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  • madhumita_bhowmick 4w


    2020 has been too harsh.
    It's a year full of pain.
    Deaths and deaths every day
    It is a never ending rain.

    Every day comes with bad news.
    Thousands have lost job.
    It seems like a demon has arrived,
    With an evil intention to rob.

    This year can't be good anymore.
    Everyday we try to cope.
    But the only reason we didn't break down.
    It is our strong and consistent hope.

  • madhumita_bhowmick 4w


    Isn't forever true?, I ask.
    The emotions that we feel.
    Or just a momentary pleasure.
    Not real but reel.

    We live on someone else's conditions,
    Is life a contract?
    Where the rules are restricted,
    And reality works on facts.

    Is forever a myth?
    Or a gloomy situation we live.
    Where our truth is hated,
    And lies are all they give.

    "Forever", a big word.
    A situation lived in head.
    But reality is jeopardised,
    By the pseudo-care we were fed.

    Fed with the false power.
    That they impose with conviction.
    They forget a rebel is always a rebel.
    They are never ready for repercussions.

  • madhumita_bhowmick 4w

    Lost not lost.

    I have gone astray
    Or I am coming on track
    Unable to understand
    What am I doing to fill the crack.

    I know what I have asked for
    Can never be received
    A partner full of Love
    And my heart will always be deceived.

    Yet I decided to check
    Try my luck again
    This time with least expectations
    And not receive disdain

    Love became an act of emotion
    I can show or keep reserved
    But shower on the one,
    Who I feel have always deserved

  • madhumita_bhowmick 4w

    I am what I am.

    I am ecstatic,
    But was a little shy.
    An embodiment of wilderness.
    I would remain this till I die.

    I am wild.
    Yet was an epitome of fear.
    But I explored the darkest route.
    Without the help of peer.

    I am brave.
    But kept a chamber of shame.
    I ran from a life I desired.
    Cause I didn't want to get defamed.

    But now I won't fear.
    Shame resides no more
    I live my life on my terms.
    I strengthened myself from the core.

  • madhumita_bhowmick 4w

    My Own

    I live in dark chambers,
    Inside closed doors.
    I do not let out the emotions,
    Through cries or roars.

    I realized today,
    I was happy back then.
    When I could actually cry,
    And not remain in my den.

    Silently I whisper,
    "Maybe it happens for a reason"
    Every time there's a mishap
    I blame myself for every season.

    Well, season here are the days,
    I live with joy or sorrow.
    But the days I smile a little bit more,
    Feels like a loan from tomorrow.

    Anxious I feel among people,
    I won't allow them to know.
    The reason for my despair,
    The reason I feel so low.

    I live in dark chambers,
    A room of my own.
    A place within myself.
    To celebrate and to mourn.

  • madhumita_bhowmick 4w

    No strings attached

    I don't hold on to people,
    I don't do that anymore,
    To all those I've set free,
    My heart now refuses to adore.

    Tired is my mind and soul,
    Asking, "What am I to you?"
    I refuse to live a life confused
    This feeling did not develop new.

    I don't want to force a place,
    To be in anybody's life
    If I feel unwelcomed,
    I do not express with strife.

    I don't want to be held back,
    And I don't show my rage.
    So I set free people,
    They don't belong to a cage.

    I have no expectations,
    People don't deserve to be glued.
    They come if they want to,
    If they don't, I am still good.

  • madhumita_bhowmick 4w


    The silence engulfed me,
    It was always MY place.
    The silence is necessary
    For a break from life's race.

    Some days I would burn
    From that raging fire in me.
    Some days I would take comfort
    Under the silent lee.

    We should be quiet some times.
    And feel the presence of our soul.
    It would be an understatement,
    We deny the silent night's role.

    Silence makes us realise,
    No matter how loud we cry.
    The actual comfort lies,
    Watching the dark night sky.

    Contemplating the days in life,
    When we remember the hurt, the pain
    We don't wail anymore.
    But silently watch the rain.

  • madhumita_bhowmick 5w


    There's so much peace
    When you know
    The trance you were in,
    That kept you low
    Broke into pieces
    Waking you from the dream
    That had no happy visuals,
    But could only be remembered for screams.
    The nightmare,
    That pushed you to dark,
    A dingy, stinky dream
    Of dead bodies in the park.
    That dream,
    Had to break one day,
    The memories of the dream
    Had to go away.
    How long would I stay?
    A sadistic, masochistic girl.
    Even the dark shell opens up
    To show the magnificent pearl.
    The trance had to be lost.
    To give me a life,
    A good life at any cost.

  • madhumita_bhowmick 5w


    A woman is often misjudged
    For her outspoken emotions
    She is looked down upon
    For her creative notion.

    She must be a slave
    Of the opposite gender.
    And if she refuses to follow
    She is a regular offender.

    Love or lust
    Is her own desire
    She will decide to calm it
    Or ignite the fire.

    A woman must show
    What she wants in life.
    If she wants to remain a spinster
    Or become somebody's wife.

    Her life is her own.
    Her body shouldn't be seen,
    As an opportunity to abuse
    By the world so mean.

    A woman is often stopped,
    From being her own boss.
    She is often made to believe
    Her life is her very own loss.

    Yet every day
    We see women stand high
    And fight for the right to live,
    And fight till the hour they die.

  • madhumita_bhowmick 7w


    There is so much peace
    In the silence of the night
    When you can hear the soft breeze
    And cherish the absence of light.

    Nights are indeed lonesome
    Yet it has always been so kind.
    It slowly removes the chaotic whisper,
    And invites the peace of mind.

    Nights have been my favourite,
    It releases my soul from the nick.
    I am the lover of night,
    I am an intense Nyctophilic.