Happiness is posing with best friends��

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  • manasaa 2d

    Yeah, we live in a era where all of us are slaves of a hand-sized tyrant.

    #random @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    //Captured by a tyrant with invisible fetters
    I see faux facades and figures
    Tapping upon posts and not on shoulders
    Saving memories only on virtual folders//

    They type colored hearts with rusted heart
    Likes determine the worth of an art
    Truth is edited and burnt into ashes
    Filters obscure those lies behind lashes

    Plethora of emojis but devoid of emotions
    Followers valued more than true relations
    Mornings begin with alarms screeching
    Instead of cuckoos' melodious chirping

    //Captured by a tyrant with invisible fetters
    I see faux facades and figures
    Tapping upon posts and not on shoulders
    Saving memories only on virtual folders//

  • manasaa 1w

    A tetractys is a peom of five lines with total 20 syllables. Syllable ratio is 1:2:3:4:10


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  • manasaa 1w

    I love making people smile. So yeah any person reading this must smile wide now.

    Whenever I go through difficult times, little things affect me as well as little happiness make me smile wide. So I took hours to make my fav people here smile.

    I genuinely hope you all smile. Trust me my words are genuine and not at all flattery.

    PS : Will read you all soon.

    Edit : People are really smiling and I'm soo happy����

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  • manasaa 3w


    a drop
    of water.
    A fresh one
    indeed. Flowing
    along with my kin, in
    large groups called rivers,
    I nourish my green colored
    siblings.We paint the lanscape
    with globe's hue - green & blue.
    I quench thirst of creatures with
    spores,scales,fins,wings & limbs.
    But most of all , I'm happy to be
    part of human life.Humans are
    eldest & most favourite sons
    of earth. They nurture our
    mother nature & worship
    me as god.I'm honored
    to serve them.

    a drop
    of water.
    A rare one
    indeed .I'm a
    survivor amid my
    deteriorating kin. I'm
    no longer clear and blue
    But stained with chemicals
    of brown hue & grey poisons
    of smoke.Even new-borns in my
    kin come from sky with sulphur
    residues. I try to quench thirst of
    my loyal siblings but I kill them
    with toxics. Humans are the
    reason for this destruction
    and I'm flowing through
    ceramic tap to satisfy
    their greed. I can see
    their end coming.

    a drop
    of water.
    The last one
    indeed. My kin
    is dead. Many of
    species are extinct.
    Homosapiens are dying
    as a result of their own sin.
    Mother earth has turned into a
    parched graveyard.This Scenario
    has no hue. All around only death,
    pain and sorrow. I am sliding
    through throat of last person
    of selfish human race. I, last
    drop of water, am dying &
    so is last human.

    ~ Manasaa

    PS : Each drop strucuture narrates the perspective of water drop in past, present and future ( If humans continue to be careless) respectively. Save water!

    #mondaymantras #lifec #concretepoetry
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork
    THIRD PODDD!! Thank you so much @mirakee

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  • manasaa 6w


    The plumes of August are gold and orange. As it has soared to this city, its colors have overcome the sky and everything seems a little more beautiful. Beneath the roof of sky, we interlock our fingers for the first time. Your hazel eyes meet my brown ones & you blush as if these plumes slowly diffuse into your cheeks to stain them with bright hues of August sky.
    // This is the beginning season of our love //

    With emergence of spring in our garden, tulips & roses bloom in our hearts and butterflies flutter in our guts.Our love grows wilder & wilder. Autumn makes us shed our feuillemort insecurities. We're transparent to each other like leafless boughs of acorn trees. Your presence is a soothing shower in my scorching summer & only warmth in my freezing winters.
    //A couple of cycle of seasons pass by. Earth still revolves in its orbit but our love goes astray//

    Spring neither brings wild blossoms nor butterflies. We water the mosses in our terrarium called heart & try to sprout love. Our love fades furiously as autumn hits hard. We write proses on how fall is beautiful & try hard not to fall apart.You've turned into a snow-laden cedar. Your presence is a part of my winter days but you never give warmth and shelter from the icy- cold zephyrs numbing my chest.
    // We neither hate each other nor do we love. Perhaps , We're falling out of love?//

