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  • madhumitalondhe 14w

    Sunflowers and mornings

    I love you
    like the sunflower loves
    the morning
    right from its first ray
    to the last that dooms away,
    into the horizon
    sipping the light
    moment by moment.
    I wait for you
    like the sunflower awaits
    for the sky to glow again
    and it unfolds each petal
    with a secret of dark
    that it blabbers around
    low yet high for the blue
    to lend a ear.

    I loathe you
    like the sunflower does,
    the horizon for sipping
    it's colours
    and turn it into
    a visible grey
    though it knows
    the sun will rise anyway
    but it chants curses
    onto the ground everyday.

    I am tied to you
    like the sunflower
    to the morning sun,
    to the shades of blue
    and the shapes of cotton candies
    spread along the sea of
    deepest stars
    that shine upon it's lonely nights
    for they've promised the sun
    to take care of it
    until he walks back again.

  • madhumitalondhe 14w

    Five feet apart

    You tuck my hair
    behind my ear
    And I close my eyes
    with my lips curved
    into a smile
    Your fingertips
    against my skin
    race my heart
    and I feel a
    hundred little
    cells burst
    We've left
    ourselves free
    to love
    but kept
    our hearts
    five feet apart.
    Remember that.

    On a starry night
    I sit near my window
    trying to spot
    a falling star
    All I'd wish
    was you;
    My phone starts
    ringing and flashes
    your name,
    the stars don't tense
    upon sacrificing
    We dive into
    the night but
    keep our hearts
    five feet apart.
    Remember that.

    An afternoon wave
    filled with the
    clinking of
    our coffee mugs,
    I sink into
    your embrace,
    You rest your chin
    on my shoulder.
    I can feel
    our breaths
    close enough
    but our hearts
    five feet apart,
    We've promised each other
    to remember that.

    When you caress
    my face
    with the love
    you deny,
    When I kiss
    your neck
    and bid goodbye,
    When we hold hands
    and lock eyes,
    We can hear
    our hearts screaming
    five feet apart
    is what you've promised.

    We walk away
    strangling the love
    that we decided
    to never let
    hold us back
    And the way
    we chose
    was to keep
    our hearts
    five feet apart.