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    Will he ever have a chance to tell her how he truly feels about her? The Saintess was much older than him and yet she still has a face of a young maiden. She looked very young, beautiful and more mature at the same time. No one could compare to her martial arts skills. Fighting her was pointless; she didn't have to exert any strength. She had that look that could kill, a smile that could make you suffocate. Everything about her was deadly and yet she makes his heart race so much he wouldn't live without her.

    When he was young he heard from the commoners the tale of the Sacred Lady, they said she was ruthless and caused fear and havoc everywhere but she fell in love and the massacres stopped. Everyone lived in peace and harmony at that time but the war minister attacked the palace and caused a huge internal war. During the war, the sacred lady's husband died while fighting and that made her return to her original self. The Sacred lady massacred everyone who was involved in killing her husband. There was no peace until everyone was wiped completely. After taking her revenge she got sick along the way and finally died leaving her daughter who carried an omen of a golden lotus; the Saintess, the woman he was in love with.

    He was not yet born by the time the Saintess took over her mother's position as the mistress of the Lotus palace but just like her mother she killed everyone who was involved in poisoning her mother to death. She made them took the deadliest poison which had no antidote, to make them suffer the pain her mother went through under their hands. After her revenge she stopped killing and began to concentrate on making peace.

    The Saintess sent a maiden to the capital to be a concubine of the Emperor that created a bond between the two and stopped any conflicts. Now the palace was all about business and keeping the world safe. He respected all that, he knew just how much the mistress sacrificed and the things she does to keep the mountain safe.

    It was probably difficult being a leader with so many people who looked up to you. It was very difficult for him sometimes which is why he just liked to wine and party even though it makes the Saintess mad. He owes his life to her and would die for her if that time comes, he just wanted to see her happy all the time and let all worries disappear.

    The day finally came for them to depart for the capital. There were a total of six carriages leaving for the capital; two belonged to the Saintess, two were for the maids and the last two had the luggage and food for the road. Since his punishment was to ride with others, there was no carriage for him.

    Everyone was standing in their positions while waiting for the mistress to show up. He had not seen her at all and couldn't wait. He saw the maids first and knew that she was just behind them. Everyone immediately went down on their knees to show their respect and she came out. She looked really lovely in a black gown with some red flowers on it. She walked majestically and passed him as if she didn't see him. She was still mad and he can take that.

    Nora held out her hand so that she could take the stair ladder to get into her carriage. The Saintess carriage had a lotus emblem on both sides. Anyone would tell whose carriage it was by just looking. Since her colors were limited, it was totally obvious who would be inside. The carriage she was riding in had more red than black and had golden lotuses on both sides. When she entered the carriage, the maids and the guards took their position and they were ready to leave.

    He got on his horse and set off. The mountain was full of traps; if one didn't belong there they would easily be trapped and killed. It was difficult to find a road but for them they could see it. The Saintess carriage was the second on the way, the first having her maids in it.

    They passed through Willow City and there the mayor was waiting with his carriage. He had heard the man was going with them. The Mayor's carriage joined in and their journey began. By riding the horse, one would take a full day to arrive to the capital but with the way the Saintess was travelling, she would take days to get there. She always hated to be rushed.

    They spent the whole day on the road and stopped in another city where they had booked the whole inn for the night. Guards had already been sent in advance to scout the place and make sure there will be no surprises. There were other sects who wished to see the mountain collapse.

    He looked at Nora and he nodded his head. Luckily for him, she knew exactly what he was implying.

    'I will go and prepare her bed,' she said leaving him by the carriage.

    He opened the door and she looked at him without smiling.

    'Please, don't be mad at me anymore. I will do anything to make you happy,' he pleaded.

    'Get me out of here, first,' she said stretching out her hand and he took it.

    He helped her to get down the carriage and held her hand.

    'Do you want to go inside?' he asked her.

    'If I don't go inside, where else should I go?' she asked looking at him.

    'I have an idea. Let's go,' he said.

    'Where are we going?'

    'It's just near and I will bring the guards along,' he said and led her to the place he wanted.

    It felt so good being able to hold just her hand for so many minutes. She hated being rushed so even the way they walk was considerate. The commoners were staring bust he didn't care. He saw the place which he was looking for and broke free.

    'I will look for a seat, don't go anywhere,' he said and rushed off.

    He found the manager and gave him two gold leaves.

    'Anything for you, master,' the man said.

    'Give me one of your best seats,' Xavier said.

    'It's done,' the man said and Xavier returned to get his mistress.

    He led her through the people and hoped that no one will think of doing anything silly. He wouldn't want to see any bloodshed at all.

    The man he just paid showed them to the front seat and he helped her sit.

    'This is not comfortable but it will suffice,' she said.

    'Since you haven't been out for a long time, I wanted you to watch a shadow play. I hope you will like it,' Xavier explained.

    'I hope I will or else I will punish you more for making me abandon my rest,' she made one of her threats.

    'You will enjoy it,' he assured her.

    The shadow play began; the story was quite an interesting one. It was a love story of the previous emperor; he was a great man and had so many concubines. One day he went into the city with a disguise and he fell in love with a songstress. She had the most beautiful voice he had ever heard. He took her back to the palace and made her his concubine. They both loved each other and yet the other concubines were jealous and did all sorts of things to bring harm to her. The Empress even fed her a poison which made her become infertile. The Emperor was so angry that he reprimanded the Empress but there was nothing to do. They all wanted the Emperor to stop loving the songstress but his love for her even grew more. The Emperor even promoted her that by the time he died she became the Grand Consort Dowager.

