The world is a beautiful muse which can be painted by infinite words on an off-white leaf.

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  • madhu_1117 5d

    I fear Someday..

    If someday...
    I stop loving you,
    Don't blame me,
    Don't curse me..
    Just reflect on yourself..
    Try to figure out,
    What you did,
    When you started pushing me away;
    Too far that I couldn't even figure out your silhouette,
    That our love started to suffocate me,
    I had to choose life over our love..
    I hope this day never comes
    Because I know that day,
    It gonna kill me hard..!

  • madhu_1117 9w

    Happy Friendship Day

    Happy friendship day to all my friends out there..
    You people made these years amazing.. Yet many more to come..
    Life would have been so incomplete and colourless without you all...
    Thank you for always being there for me..
    Love u all❤

  • madhu_1117 10w

    Don't want to be a bitter memory!

    I don't want to be one of your contact numbers,
    Whose message notification you see but....
    Don't bother to open and check
    I don't want to be your that memory
    Which you remember with a bitter smile..
    I always try to contact you, that doesn't mean....
    I don't have self respect or I am desperate,
    It's just that I love you way too much,
    And erasing your memories is too hard.
    I know you have a better life now
    I am not telling why......
    But I don't have anything to regret about.
    You were, are and will be always one of the best piece of my memory.... ❤

  • madhu_1117 11w

    Life is hard
    When there is no surety of life,
    Degrading population health
    Exam pressure
    And above all...
    Your lazy character..!

  • madhu_1117 11w

    People Change

    "People leave,
    When they find someone better"
    This doesn't mean
    You have to change for someone..
    There is no need for upgradation
    For someone's sake..
    Always be yourself,
    Do what gives you pleasure..
    Stay strong
    And wait for the one
    Who will accept you for you
    And will walk miles holding hands,
    With a smile on his face... Only for you

  • madhu_1117 11w

    The night after our fight
    Seems colder

  • madhu_1117 11w


    My heart got numb
    When I heard your voice;
    Your broken voice,
    With lots of pain
    I tried to be strong,
    But ended up crying
    Because my eyes only searched for your face,
    My lips waiting to meet up yours,
    My body cracking for your touch;
    I became greedy for your presence..
    I am scared by the thought of not seeing you,
    I am scared to lose you;
    I don't want my cursed luck to flow upon you
    I want to protect you,
    Protect you from the darkness I rule in...!

  • madhu_1117 11w

    A new day
    And I hope for a new beginning..!

  • madhu_1117 12w

    Love the way
    My lips touch your heart
    When we hug!
    Your raised beats
    Make my heart warm,
    My cheeks red;
    And my eyes fill with dreams!

  • madhu_1117 12w

    Don't change too much
    That I forget the person..
    I fell in love with.. !