in the process, a seeker and dreamer... writings and life goes together for me... clolouring the dreams with hope and work..... in love with life

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  • maitrayee11 1w


    It's a blank space,
    Darkness filled in,
    Was sitting in a place,
    With no thoughts to merge me,

    It wasn't the good one,
    But the one to drive me crazy,
    But the moment I looked at him,
    The ray of hope once again filled in,

    There isn't the need for you to worry,
    There isn't a need for you to scurry,
    There isn't a need for you to cry,
    For what's not yours to force that in,

    Being through shit you have been,
    The existence has seen,
    He witnessed the pain and the hoots you have been hidden within,

    Believe in him,
    A let go of things in life is the motive,
    Where he's the equestrian,
    And I am letting him lead my way......
    And that's how life seems to breeze in....

  • maitrayee11 5w


    Miles away,
    He stays, living his life,
    With full of passion,
    Being the greatest with one's compassion,
    Does he know someone's here,
    Miles apart but love is in there,
    It's undiscovered
    For him,
    He's miles away,
    And for me, it's like living a dream,
    Untamed are my feelings,
    It's him, day and dusk,
    With which my mind is filled in,
    Patience is what I am having
    A glint of hope in my heart
    One day I am sure he's not gonna be apart
    He's miles away at the moment,
    But the time will come when all the wait will come to an end,
    Will come to know,
    I was always here,
    With a whole lot of love in my ❤️"Heart"...

  • maitrayee11 8w

    Story of me

    It's a story of me
    Standing alone with the breeze and the sand,
    With no complaints and no demands,
    With no shelter and no pampering,
    With the only will and a drop of hope within,
    It's a story of me,
    Where I was with the thoughts,
    Growing inward but the child at heart,
    With nothing to assert to someone who's apart,
    It's a story of me,
    Where I still feel the breeze,
    Where life adds in,
    Where Serenity becomes the reason for me to be me...
    It's the story of me,
    Of growing from within...

  • maitrayee11 9w

    It was her

    Felt scared by knowing the thoughts,
    Imagined she's gonna judge me as well,
    Was scared to tell her the truth,
    Where I was the victim of the event myself,
    Came to knew,
    Being a woman is a lot of judgement,
    It's me who has to take the measures of the paths,
    To keep my eyes open and not let myself fall apart,
    I was scared by her thoughts,
    I was scared by what she's gonna think of me,
    I was scared of how m gonna tell her the secret that is lying within,
    I was scared of sharing the weight that got me mad....
    But in the end,
    It was she who bought the faith to the heart..
    In the end it was her,
    To make me believe in being me again....

  • maitrayee11 9w

    I was here

    I was here when you wanted to go apart,
    I was here when you needed a shoulder,
    I was here to be with you in life's paradox,
    I was here when you were tearing apart,
    I was here when you always needed a hug,
    I was here when you wanted to lean on,
    I was here to make you feel better,
    I was here to accept your flaws,
    I was always here to create a new world of us to start...

  • maitrayee11 11w


    Words were thrown as if it was a small piece of paper,
    It's the definition of belief,
    It's the definition of trust,
    It's the definition of understanding,
    Friendship it is,
    It was so easy for you,
    To throw the words as if they were the piece of paper,
    You might have done it with the rules and regulations,
    You might have done it with the expectations,
    You might have done it with the thought of the word "Yes",
    But for me,
    For me, it's not the way it works,
    Friendship it is,
    It's not cheap for me,
    Cheap for me to sell it...
    For expectations, for your dares, for your threats of breaking it anytime, I say no...
    No to you for something I don't feel right,
    Its Friendship,
    Being the purest form of Relation for me,
    If you don't know the definition,
    I can always give a full stop to it,
    But please, do not disrespect it....
    Its Friendship,
    The Purest of Purest forms....

  • maitrayee11 12w


    A perspective,
    Was added,
    Know how the brains work
    A perspective,
    Is needed,
    Not to know the world,
    But to never get hurt,
    With the expectations,
    With the innocent heart....
    A perspective,
    I have got,
    As a gift,
    From the rigidness of the world....

  • maitrayee11 13w

    Never allowed to overtake me in

    Was hard, my life,
    But never wanted it to overtake me,
    Standing strong in the stormy breeze,
    Somehow was broken and wounded at times,
    But still never wanted it to overtake me,

    Giving up is not my dictionary,
    Beliefs are all me,
    Searched for a hand for me to be free,
    And waited for it to come and hold me,
    But never wanted the hard life to overtake me,

    Saw the time was passing by,
    And no aid was seen,
    But again closed the eyes,
    And realised it was all me,
    And never allowed it to overtake me,

    With the wounds I had,
    I crawled in the direction which was never seen,
    Moved further and here I am,
    With the glint in my very self in...

    But I never allowed my hard life to overtake me in....

  • maitrayee11 13w

    A Lot to say

    How I say and what I say may be different
    But at the times it's just somehow a lot to say in the heart,
    My ways maybe unseen,
    But there's a lot to say in the heart,
    Please never look at what words my lips throw,
    Please never look at the gestures while I speak,
    If you wanna ever look,
    Please look in my eyes,
    You will always find the pure truth,
    I don't know how to express it,
    But that doesn't mean I don't have anything to speak,
    There's a lot to say in the heart,
    But words are never enough...

  • maitrayee11 13w

    Normal life

    Daily breadth I was taking,
    Having the food to eat,
    A required sleep was enough for me,
    To make me walk-in peace,
    Days weeks and months passed,
    Just use to feel the breeze,
    The days and nights use to make no difference,
    Was it worth for me to get used to it?
    Seemed boring as noting was new...
    And somehow still does at times,
    How can I make a living?
    If this is gonna be my only deed