    That woman was the one who held the highest position in the royal palace now. That story made him think that anything was possible as long as one is sincere enough.

    He was going to tell the Saintess about his feelings. He would accept any consequences as long he let her know. He looked at her and saw the look on her face. It was rare to see her face so full of emotions. He had to take her away before something happens.

    'Let's leave now. I guess supper is ready and you must be starving,' he said and she looked at him.

    'We should leave, I have seen enough,' she said and began to stand.

    He stood up with her and held her hand and led her away from the people.

    They didn't say a word back to the inn, he didn't know what to say or do especially after all that. When they arrived at the inn where Nora was waiting anxiously for them, the Saintess stopped and looked at him. He thought she was going to reprimand him and punish him more making her sad but she smiled at him. He hadn't seen her smile for days and yet she was doing that right now.

    'Join me for dinner,' she said as she went inside.

    Still not believing what had just happened, Nora patted him on his shoulder and said, 'Congratulations, she has forgiven you.'

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    When the messenger came to him to inform him that she was awake he was happy. He wanted to ride there straight and see her face but he stopped himself. The last time he saw her, she was very angry at him. He had never seen her mad like that before. Upsetting her was the last thing he ever wanted and yet he did. After their quarrel, she collapsed and never woke up. He blamed himself everyday and drank wine everyday to forget it all but it was impossible.

    He was faking his sleep when he heard the commotion. He knew the reason the second his room was stormed by the palace's female guards. Those guards were known to be notorious, skilled and great assassins too. They only protected one person and it meant that she was here. He tried not to go with them but they were the best. He was in the hall when he saw her drinking her wine. She lifted her face and their gaze met each other for some seconds. Her eyes were filled with something he had never seen before.

    She made an order and disappeared like that. Was she still angry with him that she couldn't even wait for him? He was taken out of the flower house and he was escorted into the Saintess' carriage which meant she left alone. What if something happens to her? He wouldn't be able to forgive himself. He looked at Nora, the maid who was always around the Saintess.

    'Don't worry, she is not mad at you and she will be fine,' Nora answered the questions he didn't even ask.

    'No wonder why she keeps you around. You are very good,' he said.

    'It takes practice and a lot of patience. There were times she would lock me up and punish me so harshly that I hated her. As time passed I realized that all she did was to make me strong and I don't hate her for that,' Nora said.

    'I just seem to always disappoint her after everything she had done for me,' he blamed himself.

    'Then try harder, don't give up. You shouldn't have stayed at the flower house though, I think she won't forgive you easily for that,' Nora said.

    'Didn't you just say that she is not mad?'

    'I did but who would be happy after witnessing all that. I guess you should start thinking of ways to make her smile when you see her,' Nora said and laughed.

    He knew she was a joker and she was trying to make him feel better in a way but he knew exactly the bad things he had done. He would look for her, get down on his knees and beg for forgiveness until she forgives him.

    They arrived at the palace and the first thing he did was to go to the Saintess' room. She was not there.

    'Where is she?' he asked the maids guarding the door.

    'She didn't come back, young Lord,' one of the maids replied.

    Where would she be right now? He had to find her and settle with her. He left the palace and began to search for her in places she always liked to be. She wasn't at her parents' tomb so he went to look for her there. He saw her from afar and ran as fast as he could. She turned around and faced him. He couldn't read her expression at all, so he moved in closer.

    She was staring at the golden lotus which was in the middle of the lotus pond. He had heard some rumors of how that lotus was important to her. According to the legend and stories that people talked about; he heard that the lotus turned gold the day the Saintess was born. To be honest, he found it very difficult to believe such stories and he didn't have the courage to ask the Saintess about it.

    He knelt on the ground the second he reached her and she kept looking at him without saying a word.

    'I'm sorry for what I made you go through. I shouldn't have quarreled with you, I should have just listened and follow your word but I was too stubborn and made you sick. I will accept any punishment from you,' he pleaded and bowed down.

    She didn't even move and he remained in that position. He wasn't going to get up until she forgives him.

    'It really pains me that you can't even follow one simple order Xavier. If you felt sorry, why did you spend my money on those girls for all these months? Is that what I taught you? When did I teach you to be a coward? How could you disappoint me and hide in women's skirts and wine like a man who had lost his cause?' she asked him and he could hear the anger in her.

    He lifted his head and looked at her; she was really fuming with anger.

    'I'm sorry, I will never do it again,' he said. He didn't know what to say anymore, any words from him would make the situation worse.

    'Your punishment will be severe. We will be leaving for the capital in two days, prepare your luggage. You won't be riding in the carriage but you shall ride with the guards and repent for your mistakes,' she said and left him kneeling there.

    He stood up and watched her back as she left. She was lenient with him, he could tell. Xavier had been staying in the palace for ten years; the Saintess found him floating on the river as if he was dead back then. She took him in, nursed him back to health and trained him. He remembered exactly what happened back then. Someone tried to kill him and they almost succeeded. To his family he was already dead which was really painful. To think that someone plotted his assassination and gained from it made him angry but the Saintess rubbed the whole thing off.

