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  • maahiii 1w

    Everything depends on time, sometimes it's too early or sometimes it's too late. Nothing is in our hands. So just listen to your heart and give it your best��❤️
    Was just writing whatever was coming to my mind since 1 week. Now posting it�� I know I am not good in writing but I love to express my thoughts and will keep doing that. Love you guys ❤️

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    कुछ पल यादें बन गई
    कुछ यादें पल में सिमटकर रह गईं
    कुछ लोग दोस्त बने
    और कुछ दोस्त लोग बन कर रह गए
    कुछ लम्हों को याद कर मेरा मन आज भी खिल जाता है
    कुछ लम्हों को याद करने से मेरा मन आज भी घबराता है
    कुछ पल ऐसे बीते मानों पता ही ना चला
    और कुछ लम्हें ऐसे बीते मानों लगा सालों बित गए हों
    कुछ लोगों से माफ़ी मांगने में दिल कभी नहीं कतराया
    और कुछ लोगों से माफ़ी मांगने में दिल बहुत देर तक मान ना पाया
    कुछ सपने सच हुए
    कुछ को सच करने में अभी बहुत वक्त है

  • maahiii 4w

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year Everyone May 2021 bring lots of happiness and safe environment for all!!! Take care and stay safe!!!

  • maahiii 4w

    A place where I have spent most hours of my life except home. A place where I have laughed as hell and cried as well. A place where I have been a part of many events. A place where I have gone through all my ups and downs. Few friends turning classmates and few peers turning friends for life. I have memories attached to this place, and that place is my school. Where when most people were mass bunking due to rain, I went just to attend my LTA class. This place I always looked forward to go. This place I never made an excuse of stomach ache. Yes I had lots of fun as others, I am not a keetabi keeda ��.
    From Eating aloo bhujia in between classes, to going and watching a badminton tournament along with other friends, to eating Domino's Pizza which was meant for participants��������
    To cutting birthday cake with all my classmates(Best birthday so far) , to going to that same picnic ( educational expedition) place for more than 5 times till now and still counting, then complaining about it and then again wanting to go to the same place ��

    I remember I came to this school because my two bestest friends from other school came to this one and I became a stubborn child and I came to this school. When I came I was allotted a different section so I was really upset. But the teachers and other classmates were so good that they made me feel really better. That time it was just a building for me but now it is my second home. Since then it's been ten years(still counting) and I don't want to leave this place ever. I have made many friends here and feel proud that I am known in the school for my achievements and not mischief ����

    From not liking a teacher and then crying and getting seriously ill when she leaves is what I will remember always. From being called a chota packet bada dhamaka (in class 3 and didn't know what it meant) to now knowing it's true meaning. From being teased for being short and getting upset about it ,to now saying that I don't give a damn about it. From standing at the front because I was short to now fighting to stand in the front because I want to listen to principal' s address. From losing in a quiz badly and next year becoming the mentor for the same quiz. From thinking I won't be able to hold the winners trophy for quiz and then being called on the stage and getting to hold that trophy(more than that the words my idol said for me)for being the mentor is a memory I will never forget.

    If I keep writing I won't be able to end this because it is a bunch of memories which will never terminate.

    *****Any grammatical mistakes please pardon me, wrote in a flow******

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    Endless Memories

    Read it(the caption) if you wish to, just posting because I want to treasure this post always as a memory rewind.
    Disclaimer :: It is long but very close to heart

  • maahiii 5w

    So this is my life lesson!! I thought till others give their life lessons I should give mine. Give yours now!!

    #lifelessons #pod

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    Life has taught me that at times you must fail, you must breakdown because if success becomes constant you will never enjoy it. At times their will be people in your life who are not meant for you.

    People will keep demoralising you
    They will call you useless, boring, fat, short, slim, tall and this keeps going on but if you get affected by it they will enjoy but if you say "arey that I know , tell me something new" or you say "I am proud about it because I am different", they can never succeed in making you feel bad about it. They will leave saying that, seeing that isko to koi farak hi nahi padta.

    People will speak behind your back, kyuki baat usi ki hoti hai jisme koi baat hoti hai.

    Sometimes you being emotional becomes your strength and when you cry, you become more stronger than before.


  • maahiii 5w

    Here @__diksha_ shares their life lesson... Share your life lesson too

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    I have learned a lot of things from life. All of us have. Because life is the best teacher, right? So I think the biggest lesson life gives us is that we must be open to learning things in life. Obviously we dont know what life holds for us- whether the knowledge we get will be good or bad for us.....but isn't that what life is about? Taking risks? Through this we get to know ourselves truely and deeply. We get to be us, accept ourselves and accept others. Otherwise life becomes too monotonous. Thats my take on lessons from life :)
    Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts

  • maahiii 6w

    Real value of each and every person in life, is what life told Rishika!! Comment your life lesson now!!

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    "What did life teach me", seems like a difficult question for a person like me. Honestly speaking, in past few years life taught me do be independent which I'm not, maybe partially but it definitely taught me do all those tiny things for which I was dependent. Life taught me the value of time and people who are with us right now but they wouldn't be there each and every time you expect them to. So initially life taught me it's real value

    -Rishika Singh

  • maahiii 6w

    Another friend of mine tells her life lesson!! Comment yours now!!

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    When you take a decision there will be hundreds of people demoralising you but you should always go with your intuition and believe yourself in whatever you do.

    -Samriddhi Singhania

  • maahiii 6w

    @_aishal has given her life lesson!! Give yours now!!

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    Life taught me that it is not every time needed to be patient as sometimes waiting isn’t the only option.....✌✌

    -Aishal (@_aishal)

  • maahiii 6w

    So I asked my friends outside Mirakee the same question and this is what one of them told. @beworded_yoyosha (shashwat jaiswal)

    You can also ask your friends, classmates and mention their life lesson with their names (if they are comfortable)
    I will be happy to post as many as possible ��

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    Life taught me that every obstacle prevails to be passed and to make you stronger every time!It also taught me that time is the key,,,,,,, Things which seem impossible right now will be possible in the due course of time!It also taught me that " One has to THINK big rather than DREAM big!" And work hard for your desire and you'll surely reach it at some point in your life! Just never give up! Although, this lesson hasn't really been accomplished yet but I'm sure it'll become relevant in the future!


  • maahiii 6w

    @when_heart_speaks has contributed for a solution for someone's problem!! You be the next!! #lifelessons

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    Life taught me that you are capable of doing everything if you want too, and live in real world face whatever comes in front of you because every struggle give you long term happiness, find happiness in everything around you, try to give happiness if possible, don't force yourself to do unnecessary things... Be happy and spread happiness...