from the pains to the poetry , i wandered !

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  • madhia 1w

    Every damn time

    Every damn time i stop myself ,
    Stop myself from expressing
    The hell inside me
    Every damn time ,i seal my lips
    Seal my lips from bursting out
    Whatever i feel
    Every damn time ,i always choose
    I always choose to be silent
    And every damn time ,i hide myself
    Hide myself in the curve of my lips
    And for that i love myself

  • madhia 2w

    Precious ,very precious are the pains that take you towards Allah (swt)
    Pains are a blessing sometimes❤

  • madhia 3w

    You were among the worst experiences of my life !

  • madhia 3w

    Save me

    Save me !
    From my demons
    From the bruises ,
    Trying to demolish
    The colour of my skies ,
    The beauty of my scars ,
    The ocean in my eyes .

  • madhia 3w

    Once the mention of your name gave me butterflies,
    It now gives me goosebumps!

  • madhia 3w

    I can feel you , in the cold breeze
    Perceiving through me with ease
    I can see you ,in the moon
    And the sun at the noon
    I can feel your arm around me
    When the time doesn't flee
    I see you in the dusk and dawn
    Like you were never gone
    In everything , i see you
    In everything ,i feel you
    Like the rumi said
    The one i love is everywhere ,as i read

  • madhia 3w

    They say , we never get the things we love
    Actually we never love the things we get
    And when we lose them we start to love them !

  • madhia 3w

    Sometimes we get lost in the thoughts of what people say ,what others think and we sacrifice the things we love
    A little later we realize , what others think about us hardly matters , its your life and you get only one ,so live it like you want it ,like you love it!

  • madhia 3w


    The only thing i was crazy about after you, was my hair !
    You left me and i fell in love with my own self,
    With the things i did ,with the independence i had .

  • madhia 4w

    Dil k kisi koonay mai , aaj bhi hai tu
    In lambii si saanson mai , aaj bhi hai tu
    Teri wo yaadain bhool na payai kabhii
    Zindagii k eahsaas mai , aaj bhi hai tu