    Their fight had something to do with him wanting to revenge the people who did this to him. She told him that he wasn't ready and he would be dead before he could do anything. He trained for a decade and yet she told him those words. It was so painful he had a huge fight with her. She collapsed which was shocking. He didn't know what to do at all. Ever since she collapsed, he wasn't allowed anywhere near her room. He missed her a lot and yet he couldn't see her. He went to the flower house to get rid of the stress and yet for every woman who served him, all he could see was her face.

    He knew that the feelings he had for her was something he wouldn't allow anyone to ever find out but he couldn't help it. He loved her and would do anything for her and yet he failed her. He was going to become better and put a smile on her face once again.

    He returned to the palace and retired to his room. He had a journey to prepare for.

    'Young Lord, may I come in?' Tara his maid asked.

    'Come in,' he replied.

    Tara walked inside with a bowl of warm water. He washed his hands and wiped them.

    'I have already prepared for your journey. Is there anything else I should pack for you?' she asked.

    'No, I trust you,' he replied.

    'The gown you had me prepare for the mistress is now done, do you want to go and see it?'

    'Yes, take me there,' he said and stood up.

    While she was asleep, the only thing he could do was to have her gown tailored. She wore one of the gowns he personally designed and he was glad she was wearing it. Seeing the Saintess in the clothes that he made was something that brings him joy.

    He arrived at the tailor department and the gown was on a hanger. It was beautiful, he admired the dress. He looked at it over and over again and he loved it.

    The Saintess loves three colors; black, red and gold. The gown was black embroidered with phoenix thread to highlight the lotus flower on the tail of the gown. He wanted her to look more of an Empress and make every woman out there envy her.

    'Pick the accessories that go with the gown and pack it. Have the gown sent to my room,' he said and left.

    He was going to give it to her himself when they reach the capital. He wanted her to wear it the day when the whole nation will be celebrating the birth of another royal descendant.

    Xavier didn't return back to his hall but went to the training grounds where new recruits were being trained.

    'Young Lord!' they all said showing their respect.

    'At ease,' he said.

    'Do you have any instructions for us?' the chief asked.

    'I just came to check up on the new recruits. How are they faring?' Xavier asked.

    'I think they have potential. By the time they finish their training they will be perfect,' the chief said.

    'That's good to hear. Just make sure the mistress won't have anything to worry about.'

    'I will be in huge trouble if that happens.'

    'I will take my leave and keep up the good work,' Xavier said and left the training grounds.

    Xavier returned to his hall and sat in his chair. It's been ten years since he saw the capital. And now that he was returning there, what will happen? Will they be able to recognize him? Will they try to kill him again? What will he do? The Saintess was probably up to something considering the fact that she was taking him this time. It wasn't the first time she was going to the capital and yet she left him all the time. Now that she was taking him back to his original home, would she abandon him there? Was he too much of a burden to her that she would do that?

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    She sat down next to the tomb and wondered what life would be if they were both besides her right now? Would they be proud of her? Would they blame her for what she did these past two decades? Would they smile at her and tell her that she is the best? She had so many questions and yet there was no one to answer her.

    She sighed and took a deep breath; she had a long journey ahead of her now. She didn't remember the last time she went to the capital but it was time to do that. She had scores to settle down and it was the perfect time for that.

    'Saintess, you have guests,' Nora said and she looked at her. When did she begin walking like a cat? She didn't hear her approaching at all.

    'Who is it?'

    'It's the Willow City Mayor,' she replied.

    Why that old geez would come to her the day she woke up? Did they put spies in her palace while she was sleeping?

    'Take me to him,' Valery said and Nora helped her up.

    She went back to the palace and found the mayor waiting for her in the main hall she receives guests in. he greeted her respectfully and waited for her until she took her seat.

    'Mayor, why are you here?'

    'Saintess, I'm here to ask you for a favor,' he said.

    'Just get straight to the point, I have things to do,' she said.

    'I have heard that you will be travelling to the capital and I was wondering if you could make me tag along,' he said and she smiled.

    'I don't know how you heard all that news but it makes me wonder if you have planted your people in my house,' she said and saw the man shaking.

    'I wouldn't dare, Saintess.'

    'It better be that way because if I ever find anyone spying on me, I will skin them alive and hang them on the trees in the mountain road so that everyone would see them while passing through the mountain as a reminder and a warning of who I am,' she threatened and the man fell down on his knees.

    'I wouldn't do that Saintess. It's because of your grace that I can still be mayor of the city. I wouldn't do anything shameful to you.'

    'I really do hope so because I'm in a bad mood. So what do I get for taking you to the capital?' she asked changing the subject.

    'I have something in my manor that can be to your liking,' he replied and she wondered what that would be.

    'What is it?' she asked.

    'It will be better for you if you see it for yourself. I'm afraid I can't move it easily,' he said.

    'I will be leaving in two days, so let's go and see what this thing is before I decide to let you come along,' she said and looked at Nora.

    'I will get the carriage ready,' Nora said and left the hall.

    Valery left the palace with the mayor and her guards. The place looked different she noticed, the flowers were blooming. She wondered what the city was like now. Would she be able to see him now that she was personally entering the city? Her heart really aches but she couldn't help it. She closed her eyes to chase every thought away and let herself to reach the manor in a peaceful manner.

