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  • madhushree 2d

    My back is humped with loads of memories bittersweet
    smile when the flashback appears before my eyes wet
    But i store those tears in the little lamp i carry...

    When my heart is sour and storms surround me
    I try to run away but something holds me back
    So i store my fears in the little lamp i carry...

    Flowers bloom and winds sing my fav song
    All dance and sway to the tune but i fail to shake a leg
    So i store my moment in the little lamp i carry...

    Get lazy and things tumble over me again
    I know that i can only make it right so i decide
    So i store my apology in the little lamp i carry...

    Years over years lamp is overburdened now
    I want to explode it but again i have to hold on
    So i store my last wish in the little lamp i carry...
    @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakee #pod

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    Little lamp i carry


  • madhushree 4d


    The greatest of all mysteries is that a misfit is able to feel fit in his aura. As if the ambience around him makes her forget that she is wounded. She just smiles when hears his tune of voice, never had she felt a simple voice drench her thirst of satisfaction.
    His arrival makes her serene soul to dance from within in his light.Those nights of distress and crying alone in her pillow were washed away by his effortless smile. He instills the passion of pursuing her dreams without even talking to her. He just mumbles and his words become her weapon against the topsy turvy world.

  • madhushree 1w

    I wore you like

    Smile on my face when nothing goes right
    Pendant on my neck when i am on cloud nine
    Frown on my lips when i am waiting for you
    Sparkle in my eyes when i catch a glimpse of you...

  • madhushree 2w

    Heavy wincing soul whispers" is someone near"
    With whom i can talk about all my fears
    Knock and knock on the wall
    I lift myself and walk step by step with all
    Coz time is running they stops for noone

    Why are you like this time?...please feel me
    When i feel happy you run away from me
    When i cry and be seem like eternity.
    Hey time! Why do you judge me always
    I want to do things with my own speed and way.

    You see you are making everyone pathetic and mad
    All are just pacing forwards but noone is really advancing
    You make me realise that i can not even cry in peace
    You come and say me to get up and wipe coz clock is ticking!
    Please be considerate and give us moments to feel ourselves..lets hail time!!

    #totimec @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakee #pod

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    Cry against time!


  • madhushree 3w

    There is a very fine line between telling a lie and concealing the truth but the hurt generated from the fact being concealed is heavier.

  • madhushree 4w

    All i want this christmas !

    Please release me from those rugged barrels of bitter
    Sweet phrases of you and me being together in the moment but not in the same phase.

  • madhushree 5w

    Little girl who was taught world is a beautiful place
    Where we all together in this kind peaceful way
    Sorry but i do not belong to this place anymore

    Talk nicely, behave proper, help all and god will see
    All my life i try to do things which were right always
    Sorry but i do not belong to the same zone anymore

    Your day will come; wait for butterflies in your stomach
    Awful lies are the fairytales where prince falls for a good heart!
    Sorry but i do not believe in love anymore

    I was enlightened to fight for my worth and dreams
    But everyday a part of me dies before harassing people
    I fall down but gather my self again but sorry i am not the same anymore..

    #belongc @writersbay @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod

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    I don't belong to me anymore


  • madhushree 5w

    You at the begining showed me what pain actually was
    I did good to everyone i could but had a mighty fall

    You made me learn to fight when i am alone in the field
    Pack of wolves don't scare me now as i have survived

    You made the cold winds slap my face and i fell hard
    This time you gave me a muse to help me get back again

    You made me lose all my friends and even my batch
    Instead you gave me a dream and a fire to proove it to all

    You made me just like my muse; darker and deeper
    The world around me changed with a new outstanding hue

    You gave me corona at such a crucial time i did froze
    But you gave me what i wished from you this very year

    You were really special to me; all i can say is the truth
    Never really i felt so empowered after facing each obstacle

    As you will go and someone new will take your place
    But the flame in my soul which you brought can never ever be replaced.
    #poemtomec @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    If 2020 was a person..who is about to leave ;
    These would be my final words to him!

  • madhushree 5w

    So here i was again; standing in my balcony
    Enjoying rain in the darkness of the night
    As i sipped my coffee my thoughts ran

    How has the earth connected this dot?

    Making rain and darkness together
    I know we all enjoy rain during the daylight
    But night is the only times rain is really best.

    I am the darkness..i want no daylight anymore
    I like what i am today ; won't change for anyone
    For one day my rain will come and shine in my darkness!
    #picturec @mirakee @writersbay @writersnetwork

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    When rain shines !


  • madhushree 6w

    There we are again standing adjacent to each other
    You were facing my back so i could not see you firstly
    Suddenly echo of that familiar voice broke my monotony
    I showed like i didn't care but all was not fine from within
    Your each syllable reverberated twice in my head
    Forcing and wanting me to turn and acknowledge you

    Sadly this is not the love story one yearns for everyday
    That someone is my rival; so here is the deepening twist!
    Reality was that i was the lone love dreamer
    For nowhere was that dream nor was the other dreamer
    For the rest of the days..i don't want to see him so i ignore
    Because when he is near my heartbeats don't listen to me!

    @mirakee @writersbay @writersnetwork

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    Heartbeats don't listen to me!
    A bit long but heartfelt...