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  • manasvi_says 3d

    Why do married women with kids, justify cheating by saying that;
    their husband doesn't give time to them and makes time to care for his parents?
    their husband doesn't give her enough "sex", and so is why she has it from someone else?
    their husband is always busy and doesn't really look after her, and so is why she sleeps with someone who does?
    their husband isn't "good in bed" and therefore, she gets fucked by someone who fucks her good?

    Whore! If you're unhappy with your husband, SIMPLY LEAVE HIM!!!! WHY CHEAT AND JUSTIFY IT BITCH?!

    You marry him, and expect him to not look after his parents, to give you time plus work his ass off just so that you could shop and spend his money!
    You marry him, and want all the good fuck in bed, and if it's not good, YOU CHEAT!!!!

    If you want sex, sex and only sex, GET INTO PROSTITUTION!
    Why mentally torture innocent husbands and cheat and betray HIS TRUST???!!!

  • manasvi_says 3w

    Always remember,
    Your biggest danger are your loved ones.
    They can harm you, murder you or love you...
    it all depends on situations...
    it all depends on emotions.

    There's no family that doesn't have fights and arguments amongst them,
    There's no family that gets along well....

    But, in anger...
    in a state of anger...

    Do not trust a human, at all!
    The ones who love you today,
    can murder you tomorrow.

  • manasvi_says 4w

    Women always ask for equal rights,
    Never for equal responsibilities,
    That's not equality!

  • manasvi_says 4w

    I've read of the proverb in childhood,
    that said,
    "Empty vessels make noise".

    As I grew up,
    I realized the same holds true even for mothers.

    You see,
    everyone makes noise about how a mother cares for her child,
    how a mother does this, does that...

    but, has anyone, for once, even thought...
    about a father?

    Why not the same noise for a father as well?!

    Because, he doesn't spend much time with you?
    Because, he is quiet most of the time?
    Because, he isn't home as much as a mother?
    Because, he is a man and he doesn't need love?
    Because, he is just expected to provide for your needs, that's it?

    If these are the reasons, for why a father's sacrifices aren't given as much importance as he deserves,
    then, maybe you're raised wrongly by your mother!

    I see many, saying that, "My father showed me how to care, love and respect my mother",
    I see no one saying " My mother showed me how to care, love and respect my father".


    Is caring, loving and respecting, only a job of a man or of a father or of a husband?!

    Why don't women, as mothers, can show their children, how to care, love and respect their father?
    Why do women need to be "cared", " loved" and "respected", UNDER ANY CONDITIONS, and by any conditions, I mean even if she is morally wrong!!!

    I ain't saying, that women, as mothers do nothing,
    but showing importance to only one parent (mother),
    while the other parent (father) does more, is unfair in my opinion.

    Maybe, so is why the said proverb holds true.

  • manasvi_says 4w

    And I'll never understand such women,
    who think separating a man from his parents is proper just because she too has left her family for him.
    How pathetic that is!

    That's mere selfishness....
    separating someone from their parents.
    If you too do not want to get separated from your parents,

  • manasvi_says 4w

    Dear ladies,

    when you get married,
    you're no more independent.

    You get dependent,
    for love,
    for family,
    for child,
    for care.

    And that, is not independence.

  • manasvi_says 5w

    Death is the only truth I know of,
    everyone and everything else is just
    an opinion,
    a perception,
    an illusion.

  • manasvi_says 5w

    I'll never understand those women,
    who're independent,
    can take care of her parents,
    can kick any ass possible,
    is self-sufficient,
    takes bold decisions,
    is emotionally strong,
    calls herself a "free bird"...

    and yet gets married!

  • manasvi_says 5w

    I feel pity for those who,
    need another person to,
    feel loved,
    feel beautiful/handsome,
    feel confident,
    feel strong,
    feel complete,
    feel happy,
    feel content,
    feel peace,
    feel emotional strength,
    feel acceptable,
    feel desired,
    feel validated,
    feel liberated.

    People, who haven't even found themselves,
    seek happiness in someone else.
    It's absolutely ridiculous, how so many people are finding love in someone else.

    People aren't even trying to find themselves!

    It's a pity.

  • manasvi_says 5w

    I don't need anyone,
    to satisfy me...