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  • marcellemae 1d

    Dawn is a trepidation, bursting forward with yesterday’s refrain

    #dawn © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 2w

    They say,
    “don’t work with children and animals”.
    Only the highest frequency souls have ample reverence for the divine’s unbroken will.
    With the compassion, joy and revelry in the dance of their wild.
    The untamed knowing.
    To see and hear and know them,
    without the fear driven need to carve and control them.

    Early morning scribes © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 2w

    I am not ok.
    That souls are hurting.
    Cut. Scarred. Bleeding.
    While their dreams
    Are still not seeding.
    Because society said
    They should be the colour red.
    But they happened to be blue.
    But if they’re not their own.
    Then what is that to you.
    Suicide is a burden that
    we should all feel.
    Because the loss is tangible,
    and whole and real.
    As a people we have failed to catch them
    And to allow their truth
    To guard them in their innocence
    And to protect their truth
    As children young and grown
    Even the inner ones that we disown

    Make a change
    Make it real
    Make it something we feel
    Allow the trauma
    And the pain
    And the discomfort
    To be something we stand for
    For our brothers and sisters
    We will meet you and do more.

    Suicide © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 2w

    I am not ok.
    That hundreds of chickens,
    load by load,
    turn with the trucks
    to the end of the road.
    They go in full,
    with bones, brains and feathers,
    Taking in the lives
    as the “goods” trucks deliver.
    To be cut up and injured
    And packaged and cured
    As food items
    Wrapped in plastic
    For someone’s quick meal.
    It’s not easy, it’s drastic.

    Well I might be one
    But I’ll speak for those many
    That they’re more than a number
    As I’m starting to discover
    That I can choose to live
    in a kinder manner
    As I can choose to raise
    the stop cruelty banner

    Integrity © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 4w

    You can speak but not hear
    Write but not comprehend
    Feel but not understand
    Be in fear. Guided in command.
    You can be indépendant
    Whilst surrounded in your head
    Laying still in your doing
    Without saying what needs be said
    Be assured, wherever you are you will be
    What you envision, that you will see

    Clarification 555 © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 4w

    What is it to love someone in spite of their flaws
    Even after they’ve closed
    some of your wished for doors
    What is it that you wish for in a partner
    that they can no longer give
    Is that a forever drawback
    for the way you want to live
    Can you imagine and is it possible
    that you can do those things for you
    To regift yourself your power
    Catch yourself, the whole of you

    Whole © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 4w

    It’s ok they never saw you
    You were trained not to let it show
    To be the forever supporter
    To put others first so they could grow
    There’s a sadness in a life you’ve lived
    That was never truly yours
    But there’s a strength in knowing where that came from
    That will propel you like no other cause
    To raise your children as their each and own
    Because they are their own divine living truth
    And their love and joy of being themselves
    is all your needed proof
    So stop writing your story of having everybody like you
    Stop lying to be something
    That’s not your inner true
    There is no greater dishonour
    and no greater crime
    Than denying your souls real intention
    Failing to show up and wasting your life’s given time

    time © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 5w

    I forgot about the self harming and self loathing
    The deprivation of feeding my body and nurturing my soul
    Couldn’t even drink enough water
    to cleanse myself with nature’s gift
    Drowning alive
    Self restricting the air in abundance
    The water from rivers that run to me
    Open heart
    Open mind
    Open arms
    Open love
    Let it all rush in
    Let me be cleansed
    Let me will it to be
    And so it will be
    Every moment
    A clean page
    To be renewed
    Spiritual sage

    Cleanse © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 5w

    Have you heard the trees whisper
    while the leaves frolick
    The earth’s quiet rumbling
    while the river’s quiver
    The sky shift as the clouds form
    The rainbow on the cusp of a thunderstorm
    Have you witnessed the sands gleaming
    as the waves crash
    The gleam of the fire
    and it’s weeping of ash
    In the rotations of the earth
    And the sparkling of its moon
    The Sun’s promise to the earth
    She’ll return again soon

    promise © marcellemae

  • marcellemae 5w

    So many hurting
    Depression on the rise
    Hard to keep believing
    When the news and fear conspires.
    Connections being broken
    And contrasts in full flame
    The he said, she said history
    Seems rising once again.
    but we have gained awareness
    Of each other upon one earth
    And the necessity for needed change
    One world dying, creating rebirth
    When the ‘chaos of crazy’ filters stop
    And agreement brings peace we’ll prosper
    Then we can usher in the shape shifters
    As one us, not just his or her...

    So if you are hurting ...
    Let our collective hands catch your heaving heart
    Let us lay your head to rest
    Let us know that in times of rapid change, you can only do, where your at,
    at that best.

    Collective © marcellemae