    Her carriage was never stopped at the city gates; they knew how deadly it was. So they passed smoothly and she opened the carriage window; the people couldn't see her face since there was a curtain inside. People were happy, they were busy with their daily life, some were moving away upon realizing whose carriage was passing by which made her smile. It's been two months and they still remember.

    The carriage finally came to a halt and the door was opened. She stood up and Nora helped her to get down the carriage. Whenever she was in public she never showed her real face. She hated being looked upon. She was in her thirties and yet she still looked the same as she was when her mother died. People were scared of her already and adding that to the list was something she wouldn't want at all.

    She took the stairs down the carriage and her feet touched the ground. She held her hands together and followed the mayor into his manor. He gave her his seat which she took happily and settled herself comfortably. The maids brought some snacks and wine. Nora did the tasting; she couldn't trust anyone except for Nora.

    Nora was a child she took after she became the mistress of the palace. She found her on the streets. She was a survivor, an intelligent girl and witty too. Given proper education and direction, Valery knew that she will become the best. She personally trained her and gave her all she could and now Nora was the best at protecting her from the unseen danger that always lurks everywhere.

    'I don't have much time to wine and dine in your manor, Mayor. So you better be quick before I change I mind,' Valery said sipping the cherry wine.

    The mayor clapped his hands and the guards came in holding a huge box which looked heavy from the look of it. What would be hidden inside of that thing? They put the box down and opened it.

    She waited anxiously to see what was so important she had to leave the mountain and enter the city for? She finally saw it and she smiled. The old man was so good at currying favors. She stood up and walked towards the item that was hidden in the box. She circled it, admiring it and looked at the mayor who was now waiting for her reaction.

    'I will forgive you this once for making me coming all this way,' she said looking at him and saw his face being drained of all the energy and she continued, 'since you made an effort I will take you to the capital and whatever happens to you there will be on you.'

    'Thank you very much Saintess,' he said his face happy all over again.

    It felt good fooling the old man. She loved the gift. Someone had made a huge effort of carving a lotus flower using the finest and purest white jade. Who would say no to such a gift?

    'Nora, had this gift return to the palace and come with me somewhere,' Valery instructed.

    'I will do that,' Nora said and began to work.

    She returned back to the seat she was on and took a bite of the snacks that was in her plate.

    'These are delicious, you should reward whoever made them,' she said it meaningfully.

    'I will do that. If you love them so much, I can gift you the cook,' the mayor said.

    'I have enough cooks in my palace, I won't be able to sleep if I take such a person from you,' she said standing up.

    'If you say so then I should thank you,' he said.

    'I will send a man to you; remember that we will be leaving in two days and in the morning.'

    'I will be ready Saintess.'

    'My job is done here, I will take my leave,' Valery said walking out.

    The mayor sends her off up to the gate and she made him return inside.

    'Are you getting onto the carriage, Mistress?' Nora asked.

    'No, I will take a walk. Is he still there?'

    'Yes, he is.'

    'Good, make sure he doesn't leave. I will personally drag him out of that place,' Valery said and began to walk.

    Walking might be dangerous for a person like her but luckily the people knew who to mess around with.

    They looked at her, made comments about her, some were whispering but she just threw everything away. She passed through a market place and it reminded her when she was still young. She would sneak out of the mountain and come to the city and shop all she wanted. She stopped at one stall and gazed at the jewelry being sold.

    'Saintess, pick whatever you want. It's on me,' the old man said and she looked at him.

    How did he even know that it was her? Valery smiled and looked at the hairpins being sold and found one. It was a rose hairpin and she knew exactly who to give. She picked the hairpin and pulled Nora closer and put the hairpin on her head.

    'Mistress, this..'

    'Take it as a gift from me and pay this man,' she said and left.

    She hated taking something without paying for it. She continued with her journey until she stopped right in front of the flower house where her person was hiding in.

    She took a deep breath and walked inside. She was welcomed by the lady of the house.

    'Saintess, I didn't know you were coming,' she said.

    'I know. Where is he?'

    'He is in the room right now,' she replied.

    'Good. Nora, go and get him,' Valery said and took a seat at one of the tables. These people had left their tables the second she entered the house.

    'Bring me some wine,' she told the lady who immediately ordered her people.

    The wine was on her table in seconds; she poured the wine in a cup and gulped it all down at once. She heard some noise and she knew that boy was refusing to come down.

    She looked up and she met his gaze. He looked different from the last time she saw him. She felt so much pain in her chest but she couldn't clutch it. With so many people watching, she couldn't reveal her weakness at all. Not being able to continue, she stood up and looked at Nora.

    'Take him back to the palace,' she said and left the flower house.

    She wanted to be alone; with so many eyes on her she jumped and used her martial arts to fly away. She wanted to be alone and let this pain fade away.

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    'Saintess, are you sure you are fine?' Nora asked her as she sat on her bed.

    'How can I be? Where is he now?'

    'He has been staying at the flower house ever since you had that fight,' Nora replied.

    'That's good then. I wouldn't want him to see me this way anyway. Make sure there are enough people to protect him,' she said.

    'Don't worry about that. The young Lord is protected well,' Nora said.

    'That's a relief then. So what has been happening for the past two months?' she asked.

    Nora began to tell her the affairs of the palace while she had been asleep. A lot had surely occurred.

    'There is a new merchant in the city? Where did he come from?'

    'He doesn't mean any harm, Saintess. He gave his tribute the moment he opened his establishment in the city,' Nora said.

