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  • manrup 2h

    #escapec @writersbay ik I'm too late for this��
    @love_whispererr @_still_in_mess a read?

    @tengoku Happy Birthday dear♥️♥️
    Ik this piece is not at all related to you but I want to wish you so ispe wish kr dia����♥️

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    Wounds got fractured,
    pain got dropsical
    fleshes nearly absorbed hue
    graves stop offering smokes
    broken heart pieces bleeds river
    she drowning in those escapes
    raive deaths heeds
    bait of relief trapped her
    she paid off all the love
    with cries
    that she had on lease

  • manrup 1w

    @writersnetwork @writersbay
    @_still_in_mess a read?? And Thank you for the love you showered on my previous post����

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    Creating poetries is not easy
    You have to live those metaphors
    And in sudden track when you end up losing words
    You pour ink on paper and
    try to nourish your past in those empty pleasures

  • manrup 2w


    I wore you like freed zephyr
    But found myself caged,
    A bird with wrecked wings
    no sunset alarms to reach their world

    I wore you like muse notes
    But found no help kept on failing,
    A shame whose tore sleeves chores
    can't blind your eyes

    I wore you like woven dreams
    But found just dark nebula,
    A cloak full of black
    with each ruptured stratum unfolding secrets

    I wore you like owned pride
    But found my paths dead,
    A sigh needing ink
    but sucked unswallowed poetries

    I wore you like raw words
    But found beatings trapped,
    A heart having blood
    but no numbness of your metaphors

    //I wore you like nobody else ever did//

  • manrup 3w

    idk how but you inspire me each time���� @tengoku
    Inspired by your oneliner (posted 3days ago)
    I hope I haven't ruined your piece with mine����
    @writersbay @writersnetwork

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    Filling those digged wounds
    on my flesh with words
    Healing my ruined poetries
    with crushed rose kisses
    Embracing with soft touch of zephyr
    Making lifeless hair restless
    Adoring the beauty of inking nights
    And twinkling strands of stary rhymes

  • manrup 3w

    Trying to fit in those dark spaces
    Hiding from those ugly faces
    Sunbeams guarding her as armour
    Stolen emptiness of life not there to harbour
    Surviving those Orthodox shames
    Of not raising voice instead got habitual of those claims

    //Stand on her staggered feet she roared like a tigeress
    Support was not on her side but her wounds were
    Sword of arms killed those irritating flashes
    Curing those marks with those evils ashes//

    Pic credit : @diyabedi [do tell me if you don't want me to use your pic as bg :))]
    Inspired by @ikshitij .... Your recent piece on Child Molestation / Abuse was amazing ��

    I have tried to portrait the girl to take a brave stand for herself in those //...// lines!!
    #pod @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    //Stand on her staggered feet she roared like a tigeress
    Support was not on her side but her wounds were
    Sword of arms killed those irritating flashes
    Curing those marks with those evils ashes//

  • manrup 4w

    This is for that 14 year old tree got cut by my neighbours today in my locality because it has harmed a car....Broken twigs broke just one glass and a whole tree, a life was murdered!!

    Memories buried in me somewhere from 14 yrs make me realise of all the moments in one go and my ears felt numb with those last sighs!!
    I could not help her (memories)����
    @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    She was breathing hard in me
    Wanting to survive for some more lapse
    Giving me short flashes of past
    And departuring tears to my heavy eyes
    Bids me a farewell leaving few utters
    To be read by heart, knocked senses

    【I was here for you, given birth by you
    And if being murdered by you
    I'm happy!!】

    //Memories played with my head and
    Perplexion overwhelmed by the scene
    Smile lost me with no essence of regrets
    Tears broke with those dying reminiscence//

  • manrup 4w

    #picturec @writersbay @writersnetwork
    Edit: Omg Thank you so much @writersbay for the kind repost����♥️♥️ (3rd) #dgotreposted

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    His eyes are already
    seeking pleasure in hers
    And it seems tears are
    falling in love with cigars

  • manrup 4w

    @tengoku a read?
    Inspired by your #oneliners each time ��
    @writersbay @writersnetwork #pod

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    Time when lips asked for your smile
    And words felt sucked ink
    Wandering heart finds it's home
    And disowned poetries found master

  • manrup 7w

    Do correct me if you find any mistakes specially @inara__ @avisha_suman ����
    Idea of using cigarettes in this piece is highly inspired you @saya__
    Fom your old composition "smokin' and cryin' " it touched me like anything thank you for sharing this amazing piece again ������

    //You are alive or just existing// These are not my words ��

    I hope I haven't messed up things and most important it's not rhyming yrr��(I'm so bad with rhymes��)
    @writersbay plz rhyme nhi h fir bhi pd to lena����
    @writetsnetwork #pod (inhe bhi kyu chodu��)

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    Choking at 00:00 feelings set vines and cigarettes
    Memories wore a cloak of regrets and tears
    Sky seems gloomy inspite of being beauteous
    Moon was illuminating with its sacred scars
    All my words put up in silence questioned my existence

    //You are alive or just existing//

    Darkness shimmered stars on my wounds
    Stabbed pieces found breathing within those smoked pauses
    Night turned juicy and was no more inauspicious

    //Crying is no more my business
    I'm now high on packets of cigarettes//

  • manrup 8w

    I remember how you dipped my words in that bottle of ink and unrolled me on paper
    I remember all those unwelcomed feelings accompanied with your one look
    I remember all praises of your metaphors for a raw girl who has already fallen for you
    I remember all your stubbornness for our meetings on those chill nights instead of your drooping health
    I remember how you painted me on canvas by just portraying a heart which resides my name inside it
    I remember each cringe line of yours to make me feel special but still how I found them funny
    I remember those days when long drives on plain roads became your new hobby
    I remember all your concerns about me but you neither cared for yourself nor about my words
    I remember how a sudden turn closed our meetings, love and us into a dead past.

    #rememberc #pod @writersnetwork @writersbay
    Do correct me if you find any mistakes!! ♡
    Specially @baby_groot like yesterday����

    So, here it goes as di asked me to do ;) (@colourfulgreys ��)

    And Thank you @avisha_suman for bearing my first-go raw pieces always ��

    Pic credit: goes to the rightful owner
    Pic collage credit: goes to me ��

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    I remember how
    I lost my heart
    preserved within yours