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  • mahakgarg 3w

    Today I made a mistake. We all do at some point or another. But this was literally a serious one .
    I am very afraid after thinking what I have done .
    So I will tell you..
    I want to have a puppy like from a year or so .
    My father said to bring one from near his shop
    As one of the bitch gave birth recently .
    So when he brought it today it was not small .
    It was grown up for about a month.
    He was not familiar to the place and started crying .
    I admit that I made a serious mistake .
    And I corrected my mistake by going to that place again near Father's shop and leaving the puppy there.
    He was so happy being with his mother .
    He ran towards her. .
    I am really sorry God �� for what I did.
    I think I am heartless .

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  • mahakgarg 5w



    Confess your love till then it's too late...

  • mahakgarg 6w

    Hey Mirakeeans ! ❤️
    I am working on a short love story ��° Ishq Ki Manzil ° ��
    And this would take a little time as this short love story would have some thrill and suspense at the beginning....
    I will work on it on two parts for now ( what I have thought ��)
    I hope you will love it.
    You can Comment and help me out if you wish ... Is the title apt ?
    And Should I do a love story ?
    Do you love my work #mirakeeans ?
    #pod #lovestory
    #writer #poet

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    Ishq Ki Manzil

  • mahakgarg 7w



    I don't give a damn fuck about what people think of me and talk about me !

  • mahakgarg 8w


    Today is my Birthday ���� and I am very happy ���� ��.
    Feeling blessed ��.
    I wish Happy Birthday ���� to those who are born on 3 Jan .
    Guys Comment down ⬇️�� your Birthdate.
    I will ☺️ surely read all the comments ☺️.
    Be happy #mirakeeans and enjoy �� your day.

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    3 January ,2003

    My Birth Date
    The Day I was born

  • mahakgarg 9w

    My Pigeon ��
    I love you .
    I love you a lot �� ��
    I will miss you �� .
    Sorry if I ever hurt you.
    I know you will not come back to me but still I am there for your little ones.
    I will take care of them.

    Happy New year Guys ���� .

    #pod #feelings
    #writer #poem

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    My Pigeon


    I don't know where it came from.
    It lived his whole life with me.
    The attachment was there from beginning.
    Earlier it flew on seeing me.
    Later he got to know that I am not an enemy.
    I am no harm to him and it's family.
    I loved him.
    He took his last breath today .
    I am in deep sorrow today .
    It will take time to heal
    May his soul rest in peace ️.

  • mahakgarg 9w


    Do you love your own company ?
    It is really important to love yourself ❤️ before loving someone else ��.

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    In love with my own company.

    - Mahak Garg

  • mahakgarg 10w

    #writer #pod

    In this era of Relationship which have sad endings more ....
    It is important to self Love more rather than loving a person who never ever cares about your Feelings for his / her.
    Self Love ❤️ Guys .

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    Self Love


    Self Love is the best love .
    It is the best time given to someone which will make you better.
    You will lead , suceed and move forward.
    You will never fell apart , lonely .
    We don't need a companion in self Love.
    Self Love is extremely important a person should do to himself .

  • mahakgarg 10w

    #writers #poet
    #thought #imagination

    Hey Mirakeeans Do you also feel the same ?
    Comment down ��⬇️

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    Tum itne kabil bn jao ,
    Ki kisi k ane se
    Ya jaane se
    Tumhe frk hi na pde.

  • mahakgarg 12w


    Writers too have a heart ❤️
    Don't break �� it too easily .
    We feel the pain as much you feel or even more.

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    We too have a heart don't break it everytime, everyday and every second thinking these poets and writers do not have heart or they have become much stronger .