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  • malik_arshia_118 4w

    ...... crystal lady...

    She spreads love with a big hand
    She helps all with a charming heart
    She sees everyone greatly
    Because she is a crystal lady

    She believes faith in Humans
    She stands strong with a ability proven
    She spreads happiness evenly
    Because she is a crystal lady

    She trusts with a true heart
    She stays strong when challenged hard
    She deals with everyone bravely
    Because she is a crystal lady

  • malik_arshia_118 4w

    աօ ʝօ ӄɦǟǟɮ ȶɦɛ ʍɛʀɛ ʐɛɦǟռ ʍɛɨ
    ռǟ ʍɛɨ ӄɛɦ ֆǟӄɨ ռǟ ʍɛɨ ʟɨӄɦ ֆǟӄɨ
    ӄɨ ʐʊɮǟǟռ ʍɨʟɨ ȶօʊ ӄǟȶɨ ɦʊաɨ
    ʝօ ӄǟʟɨʍ ʍɨʟǟ ȶօʊ ɮɨӄǟ ɦʊաǟ

  • malik_arshia_118 5w

    The world is my stage
    Nd I have played diligently so far
    I hope to display a noble and fierce expression
    Of reign in the years to come
    Happy birthday to me @dflames @writersnetwork @tomorrow_is_amazing @krishnega @njaavoottyy

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    Another year

    Dare to think different
    Is the best way to succeed

    Dare to dream big
    Fuel your fire to achieve

    There's only one of you
    Be as unique as you are

    Take your own journey
    Step by step you'll go far

  • malik_arshia_118 5w

    Birthdays are a new start
    A fresh beginning and a
    Time to pursue new endeavours
    With new goals
    Move forward with confidence and courage
    @jazzy_rampras @readwriteunite @sramverma @atulyaaaroh @bemyheartless_love

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    13th JULY { BIRTHDAY}

    Thank you ,God,for giving me another year of life
    Thank you for all the people who remembered me today by sending their wishes

    Thank you for all the experience of this past year
    For times of success which will always be happy memories
    For the times of failure Which reminded me my own
    Weakness and of my need for you
    For the times of joy when the sun was shining
    For the times of sadness Which drove me to you

    Forgive me
    For the hours I wasted,
    For the chances I failed to take
    For the opportunities I missed this past year
    Help me in the days ahead to make this best year yet
    And through it to bring good credit to myself
    Happiness Nd pride to my loved ones
    And joy to you


  • malik_arshia_118 5w

    It's time to
    Begin again

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    On this birthday

    I put my crazy in a box
    I chain it up and I lock the locks

    I don't let my crazy come out to play
    she's dangerous and must be kept at bay

    I've known her since the beginning of time
    She is me and she's not very kind

    I leave my crazy locked in her box
    I make sure I lock the locks

    For her to escape would be a disaster
    For I'm am her but I'm also her master


  • malik_arshia_118 6w

    Today is the last day of both of us together, I do not know what will happen from tomorrow, we are going to be separated,But I will say that I will not give Ur place to anyone in my life, you will be my last love, now I am separating from you Always be happy, now in Ur life, I have given you a lot of grief, , forgive me if you can

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    1$t̲»».. j̷u̳l͓̽y̶.....

    ጠᎪՈy Ꮥt⊕尺ɿꏂꌚ ƳƐ꓄ ꓄ꂦ
    άnd Ўõµ Ƚꑾғt ᕼΔᏞғ
    ☹️ w͓̽a̳y̲
    M! @lma gamila.......

  • malik_arshia_118 8w

    There is a
    Different and awful��
    Pain comes with
    Loving someone ♥️
    More them
    They�� love you
    @milind_ek_kavi @bemyheartless_love @writersnetworkk @u_and_me @xyl_ayvlis

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    Last night
    I cried so loud
    The moon
    Cried back

    I said
    I feel so broken
    Like my heart ♥ is
    In pieces
    And my soul
    Has cracked

    She said
    She often
    Appears broken
    Covered in black

    But she is full
    All along
    There are only
    Some nights
    People can't
    See that
    Malik Subreena

  • malik_arshia_118 8w

    You can't change
    How people feel
    About you
    So don't try
    Just live your
    Life happily
    @hindiwriters @justhannahh @lucknowvi_nawaab

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    ..... Pyaar.....

    Bas aik nazer ko teri hum intizaar kiya Krte hai
    Aik zamana tha jab ham Bhi pyaar kiya krtey the

    Meri sachai ussey galat lagi tou Usne mujy na
    Keh diya lekin Wo kisi ko galat na lagey
    Isiliye meine Apne he pyaar ko mazaak keh diya

    Ye sab tou yaadein hai
    Jisko meine ek kitaab mei likh diya
    Wrna mei kaha ki shayir hu
    Jo Dil mei aaya Vo bol diya

  • malik_arshia_118 8w

    After a long time
    Finally I m back in my Mirakee world
    Where I can pen down my feelings easily
    Where no can stop me from expressing my emotions
    Where easily I can share my inner views nd pain in my own words
    So again starting .........

  • malik_arshia_118 8w

    ....... You.....

    I write about you
    And it's as if you are still here
    Strokes of my pen brings you alive Every time
    it strikes the paper is a beat of your heart
    Every flutter of a page is your tentative breath
    And after a while I m tangled in my own words
    Wrapped around the black ink
    And my heart aches with longing