    'That's good because I wouldn't want anyone to put on airs. I'm not in any mood to shed any blood. I have shed enough already,' she said as she stood on her feet.

    'Be careful Saintess, your body isn't well enough.'

    'I know my body very well. I just didn't imagine that this time I would sleep for two months. I guess my mother was right back then.'

    'We have sent for the divine doctor, the Left Guardian already sent news and said that they will be arriving later today.'

    'If that's so then I'm relieved. Prepare me a hot bath and tell the kitchen to prepare some shrimp porridge for me.'

    'I will do that immediately,' Nora said and left her alone in her room.

    Valery looked around in the room she was now using ever since her mother passed away. It was beautiful, its beauty amazes her every day she stepped into it. Her mother was a very passionate woman who put so much effort into starting this palace. The Lotus palace was started with her blood, sweat and tears and she was going to protect it until the end.

    As the Saintess and the mistress of the palace her duties were many. She had to make sure that the palace was well taken care of; the matters of the pugilistic world too and of the normal citizens. The civil population did no harm and rarely caused it but those in her circle were always troublesome.

    After the death of her mother she found those who were responsible for poisoning her. They took away the only family she had left with, so she made them suffer something worse than death until they were all gone. After revenging her mother she expanded her palace and ventured into many businesses. Her palace may be feared by everyone but she had people to feed too.

    She walked on the narrow aisle that led to the door and stopped into the middle. Her bedroom had two ponds built in it which were separated by the aisle that she was standing on. The ponds contained one huge white lotus flower each. The lotuses had been there before she was born; her power came from them and that was what people thought. They had been many cases where people would break in just to destroy the flowers.

    Her mother was surely a crafty person and she admired her for that. She continued with her walk until she left her bedroom. She began to walk in the hallway, passing many disciples who knelt down in respect immediately. As she was walking she met Nora who told her that her bath was ready. Valery followed her and the maids undressed her; Valery climbed down into the huge bath tub filled with scented rose petals and sat down. She closed her eyes and let the herbal water heal her. The maids were busy washing her long hair while the others were busy wiping her body.

    As the mistress of the palace, she had at least ten maids to serve her during her bath; ten more to serve her for every meal and when she was leaving the palace she would have ten maids, ten female bodyguards and ten male bodyguards.

    She never loved to carry a weapon wherever she goes, the weapons were meant for those that served her and not her. She was just fine without a sword, a dagger or anything of that sort.

    After being in the water for thirty minutes she emerged and the maids helped her to put on the inner robe to wipe the water from her. The other maids began to wipe her hair so that it would dry up while she remains seated. The other was busy applying cream on her body. That brought memories of when her mother was still alive, her mother was served by at least twenty maids and yet they couldn't prevent her from being poisoned. She found that at least ten of them were spies and she had them executed in front of every disciple as a warning.

    Having fewer maids was for the better, not that anyone would harm her. She stood up and let them dress her in her favorite colors; red and black.

    'I love this gown,' she said as she looked at the gown she had been dressed in.

    'The young Lord had these made while you were sleeping,' Nora said.

    'He did?'

    'Yes, there are many of them. I will show you after you have your porridge,' she said.

    'Let's do that then,' she said.

    The maids were finally doesn't and she made her way to another hall where her food had already been prepared for her. It's been too long she ate, she said taking a seat on her usual seat. The maids tasted her food first before she dug into the porridge and finished the whole bowl that had been prepared for her.

    'Mistress, the Left Guardian heard that you are awake and he is here seeking your audience,' Nora said.

    'Send him in,' Valery said washing her hands.

    The Left Guardian walked in and she smiled. This man was a loyal man. She had known him for decades and yet he never betrayed her or the palace.

    'Oh hail my Saintess and Mistress,' he praised as he knelt down and crossed his arms.

    'You may rise,' she said and he did so.

    'You look more beautiful and refined mistress,' he said and she smiled.

    'You know how to make me smile all the time Guardian. Why are you here?'

    'There is an invitation that the royal family sent one month ago and since you are now awake, how should we deal with it? I never gave them a reply.'

    Valery pondered over the issue for a while. She had always turned all invitations down from the palace and yet these people just couldn't give up.

    'I haven't been to the capital city in years after that incident. Write to them and tell them that I will come but what event is there this time?' she asked when she realized she didn't even know.

    The Left Guardian smiled at her and said, 'I'm glad that you never changed. I would have been worried if my mistress was lost. The Royal Consort gave birth to another baby boy and the Emperor will be hosting a huge celebration for him in a week.'

    'That's the case; I guess the consort is busy. How many children had she birthed after she entered the palace?'

    'That would be the fourth child,' he replied.

    'She sure is lucky, no wonder why she is highly favored,' she commented thinking of how she would never be able to have that feeling of birthing a child.

    'It's because you raised her well mistress. Because of your grace she is who she is today.'

    'I guess you could say that. So does Xavier know?'

    'He does.'

    'What was his response?'

    'He is still drinking; he probably isn't taking it well.'

    'That's good then. Prepare for the journey, we will be leaving in two days and Xavier would be joining us. Send him a message and tell him to return to the palace immediately,' she instructed.

    'I will do that immediately. I will take my leave now.'


    Valery watched as the Left Guardian left and sighed. It was time to settle an issue she had been pushing aside for years.


    'I'm here, what can I do for you?'

