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  • mansi_jain 21h

    My mother is a happy poem that my home narrates to everyone who visits.

  • mansi_jain 22h

    What's beautiful?

    because it's natural right?!

    Then why would they ask me to make up to look beautiful?
    Why should I have fair complexion to look beautiful?
    Why do they promote beauty products to look beautiful?
    Why should I be in a perfect shape to look beautiful?
    Why should I straighten my hair to look beautiful?

    If making up is looking beautiful, society is really sick.
    If fair complexion is beautiful, racists are black inside.

    So let me embrace my perfectly flawed body,
    dusky complexion and messy hair.
    For the extraneous beauty will fade away with the passage of time and how will you change what is already inside?

    //If nature is beautiful, raw version of me is nature too.//


  • mansi_jain 1d


  • mansi_jain 5d

    And darling,
    Every night I inhale stars to exhale my scars.

  • mansi_jain 5d

    Dearly Moon,
    All I wish is to be like you
    For I also want to flaunt my scars and shine till eternity☆

  • mansi_jain 1w


    I wanna follow the grey skies
    Climb the mountain heights
    Gaze at the calming river tides
    Embrace the serene sea shores
    Wander the solitary treed roads
    Inhale the shimmering stars
    For I've to exhale my dingy scars

  • mansi_jain 1w

    I'm who you think of me.

  • mansi_jain 1w

    Dear moonlit♡
    I love it how you eliminate the chaos inside my head and soothe me to sleep.
    /Keep coming & keep calming/

  • mansi_jain 1w

    Memory Lane

    As I walk down the memory lane
    I can see myself severely tamed
    subdued by your mind game
    lost in your forged love's name
    then you pretend that you feel same
    I know you're a liar & got no shame
    cleaved my heart, made me insane
    abruptly everything had gone in vain
    Night cried with me in form of rain
    But I had to survive, I had to sustain
    Then came the morning relieving my pain
    I could feel the sunshine making me sane
    Cleansing my senses & returning my fame...

  • mansi_jain 1w

    If I had a super power,
    I'd bring all the magical metaphors together and transform them into my beloved and love him till eternity♡