    The grey plumes of mist shroud my December night. I gaze at the starless sky above and an epiphany hits me-
    // Our love can't have a fairytale ending. But the fault is not in our stars ; it's in our hearts//

    All written rights reserved.
    Thumbnail credits : me
    _____________ x ______________

    @augustleaf Thank you for this challenge♡

    #starc @writersbay Sorry Idk if this is considered :)

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  • manasaa 7w

    // Alliterative Brevette on Seasons //

    S p r e a d s

    S i g n i f i e s

    F o l i a t e s

    W h i t e n s


    Bg credits : me ( pictures from google)

    #poetrywednesday #brevette @writersnetwork

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  • manasaa 8w


    Using assonances & alliterations,
    I tried to write about 'friendship'
    And the ink oozing from my quill
    Carved 'our names' on my pages

    Holding a harlequin palette, I tried
    to paint an image of 'true friends'
    And my acrylic brush daubed the
    easel with portait of 'ourselves'

    I explored thesauri to find the
    Synonyms of 'perfect' & 'precious'
    And they narrated 'our memories'
    of gossips, fights & endless fun.

    //People may not believe in forever
    But our bond shall end for never//


    PS : Happy friendship day!
    PC : This cutie is one of my best friend.

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  • manasaa 10w

    《 G(OWN) 》

    Your life is a twisted yarn,
    Spun out of fibres of fate.
    You drench the yarn into
    dyes of myriad hues to get
    permanent stains, like those
    painted by shades of people.

    You make choices - you either
    brim with regret or with pride.
    You fall in love or fall for lies.
    You intwine all ups & downs;
    like you interlace warp and weft,
    to weave a fabric called wisdom.

    From the wisdom you wove ,
    you trim the residues of past,
    pleat your dreams of future to
    embellish your fabric with frills.
    You strive to achieve the dreams,
    To design your exclusive destiny.

    As an aftermath of your struggles,
    you don your triumphant smile
    which is as sparkling as spangles
    you sewed on the frilled fabric.
    Remember, You are a weaver
    Your identity is your G(OWN)


    #concretepoetry #fabric

    Thank you❤ @writersnetwork and @mirakee

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    《 G(OWN) 》

    Your life is a yarn
    spun out of fibres
    of fate. You dye the yarn
    to get permanent stains like
    those painted by people.
    You intwine all the ups
    and downs of life
    like you interlace
    warp and weft to
    weave a fine fabric
    called wisdom. From the
    fabric, you trim the residues
    of past, pleat your dreams of
    future to embellish the fabric with
    frills . You strive to design your
    destiny. As an aftermath of your
    struggles, you don your triumphant
    smile that is as sparkling as the
    spangles you sewed on your fabric.
    Remember, You are a weaver
    Your identity is your G(OWN)


  • manasaa 11w

    This old alphopp of mine reminds me of Gita ma'am��

    #alphopp invented by Gita ma'am

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Mellows my
    Mind and turns
    Melancholy into merriment by
    Mending the cacophony within me

    Unspoken verses
    Ultimate bond with
    Universe by which music
    Uplifts me from ruthless world

    Surrounded my
    Soul making me
    Sob alone until a
    Serene song accompanied me along

    Irresistible rhythm
    Ignites the spark
    Inside me to dance
    Insanely forgetting to be rational

    Chimes bring
    Colors to empty
    Canvas of my life
    Changing my dull mood instantly

  • manasaa 14w

    Rhythmic heart pulses
    too feel like chaos pounding
    on walls of my arteries & veins.
    Your broken promises deepened my
    my heart's crevices. As they bled
    pain, you clotted them with lies.
    Dear L(OVER) , you ruptured
    my heart and embellished
    those shards with scars.
    And now, I realise that
    pristine heart exists
    only in my poetry
    about your