    'Prepare the men and let them settle in the capital first. Have them scout and spy on those generals. It's time to uproot them,' she said.

    'I will get down to it now.'

    'Go and do your thing, I will take a walk,' she said standing up.

    Nora left the hall and she made her move too.

    She took her time seeing what her palace was like now. While she was asleep it had been taken care of very well. She was going to reward everyone for being responsible.

    The Lotus Palace consisted of many halls; there was the main hall which she conducted the palace affairs in; her golden hall which she resided in as the mistress; the red hall she used to live before when she was the young mistress and recently unoccupied; another hall which the Left Guardian resides in with his family; halls for maids and the guards.

    The palace took the whole mountain and since they didn't lack financially they easily expanded and built more halls if they get too many. Her mountain had over three thousands disciples; some were responsible for farming the lands, some were merchants, spies, royal guards, soldiers, scholars.

    There wasn't any city you wouldn't find a lotus palace follower or disciple. They were everyone like a plague and difficult to find sometimes though some would get caught. Without information one wouldn't get anywhere, one need to know what was happening around him or her in order to grasp the situation and to plan for the next step.

    She exited the palace and walked towards her parents' tomb. She prayed and hoped that they were reunited and fine where they were. She really missed them a lot. She was young when her father passed away leaving her and her mother alone. Her mother was so devastated she couldn't see anyone. She was very young at that time and didn't understand anything. Her mother didn't see her for three years but went on a killing spree. She understood why she did it when she was grown up. Her father was murdered and her mother was only seeking justice for the love of her life. She never really had her mother's love since she was busy mourning the love of her life and who will love her now?

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    She sat crying by her mother's side as she watched her breath fade away. She had been by her side all her life and now the invincible sacred lady was dying. How could she just die like that?

    'Mother, please don't leave me!' she cried holding her hand.

    'I will always be there with you princess. Always remember that I love you and everything I did was to keep you safe,' she said.

    'Please don't talk like that. Save your breath.'

    'I can see that your father is already waiting for me. Don't let anyone take advantage of you, become much stronger no matter what you face in the future. Turn this mountain into something great and make everyone shake by the mention of your name. Don't let them step on you ever. Remember that you are special child and you will always be in my heart,' her mother told her.

    'I will fulfill your wishes mother but please just don't leave me yet,' she begged.

    'Once I'm gone, I need you to open my safe box and take out the letter that's in there. Read it and burn it. I hoped a day like this will never come but since it's already here, I'm afraid you should know the truth. I love you child and will always do,' her mother said and without giving her a chance to reply back she just fade away.

    She couldn't believe it, she shook her and yet she didn't respond. Her mother was gone and she was left alone. How could she bear to leave her alone in this cruel world? She cried out loud drawing the attention of the people who lived with her.

    They all came and bowed down and began to cry with her.

    She wiped her tears away and looked at the Left Guardian.

    'Prepare for my mother's burial. Make it so grand and the mourning period will be three months. Increase the security around the mountain and anyone who doesn't mourn with honesty will be buried with my mother. Make sure she gets buried alongside her husband. The tailor department should prepare a golden gown for her to be buried in. the gown should be done in a week and they should make it beautiful or else I will have their heads rolling down,' she gave an instruction and the Left Guardian crossed his arms as a show of respect.

    'I will carry out your instructions,' he said.

    She looked up and made a vow to her deceased mother.

    "I will destroy anyone that goes against the Lotus Palace. Anyone that will challenge me and anyone who caused my mother to fall to her demise I will get rid of them all. I am going to make my palace so great and much famous just like my mother wanted."

    But first she has a letter to read and find out what was so crucial that her mother wouldn't tell her but leave a letter for it. She found the safe box and cracked it. Inside there was a sealed letter with her mother's seal. She broke the seal and took the letter out.

    She began to read the letter and it didn't make sense at all. What was her mother telling her? How could this happen? She fell to the ground and hold the letter in her hand.

    'I will heed your advice mother,' she told herself and knew that everything had just changed. Her life was never going to be like she had imagined when she was young. Her life just made a huge turn around and there was no turning back.

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    HELLO GUYS, today i will be posting something ancient and it was my first try on writing something like that. got inspired by the Chinese and Koreans historical dramas and so on, so just tried my luck on this one.

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    Nancy couldn't help it but smile as they were all gathered at her wedding ceremony. She was finally married to the man she had always loved since she was in university. Being able to share such joy with the people who had always been by her side was a dream come true.

    Nancy watched her friends as they all stood with her on such a special day. Ruby was already pregnant with her second child which gave her goosebumps even though she was happy to be an aunt again. She wanted to take her time before she starts a family. Ruby however was just a wanton to have another pregnancy after birthing that lovely chubby princess that was adored by all. She was really happy for her.

    Jack and Brian had finally got together officially after so many trials. She was really happy to know that her friend had found his happiness and can stand tall among everyone without feeling any sort of embarrassment.

    As for Alex he never managed to be with his professor but he began to look at other women which was a breakthrough.

    She was happy that everyone had their own happiness and hoped that it will remain that way forever.
    'Oh..ohhh!' Ruby suddenly yelled out and they all looked at her with worry.
    'Ruby, what's wrong?' Nancy asked as she reached her friend who didn't look that well.
    'My water just broke,' Ruby answered and Nancy sweat buckets.
    'Take her to the hospital now!!!!'
    That happy ceremony ended up in a mess but a good one. Nancy didn't care about the reception at all. What was in her mind was her friend. She was going to give birth and it was on her special day. That was a greatest gift Ruby was giving her. She was going to become an aunt again and she couldn't wait to hold the new addition in her arms.

