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  • marshmello001 2w


    If there is light
    There will be a shadow
    The light at the end of tunnel
    Filled with beautiful hues and meadows
    It has been a tough year
    Everything feels tasteless
    Some things I want to do
    Sometimes seems senseless
    All I want
    For us, to be togethor
    Love and care
    Holding on to each other.
    I guess the universe is testing us
    I know you miss me
    And I miss you too
    And one day togethor we'll be

  • marshmello001 4w

    Depressed and lost

    Depressed and lost
    Running away from his fears
    Stuck inside himself
    Hiding his tears
    No one knew
    Nobody understood
    Pressure built up high
    When nothing was good
    Surrendered himself
    To the goodwill of death
    No aim for life  
    Waiting for his last breath
    The pain he felt
    Gave a scar
    His social life took a hit
    Kept everyone far
    Weed helped the pain
    So became a stoner
    Wasn't satisfied by his life
    Became a loner
    Weak on confidence
    High on morals
    Everyone blamed him
    But no one saw why his life went spiral

  • marshmello001 7w

    My lover

    After many months,
    Finally I saw her today.
    I have been imagining it
    This moment, night and day.
    Seeing her next to me,
    i felt alive again.
    It felt nice and comforting,
    Like a breezy scent of rain.
    Her eyes said a thousands words
    And so much emotions hiding within
    Didn't get enough of them
    As the time window was thin.

    I miss her now
    Even more than before
    We waved at each other
    Sad, as they closed the doors.
    I stood there
    Watching the train go
    I felt sadness
    And my mood went low.

    I saw her today
    Refreshing as ever
    She's my partner
    She's my lover.

  • marshmello001 13w


    I sat in the balcony
    Saw earth miss the rain
    It sings a beautiful song
    And eases away the earth's pain.
    I sat there listening
    To earth's tale
    "This has been a dry year
    I didn't see the rain.
    Missed her a lot.
    Can't get her out of my brain."

    I felt the agony
    In his voice
    So hopeless
    No choice.
    In that moment,
    I saw him smile.
    He saw the clouds
    That were missing for a while.
    As the first drops fell
    It gave him sense of relief
    His lover was here
    And he no longer grieved.
    As they danced,
    Everything seemed fair.
    I began to miss someone
    Wish she was here.

  • marshmello001 13w

    Cured me

    If it wasn't for you,
    I would have gone crazy
    Sorrow and drugs
    Made my memories hazy

    Since you came,
    I have grown
    Mentally and emotionally
    You deserve a crown.

    Life has been fun
    Mornings are now joyful
    Peace is in my heart
    And my world is colourful.

    I owe my life to you
    Since you cured me
    Cured me of my depression
    And made me something I only wished to be

  • marshmello001 18w

    Lost identity

    What have I become?
    It is hard to justify.
    Things get more chaotic
    When I try to clarify.
    I try and try
    A lot everyday
    But no change comes
    To the things anyway.
    I don't know who I am?
    I am confused about my identity
    I am killing everything
    With my insecurities.

    Fight, I fight
    All day long
    With the voices in my head
    Telling me I'm always wrong.
    Anxious I get
    When my mind plays this song
    About how I am the worst
    And where do I belong?

    What to say
    What not to say
    Trying to mould myself
    Out of clay.
    Fear and panic
    Past and misery
    When did my mind
    Perform this trickery.
    I have doubts
    About who I am
    Who I was and who I will be
    And there is no one to blame.

    Will I find myself in time?
    Or will I lose everything again?

  • marshmello001 26w


    I try
    But in vain;
    I'm so oblivious
    Of your pain.
    I try
    But I don't know;
    How to help
    Or what to do.
    I try
    But can't understand;
    The more I try
    It turns into quicksand.

    What should I do?
    To help you.
    I don't know anything;
    I can refer to.
    I think I'm stupid;
    Or maybe I have no heart.
    I try my best;
    But unable to fulfill my part.

  • marshmello001 27w

    Map to you

    Hold your face
    Between my palms
    Look in your eyes
    And wrap you in my arms.
    Wish I could be there
    My head in your lap
    Your hand in my hairs
    But i don't have the map.
    Missing you
    Has become my thing
    My face glows up
    When I hear my phone ping.

  • marshmello001 29w


    We are like this tree,
    Tangled togethor;
    Growing branches,
    Around each other.
    Just like these trees,
    We are connected;
    Bonded by love,
    We can't be seperated.
    Our souls interlaced,
    We need one another;
    To survive,
    To nourish,
    And to raise beautiful flowers.

  • marshmello001 31w


    I wish to end it
    Once and for all
    It will be painful
    But save others from my fall.
    I'm a mess
    Chaos and a wreckage.
    Tried turning my life around
    But in the end, the same message.
    I'm weak
    To some things I like.
    I lose control
    And the urge begins to strike.
    Drugs and games
    My addictions
    They enter my life
    And cause friction.
    Life's on fire
    And I'm unaware.
    Burning it down
    Layer by layer.
    Will I ever learn?
    Or will I die first?
    Maybe satan will fulfill
    My final thirst.