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  • mariebarrett 1w


    Sometimes I feel like an orphan child lost and alone,
    Sometimes a drifter traveling life's broken road on my own.
    A lost soul searching to find the real me,
    A lonely heart looking for love to set her free.
    My heart feels of broken glass shattered inside my soul,
    As I look ahead I see nothing but dark feel nothing but cold.
    I need a certain kind of love to light the way,
    A special kind of love to turn my night into day.

  • mariebarrett 7w

    That's How You Know

    How do you know it's love?
    When you not only have a physical and emotional connection but something that goes beyond that,
    Your minds are connected,
    When you look in their eyes you can see to their soul,
    You can feel a connection between your souls,
    Creating a bond that even the gates of hell can break,
    When they're away all you have to do is close your eyes and you feel them near,
    Love is not created by destiny nor fate,
    But by God's grace and that's what keeps it strong,
    When you find something that powerful,
    That's how you know.

  • mariebarrett 10w


    My life is just mere fragments of who I use to be,
    Shattered pieces of all I was,
    Before the shadows of darkness took of,
    And killed my soul,
    And drained all life,
    Leaving just a shell.

  • mariebarrett 10w

    A Way Out

    Living in a world so full of darkness,
    That I can not see the light,
    Shadows pulling me under,
    It's getting harder to breathe,
    I feel myself fading,
    Dying inside,
    My soul draining from my veins,
    Needing to escape,
    Looking for a simple way out,
    To leave this world behind.

  • mariebarrett 10w

    Never Existed

    Trying to figure out what the point of living is,
    As I feel the shadows pulling me under,
    Deeper into the darkness,
    Further away from the light,
    I can feel the life being drained from me,
    As my soul slowly dies,
    I beg to be put out of my misery,
    To be no more,
    To vanish from this hell of a life,
    To disappear as though I never existed

  • mariebarrett 13w

    All I Ask

    You do not need to buy my flowers,
    For they wither and die,
    I do not need jewelry,
    Gold and silver lose it's glamour and diamonds lose their shine,
    Material things can not compare to the things money can't buy,
    One can have all the material things money can buy and still have nothing,
    Your time, love and affection is all I ask of you,
    To feel loved, wanted, and needed,
    That's the most valuable gift of all.

  • mariebarrett 18w

    Look Through My Eyes

    If you could only look through my eyes,
    And see what I see when I look at you,
    See past your flaws and insecurities,
    Past your addictions holding you back,
    And demons that won't set you free,
    You'll see a kind soul trying to break the hold,
    A loving heart looking for a break,
    Reaching for a hand to pull you through,
    You'll see someone who will go out of their way to be there for someone they love,
    Someone who has been dealt less than what they deserve,
    Someone who can light up a room with just a smile,
    Brighten any day with just their presence,
    Someone with a strong mind and gentle heart,
    You'll see how amazing you are,
    If you could only look through my eyes,
    You'll see what I see when I look at you.

  • mariebarrett 21w

    Love is a Dagger

    Love is like a dagger through the heart,
    Intense pain as you watch your world fall apart,
    Tears fall like rain,
    Constant numbing pain,
    Dreams become shattered,
    As you realize your feelings never really mattered,
    Feeling as though the walls are caving in,
    As you watch what you tried so hard to keep come to an end,
    Love is crash and burn,
    Yet we wait in hopes that someday it will return.

  • mariebarrett 22w

    Your Arms

    As I lay in your arms I feel safe and at ease,
    My burdens disappear and I'm at peace,
    I hear nothing but the sound of your heart beat,
    I sound do soothing and relaxing,
    Eases my mind and I drift to sleep,
    The greatest feeling is falling asleep and waking up in your arms.

  • mariebarrett 25w

    Too Much to Ask

    All I ask for is a little of your time and affection,
    Is that too much to ask of you,
    Lately I feel like you don't want me around,
    Like you don't enjoy the time we have,
    You say one thing,
    Then turn around and say another,
    One day you say more than close friends,
    The next we're just best friends,
    Then you get pissed because I don't know where I stand,
    All I ask is for you to be honest with me,
    What are we are we just best friends,
    Or are we more,
    Do you really care,
    Or do you not,
    Do you want me around,
    Or am I just another chapter you have finished?