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  • madhumita_bhowmick 3d


    There is so much peace
    In the silence of the night
    When you can hear the soft breeze
    And cherish the absence of light.

    Nights are indeed lonesome
    Yet it has always been so kind.
    It slowly removes the chaotic whisper,
    And invites the peace of mind.

    Nights have been my favourite,
    It releases my soul from the nick.
    I am the lover of night,
    I am an intense Nyctophilic.

  • madhumita_bhowmick 1w


    Cool breeze,
    Sudden ease,
    Today heart won't cease
    From a packet full of cheese

  • madhumita_bhowmick 1w

    The Rain

    And it's raining,
    Yet again
    The tiny droplets
    Entering through the window pane.

    Lovely it is,
    Suddenly it feels so cold.
    And my soul collapsed
    Like a soft clay mould.

    This rain reminds me,
    Stay calm and quiet.
    Even when the heat rises,
    Try and avoid the fight.

    Keep suppressed until,
    You feel too heavy in heart,
    And pour out one day,
    When your soul tears apart.

    Wipe those tears,
    When you feel good again.
    Rain truly is an inspiration
    For people in pain.

  • madhumita_bhowmick 1w

    Every new thing

    The beginning is always beautiful
    When you hope let this not end
    Yet gradually with time you start
    Accepting the flaws that can't be mend.

  • madhumita_bhowmick 1w


    D e s e r v e s

  • madhumita_bhowmick 1w


    D e m a n d s

  • madhumita_bhowmick 1w


    I feel,
    The tears don't flow anymore,
    But succumbed within.

  • madhumita_bhowmick 1w


    Knights are tough
    Hard with shield
    But don't they know?
    Any wound that can't be healed.

    What is the mask?
    We carry everytime.
    To hide a hurt,
    Subdued in a mime.

    You have to be tough,
    Just like the knights can be.
    And conquer a Life,
    Often in dreams you see.

  • madhumita_bhowmick 1w


    It's not the same anymore.
    We hardly meet.
    But there's peace at the memory
    From the food joints we use to eat.
    Those were the days,
    We laughed a lot.
    Now I relive the days
    We cried after we fought.
    We hardly get time
    To even text to know
    Whether that "Friend" is fine
    Or if he is feeling low.
    Time has changed
    With some we aren't friends anymore
    Some people we even needed
    To accompany us till the store.
    "There's a friend for every phase"
    Some might stay whole life
    Some will leave midway
    And some might stab without a knife.
    But all of them are important
    During every course of time
    Happy Friendship Day to all.
    And I ran out of words that can rhyme

  • madhumita_bhowmick 2w


    What is the significance,
    Of the colour blue,
    Does it tell the story of pain,
    Or depth lies in the hue.

    When it hurts too much,
    I look up to the sky.
    I stare at the vast blue Pallette
    And wish if I had wings to fly.

    Then there's the deep blue sea
    With it's giant majestic waves.
    Telling how to fight in life
    A wisdom no Godman ever gave.

    So, is blue the colour of gloom?
    Or depth can't be explained.
    Does you heart aches at the colour?
    Or you felt your heart could mend?