagram id in bio✨

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    |Our love|

    We met when we were broken
    We understood the words unspoken
    From strangers to friends we went real quick
    Our souls instantly clicked
    You made me laugh my lungs out
    You made me realise my worth throughout
    Our past had made us bitter
    But our love fixed our souls with glitter
    Simple but sweet gestures made me fall for you
    You're my Piglet and I your Pooh
    Forever is a myth we both believe
    Let's promise each other a lifetime, please?

  • m_u_s_s 29w

    This piece of writing is from my archive. Had written it a long time back. Hope you all like it! ��

    Was it?
    #like #share #follow #original #relate #repost ��✌✌��

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    |Was It?|

    There was a time when I cried all night
    Always promised myself it would be last tonight
    Why does it still hurt, why?
    I kept repeating this question while trying not to cry
    But then a tear would eventually leave my eye
    Endless others would follow remembering the heartbreaking goodbye
    Was it because I did not try hard enough?
    Or was it because I failed to see your bluff?
    Trusted you blindly way beyond my comfort
    Little did I know, into a deceiving man you would convert
    Shattered my heart and destroyed my soul
    My peace and life you stole
    Never have I seen remorse on your face
    Was I so easy to replace?
    I remembered you in all my prayers
    And all you did was leave me in despair.