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  • mackenziepoetry 27w

    for the love I deserve
    has drained me dry
    i have nothing left to give
    forgive me

  • mackenziepoetry 37w

    i adored you
    but you were never gonna see it
    you were never gonna let yourself
    have me
    love me
    save me
    because i am the sad girl
    guys stay away from
    and you’re the guy
    who will always be afraid

  • mackenziepoetry 37w

    i loved you
    and that’s the only explanation I have
    for running away

  • mackenziepoetry 43w

    you claim that i broke your heart
    but i screamed and screamed
    begging for you to care
    to show you had a soul
    yet you sat there
    silent and calm
    looking right through me
    which in fact
    killed my heart
    long before i broke yours

  • mackenziepoetry 45w

    the worst part about me
    is i know I am loved
    and I know when I’m taking advantage of people
    yet I continue to leave
    to hurt the people who love me
    and they take me back
    every time
    but I know I only have so many times left

  • mackenziepoetry 46w

    i learned at a very young age
    alcohol does nothing
    but fuel the chaos
    add to the pain
    and make children
    into fast adults

  • mackenziepoetry 47w

    we were both never fully there
    but we couldn’t bring ourselves to leave
    maybe we found ourselves
    in fading together

  • mackenziepoetry 47w

    i have yet to meet a man
    that didn’t have a cruel side
    that he only showed to me
    when he felt weak
    to try and prove that he wasn’t
    but men always are

  • mackenziepoetry 49w

    the cruelest thing you ever did
    was leave me with a mother
    who refuses to see the insanity in her
    that’s been pouring out
    all over me
    since the day you left

  • mackenziepoetry 49w

    if ever he would have had a reason to stay alive
    it would have been you