    THE END......

    Thank you for reading

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    Just a post

    hello guys, today will be the last day for the current book Dangerous Siblings.

    starting tomorrow i will be posting something new and forgive me for any errors or mistakes for i aint a god or a professor of some sorts.

    stay tuned

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    'I have something to confess!' Ruby said seriously after she stopped laughing, holding Harvey's hand as she trembled a bit.
    'You are pregnant, aren't you?' Nancy asked even though it sounded like she was just confirming it. Ruby and Harvey looked at each other and then back at her.
    'How did you know?'
    'We have known for a while now. You are our best friend and if we can't even see the changes in you, won't that be strange?' Alex asked as he sipped his wine.
    'That makes sense,' Harvey said agreeing to what Alex had just said.
    'You are all cruel. It is me who is pregnant and yet i had to be the last one to know,' Ruby wanted to hit her friends for deceiving her like this but ended up laughing. They didn't judge her, they still stood by her side even in times like this. What more would she ask for in friends?
    'Now that she is carrying a child. You need to take care of her and make sure nothing befalls on the mother and the child,' Nancy was in her aunty mode.
    'I will always take caution. Don't worry about that,' Harvey promised Aunty Nancy.
    'But seriously, did you have to get married that early?' Alex asked as he looked at the matching bands by the couple.
    They all laughed upon hearing that question.
    'I couldn't help it. I wanted to show the world that this beautiful sister of mine is taken. What was i going to do if she changes her mind?' Harvey asked while gazing deep into her eyes.
    'Who is your sister?' Ruby roared at him and he laughed. Ruby still had it in her even in a state like this.
    'Sorry, my dear wife,' Harvey apologized and she smiled at him.

    Alex and Nancy shook their heads. These two were seriously crazy and their relationship was surely complicated. They were siblings and a married couple on top of that. How can life be that complicated?

    Being seated there with her friends, knowing that her husband and the only man she loves so dearly was by her side she was happy. She had been with Harvey almost all her life and she was grateful that every memory he has, she was part of it too.

    The two of them got married after they returned from their vacation. It was a small and quiet wedding with just family members and close friends.
    She was glad that they were happy for her and now they were going to add a new member to her family.

    'Let's go home baby,' Harvey said looking at her and she nodded.
    Ruby didn't want to be here anymore, she was going to be careful since she was now pregnant and take care of herself.
    'Will see you guys. This girl is going to rest,' Ruby said as she looked at her friends.
    'You better do that. Will call you later and next time we will have brunch or BBQ since it is no fun drinking alone,' Nancy complained and Ruby smiled at her.
    'Let's do that.'
    Ruby smiled inwardly as she thought about the reason why Harvey was insistent on taking her home. She really found a gem and she was very proud. He knew her so well.
    In the car Harvey held her hand and she was at ease. She looked at her husband and gulped. How could he be so handsome? Was it the pregnancy? She wanted him so much but there were still in the car and Harvey knowing that she was pregnant he was driving with care.
    Ruby looked at him and she hissed at him.
    'I know baby, we will get there,' Harvey said but Ruby did the impossible and she fondled him with a smile pasted on her face. Harvey hissed under his breath and he knew that his wife was impatient and there was one way to solve it.

    Harvey drove straight into the woods where they usually frequent and parked the car. With a single move Ruby was in his arms. She surrendered herself to him and he was overwhelmed with joy.
    With one thrust he filled her warm passage and he felt home. He kissed her passionately as he made love to her in the car. Their bodies joining as one with so much anticipation and need as if they were consummating their marriage.
    Ruby made him fall in deeper with just a smile, her scent, her gaze and everything about her. As long as he lives, Harvey was going to show her just how much he appreciates her presence in his life by making it up to her daily. He was going to drive her crazy and mad in love that she will think of no one else except him.

    Ruby held onto her husband tightly as he made passionate love to her. To think that she was back in the same place that she conceived her baby made it so special that she gave him all she had and hoped to have more babies in the future.

    'I love you,' Ruby whispered to Harvey.
    'I love you too baby,' he said back and hit home.

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    Ruby couldn't be happier, after being at the university for four years she was finally done with her degree program. Since it was her last day, she was busy preparing files to be transferred to the next president.
    Her head began to be dizzy again, so she sat back in her chair and opened a bottle of juice that was on the table and drank it's contents. Since she had packed everything, she was only left with shifting them out.
    She was going to miss school life, since she was done now, she had to go to work at the company. Her parents weren't giving her a chance to rest at all. She was going to take a week break before resuming her work. It wasn't really that hard since she had been interning for many years unlike her spoilt brother.

    There was a knock on the door and she let the person in.

    'Ruby, your friends are here,' her secretary said as she stood at the door.
    'Send them in,' she said and seconds later her gang came in.
    She smiled at her friends as she saw how relieved they were now that school was over. They had been together for years now and she knew they will be together till the end of times unless they betray each other.

