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  • mamzie 4w

    Parting Message

    We're leaving
    We're separating

    Moving into a greater world
    Leaving our own small world

    We'll meet new individuals
    We'll miss our old pals

    We'll meet distractions and keep drifting side to side from time to time like a ship
    But keep steadily matching unto glory in true fellowship

    We'll meet tough roads
    But shall triumphantly reach out goal

    We've come through a lot together
    And as our lives change from whatever
    Anywhere whenever
    Apart but still together
    We will still be friends forever

  • mamzie 11w

    My aim is RISING

    Sick of crying
    Tired of trying
    Yes I'm smiling
    But inside I'm dying
    My aim is rising
    Has nothing to do with timing
    So I've gat to keep trying
    Flying, fighting, climbing and diving
    Till I'm finally SHINING ✨

  • mamzie 15w


    Time is of the essence
    Truly it may sound like a mere sentence
    But shouldn't be treated with negligence
    Especially during the stage of adolescence
    And if taken with care,
    It will only open doors that will shine and shone like flourescence
    And fill the air with effervescence

    Time is of the essence
    Every second counts and any lost minutes can't be gotten
    This minute years ago was spent doing something that has long being forgotten
    Everything we do must definitely have tangible reasons
    Even if it's just to please ourselves, the risk is worth taking
    We have to be exactly our own dreamperson
    And learn to live in the moment, in the season
    Cause just before you reason,
    A new day has risen

    Time is of the essence
    Now isn't late but tomorrow could be late
    If you won't let your guard down, and are really as strong as you claim
    Why wouldn't you just wait
    And see if you won't get weak, if you won't get old, if you won't age
    Only if you would swallow your pride, bury your ego and overlook your name
    Worship HIM and give HIM all the praise
    And observe the little and subtle changes you will see day by day
    Cause in HIS hands lies our beautiful fate

    Time is of the essence
    Look to the north, to the south, east and west
    Take baby steps and don't stop tossing yourself to HIS breast
    Cause in only HIM you find peace, you find rest
    Don't think of how much you're stressed, messed or the anger you've pent,
    Take it all as a test and look positively to see how much you've been blessed
    Yes, you might be scared, or maybe like me even dreamt?
    But dear, pls don't relent
    Take your time, move closer to HIM and repent
    Seek HIS mercy, seek HIS forgiveness
    Cause with HIM lies great bounties, unending happiness

  • mamzie 16w


    Fiesty, nice, confusing and annoying
    Finding some of your expressions very disturbing
    Always there nevertheless
    Loving every part of you even that which is fierce
    Bringing me back to my senses with your killer looks
    You joke with anything but your family, friends and of course your books
    'Never judge an aggressive lover'
    I take to heart words of the wise, dear DAVIDA
    Would this poem be complete without mentioning TOSIN
    Our combination during your interrogation I remember you saying feels like "ROASTING"
    How you get me to confess how I'm feeling makes you like a goddamn goddess
    Not to talk of your strength, smartness and intelligence ‍♀️
    You need a friend that don't judge, be frank and fair?
    Get yourself a CHI IFE
    A friend like you indeed is scarce, is RARE✨

  • mamzie 17w


    Sadness, anger, tears and pain
    All in exchange for a single fame
    Trust, sweet words, food, what hasn't been laid?
    Terrible things rushing down in exchange like an aggressive rain
    Tried my possible best, did everything I could again and again
    But what? All went down, all was in vain
    Did everything possible in the world to make US sustain
    All the terrible thorns, enemies and anything keeping us from our dream lane
    After all the efforts, nothing was what I gained
    Or better still, broken pieces of me was all that remained

    I thought over it repeatedly was it my fault?
    Was I not strong enough in maintaining US?
    Or maybe I wasn't enough an adult?
    Cause despite all, all I got were terrible results

    I treated you like an honourable, an amiable
    All the shitty things you do just had to be excusable
    Was I actually that vulnerable?

    You come and go, always flying away like some kinda balloon
    Welcomed you back with open arms always like a moron
    All you had to do was call my name sweetly in a syphon
    It was like you were my satellite, my own moon
    I thought I was in love with you
    I was in love with not being ALONE

  • mamzie 17w


    Shedding the tears silently
    Smiling and laughing and being crazy openly
    Telling the lies to keep ME happy and safe
    Trying so hard to give an answer to this crazy maze
    Build up all the anger and try to never vent
    Misplace priorities, never do first things first
    Try to never give anything a meaningful define
    But be great and smart in making beautiful designs
    Pick up unnecessary fights, be way too emotional
    Get blamed, framed, wrongly named maybe not normal
    Shielding, blocking, moving everyone right away from my heart
    Getting to know all but no one knowing me anyway more than half
    Known for living none but a life of peace

  • mamzie 17w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short write-up on Sentimental

    Read More

    People judge only based on sentiments

  • mamzie 19w


    Everywhere I get
    Anywhere I get
    Everyone I meet
    Anyone I meet

    Just when I think I'm building up A something
    There's just some someone else
    And then just immediately
    Everything I felt
    Just briskly melts

    It's like a dream
    I try hard to believe
    Gather together all the hope I could possibly coceive
    That I'll still receive
    But all in all there's always

    Is it my attitude?
    Is it my face?
    Is it the frequent swings in my mood
    My grade?
    Or the scope of my latitude
    Do I really need to change?

    It's not fair
    Cause I also deserve
    Someone I could easily call my own
    Without having to share
    With some SOMEONE ELSE .