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  • mak4thoct 12w

    Kingdom of the Blind

    In the kingdom of the blind king
    Where the voiceless sing
    Built on the footprints of blood and kin
    Red vine drips from the fountain of sin
    Guarded by the army of patriarchy
    Armed with the weapons of hypocrisy

    The grievances done of unspeakable kind
    Silenced by the deafened walls and hollow cries


  • mak4thoct 13w

    Winter Monsoon

    In the wake of the summer monsoon
    The dry air closes too
    Bringing in the calm of the winter to soothe
    The scars; hidden beneath the cotton wool
    Permeated to disappear till the seasons due
    Turning the tears to morning dew


  • mak4thoct 14w

    Fates Diary IV:
    Memoirs of Broken Dreams

    Scented candles we light, in the traces of gasoline
    Equally complicit in the murder of our memories
    A crime committed in the ecstasy of time
    For the sake of a momentary high
    Fueled by the memories of the night
    Had we not become what we despised?

    Amongst burnt out candles, in the fires of gasoline
    In a final act to redeem
    To find redemption and reprieve
    An indefinite close to this chapter breathes
    As we write the memoirs of broken dreams


  • mak4thoct 15w

    Fates Diary III:
    Unsent Letters

    A subtlety lies within her beauty
    A masterpiece of the sculptor
    A complexity within her mind
    A mystery yet to unfold
    Fascination of the intricacies within her
    The red velvet rivers beneath her skin
    The paths that lead to sin
    The artists watermark within her eye
    Her touch intoxicating
    Her presence warm
    Her aura pulls all the defenses down
    An otherworldly feeling; a strangest love


  • mak4thoct 16w


    Had we known this is where we'd end up
    I'd had steered us clear
    On course to an end, avoided a head on collision
    And this is the aftermath we find ourselves in

    Now when you say it, is it really farewell
    The words that you utter wheres the "fair" in them
    Surety in what you want, is it real
    Is it really time we said fair-well

    At the beginning of the end
    We find ourselves in
    A new course to chart, maybe now we can avoid
    The aftermath of last time

    Now when you said it, was it really fair-well
    The words that you uttered where was the "fare" in them
    Surety in what you wanted , was it real
    Was it really time we said farewell


  • mak4thoct 18w

    Cigarette Smoke & Dreams

    Is it a lighter that you seek?
    To light a high
    To drown out the screams
    Internal tormentations hidden behind;
    A feigned smile
    The matches burn at the seams
    Of a reality sewed of tobacco and lime
    With a scent of mint and nicotine
    Living with a prescription of cigarette smoke and dreams


  • mak4thoct 20w

    Fates Diary 2:
    Timeless Remorse

    Did time stop?
    Did your heartbeat drop?
    As fate took its course
    Took away all that you loved
    Did you stop feeling alive?

    An endless cycle brought upon
    Of guilt and pain sought for
    In a sudden twist of fate
    The architects decision changed
    As the fabric of reality tore
    Got encompassed in timeless remorse


  • mak4thoct 20w

    Fates Diary 1:
    Strangest of Loves

    How did the stars align and let fate map our lives
    So intricately an unfortunate match made by the gods
    Yet it was made to feel so right

    The distance encapsulates the want
    And with this broken wretch of a heart
    Makes one feel the strangest of loves


  • mak4thoct 22w

    The Pictures We Never Took

    Looking back at it now
    Would have never known
    The story would come to a close
    Wasn't it a bit to soon
    Because the resolution is yet to be found
    What was the plan that i wasn't a part of
    Now alone and abandoned at a crossroad
    What was the purpose? I lack the hindsight

    Trying to figure out where we're supposed to go
    The facades fading and i can't keep holding on
    The regrets resurface as the pain takes hold
    Looking through the book of pictures we never took


  • mak4thoct 25w


    It takes more than two
    To understand the reasons on your mind
    Broken, shattered glasses
    Show the what if's that entwine
    A thunderstorm rages
    For an eternity of time
    It was fate where it got you
    Now faith you try to find

    Ever so lost amongst the machinations
    Within the depths of your mind