    'I am so glad that you made it in time. Help me with the boxes,' she said as she looked at her friends and then the boxes.
    'Let's get this over with and go have those drinks,' Alex said as he reached a box.
    'Says the man with a broken heart, the drinks are on me tonight!' Ruby said excitedly and they all cheered. For kids who had money it was funny how they behaved like this most of the time.
    'I love the sound of that. Let's go out and celebrate. To the future!'
    'To the future!' The whole gang said as a slogan cheering themselves up.

    After that the four of then took the boxes to the cars outside. The boxes were so many it was tiring for them in the end. After that they drove to Ruby's house where the butler and the maids took care of the boxes while Ruby and her friends settled inside.
    Ruby met her mother who was busy serving her friends some beverages.
    'Where is he?' Grace asked as she looked around.
    'At school. He has classes and i would kill for some lone time,' Ruby said giving her mother a naughty smile.
    'Then you better leave now before he comes or else he will stop you,' her mother warned her.
    'I better do that but let them finish first and then we will leave,' she said.
    Ruby returned to her friends where they talked as they finished their beverages. Once they were done the gang left the house for the club where they were going to have a celebratory moment. This was her moment and no one was going to stop her even Harvey.
    Harvey couldn't believe that Ruby ran away from him at school. It was her last day at school and she just left without telling him. When he got home he found out from Grace that she had left for the club. How could she?
    'You need to calm down, she will be back like always,' Grace tried to assure him but he wasn't settled at all, she wasn't supposed to drink.
    'She mustn't drink mom,' Harvey said pacing up and down making Grace to grab him so that he can come to a halt.
    'What does it mean?' Grace asked full of concern, wondering if her daughter suddenly contracted some unknown disease.
    'She is pregnant,' Harvey said it and saw the shocked expression on Grace's face.
    'Ohhh... is that true? How..... Does she know?' Grace didn't know what to ask anymore.
    'She isn't aware of it yet,' he said and escorted his mother to the couch so that they could have a nice chat.
    'Oh, this is great news!' Grace exclaimed, her face now rosy with happiness.
    'I need to find her now,' he sounded urgent and Grace understood him.
    'How far is she by the way?'
    'I have no idea about that but i have known for a month now,' he replied.
    'And you kept it quiet all this while?'
    'I couldn't say a word. I didn't want her to sorry especially with exams. What if something happens to her and the baby? I couldn't risk it,' he answered truthfully and Grace was touched by his concern.
    'You are all grown up. Thank you for loving my baby. I won't keep you here any longer. Go and stop her,' Grace said urging him.
    'We will be back,' he said and rushed out.

    On his way to the club Harvey remembered how sullen Brian was when he last saw him. His best friend was really a messed up person. Since Ruby was out with her friends then Jack was surely to be there and that was a good opportunity for him to help Brian. So as a good friend he is, Harvey called Brian and gave him the address for the club.

    Harvey was still stressed. He didn't know how to tell Ruby about her pregnancy. He knew they were both not ready for the child but above all Ruby had never talked about it. He didn't mind about it even when he was still a student. He was happy when he learnt about it after all it was the result of their passion. Since he had made her pregnant he was going to work hard since she had to give up a lot of things to take care of herself. He just hoped she won't be mad at him and forgive him.

    When he arrived at the club, he hurriedly went inside and after a few peeks he found Ruby's friends but she wasn't there.
    'I knew you were going to come,' Nancy said with a smile.
    'Where is she?'
    'You lost the best, now pay up!' Alex said as he stretched his hand towards Nancy.
    Harvey watched with disbelief as Nancy gave Alex a hundred dollar bill and he shook his head. He didn't want to know about the bet at all.
    'Your dear wife just went to the bathroom a while ago. Since you are here, go and check her up,' Jack finally answered his earlier question.
    Since he knew what was wrong with his wife, Harvey rushed towards the restrooms without further enquiry. Lucky for him he found Ruby alone in the toilet, vomiting her guts out. He simply patted her back and helped her through the horrible experience.
    Finally Ruby washed her mouth and she looked at him with teary eyes. He wiped those tears away and gave her a hug.
    'I have something to tell you,' she said in-between sobs.
    'We are pregnant, i know,' Harvey told her and she looked at him with shock.
    'You knew?'
    'Yes, for a while now.'
    'Why didn't you say anything?'
    'I didn't want you to worry and i was afraid that you might get rid of the bag,' he said sounding a bit depressed.
    'And why would you think something like that Harvey?'
    'I thought that you might not want a baby now since we are still young. I was messed up okay, i am sorry for not saying anything. I was just....' he didn't get to finish speaking. Ruby embraced him a tight hug he couldn't breath for a few seconds.
    'You are not mad at me?' Harvey asked her and she shook her head.
    'How can i get rid of our baby dear? I will never do something like that and i am not mad at you. Thanks for not saying it earlier, i would have been stressed for sure,' she said giggling thinking about the stress she had when she knew about it.
    'Thanks for understanding and keeping our baby,' Harvey said as he planted a kiss on her forehead.
    'We are going to be okay,' she assured him and he embraced her tighter.
    Later the two left the restroom and joined their friends. But when they arrived Jack was nowhere to be seen.
    'Where did he go?' Ruby asked as she joined her friends.
    'Jack eloped with his younger boyfriend. He actually dumped his friends for him, can you believe it?' Nancy was rolling her eyes and Ruby burst out laughing. Who could blame him? Brian was one young hot guy after all though he couldn't be compared to her lovely husband.