Joie De Vivre��

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  • mahaa_na 6w

    Keep rolling
    Keep wondering
    Keep smiling
    Keep vibing and never stop glowing!

  • mahaa_na 7w

    I'm still learning
    Still yearning
    For you.

  • mahaa_na 7w

    Without her

    She might be a problem to you
    But a blessing to another.
    If she's a curse to you
    Set her free
    Let her go her way

    There's nothing more for you to say.
    A problem to you
    Is a blessing to him.

    She was a problem to you
    Because you didn't love and care for her as you we're supposed to.

    You loved only the good parts of her
    Not her bad side.
    You loved her in halves.

    You only loved her on the good days
    Never the bad.

    He loves her now
    The good and bad
    He accepts it
    He adores her
    She's a blessing in disguise.

    In the end...
    You've lost the battle.
    She's gone
    Now, you're in misery
    You're missing her
    And she's happy without you.

  • mahaa_na 7w

    What if I could...

    What if I had wings
    I could fly and do great things
    What if I had fins
    I'd be in the water all day.

    What if I could sing
    I'd be down for anything
    And if I could travel
    I won't be someone at your level.

    What if I was magical
    I know I won't be sceptical
    As I am tactical.

    Just imagine if I was more spiritual
    You wouldn't see my rituals
    They will be sacred
    Like my heart.

  • mahaa_na 7w

    Don't want to be lonely no more.

    It's been so long since I've had someone like you in my arms and now that you're gone,I just miss that feeling.
    I want to be loved again
    I need a good man for my good and bad days...
    Hate this lonely feeling.

  • mahaa_na 7w

    Wake me up when your world is crashing.

  • mahaa_na 8w

    Why do you make me sick Mr Moon?
    All I do is look at you, then I think of him.

  • mahaa_na 9w

    When the clock strikes 12
    And the moon is at its finest peak
    I will be lighting up the night sky with my lantern of course..
    Will you be joining me in welcoming the New Year?

  • mahaa_na 10w

    No more sorrowful mourns
    Just joyful shouts of praise for the one I love.

  • mahaa_na 10w

    Your slow sad songs make me want you even more.