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  • marufdawar20 1w


    The world was engaged in making its fun,
    When covid nineteen entered
    With a sharp, wise turn;
    No one was warned for such a huge epidemic,
    For allowing the remains a part of a boring comic.

    When people dread to touch the other,
    Also a child with its mother cannot be together.
    It hailed all with a discarded used mask,
    As though it is but a faithful harmless task.

    All the nations are asked to shut their doors,
    For not allowing the monster to stalk around its floor.
    The only remedy to forgive oneness,
    Blossomed in the mild wind of darkness.

    Unknown were the most to this dreadful encounter,
    As none expected that half of the north would be cremated in the cofins of a mere carpenter.
    It all ended with no more giggling in glee,
    With both the fists rounded ,praying to the lord to help the innocents go free.

  • marufdawar20 3w


    It feels like the ocean trying to reach the city
    But failing an uncountable times in the shore.
    It's not the anxiety that remakes the next wave,
    It's a kind of hope that makes me feel alive.

    I keep on searching your shades all around the seashore,
    Wandering in your purity.
    I have nothing besides those fluid waves,
    Entwined it all around my soul.

    I see beyond the lines,
    The glow of yours never lets me take a peek.
    Waves when it flows back makes me down,
    But when it reaches my fist forms the frame of a queen's crown.

    All those concerns are from the depth of heart,
    For a moment it all made then it was gone
    As those were the waves in the shape of you.
    In spite another wave hits my bare feet and i kept on to smile.

  • marufdawar20 6w


    Remember those days you came to the light,
    When hairs were partly combed with the clothes worn very neat and bright.
    The sight was awesome to sink in your brown eyes,
    With the flash of your dark eyebrows flattering like a Blue Jay flies——
    Remember the day I came to the corner,
    When the story vexed for the sake of a dare.
    Though the seventeen days were passed being numb,
    Still I was rewarded with a taunt, being called as a dumb——
    No matter what the results were in the past,
    The way i felt for you then, is much more stronger than the last.
    You have always been a special person in my heart,
    And I would further pray to the God to send you as a reason for my forever part——
    Remember the day I played a great role,
    When the city was busy in making their spring goals.
    I was anxious being knelt down with a rose in my hand,
    But the fear was faded when you had hold mine appreciating me with a grand——
    Never mind how the days had literally passed,
    Let's not forget that it filled with blissful memories in both of our hearts.
    I have always felt lucky to find your presence,
    As you are the best one and endlessly I shall love to admire your essence.

  • marufdawar20 8w


    Not again I wonder to come by such a day,
    Where smile remained in everyone's, except mine all-alone bay.
    The shores of happiness spreaded very wide,
    But ignored mine, for I was not enough to be compared to a High tide.

    The excitements stored in from more than two past weeks,
    Just took a chint of seconds to break, which once was expected on a high envious peak.
    Still I bothered to rush into my hard-wanted dreams,
    And there remained the outcome same, irritating and clear uncertain ignorance.

    Why am I always being left out alone?
    Never allowed to let me caress the most lovable sandstone.
    This is the day which shall always rest in my worst-ever part,
    For I was caged with rude looks and sadness making me a part.

    No longer I desire to cherish such a handsome day—
    As always "the expected appearance never comes but the unexpected appearance breaks very rough like a giant's long searched prey".

  • marufdawar20 9w

    Last night,I was weeping alone;
    Listening to your favourite song.
    While cherishing the beautiful day;
    I then realised that everything faded away.
    Your ecstasy gyrated around my mind;
    Which I always wanted to stay for my sake.
    The moon was shining bright tonight
    As it reminded me of you.
    The stars were twinkling at its side
    And then I counted only a few.
    I admire that i had a room for you in my heart,
    Still the nasty brain denied to place you , fading you from my part
    The memories that I had for you,rests in keepsake;
    Years will pass but they will be new;
    As i could not highlight a deed that I hated in you.

  • marufdawar20 10w


    Reuniting together with lovely toddle steps a long,
    Shapes my day with a backbone as you behind being very strong.
    And I desire to run with your shadow in one certain end,
    Spreading a feeling of happiness in every nook and corner of my land.

    Wandering all day long in a thin hazy sunlight,
    I desire your presence in an envisage romantic midnight.
    And that very night I shall find you sitting by my side,
    Holding each others hand to express our thoughts very wide.

    Analyzing the misdeeds of abscure past hours,
    I apologise you heartily for all the silly behaviours.
    And I desire to walk with you in a calm pleasant stream,
    Making you feel so enchanted that it seems to you as a sweet midnight dream.

  • marufdawar20 13w


    The art of thinking began to freeze,
    When you as a fairy came in a cold breeze.
    The moment I felt your soft dizzy touch,
    A chilly wind blew and faded all my hopeless search.

    The time in the clock was half past eleven,
    When your dream enraptured me with a tinge of heaven.
    And that very flash what I acknowledged from your sight,
    Was something very special and looked very bright.

    The sweet happiness which gyrated for a while around me,
    Was because of you and I assure this lad would forever esteem your appearance.
    And never ever I wish to lose your presence,
    As being with you is when I rectify the real essence.

  • marufdawar20 13w


    It's reminded again to roll back the days,
    But try them all in a very different ways.
    And mind that you are a crown owner
    For not allowinviting anyone to bring in a downer.

    Though everything would remain still,
    With lots of chaos in a dark crest hill.
    But you be the fairy with butterflies—
    Touring the hill in a blissful sunrise.

    And there appears nothing unknown to you.
    When you be the one to find smile in your few.
    Rewind the best in your passed mighty days,
    But treat them as joy as a famous writer says.

  • marufdawar20 14w


    May the wishes of yours be limitless ,
    And shall take care for not letting them go in vain.
    For driving your whole year to the end ,
    Finding all the lessons to be remembered in your land.
    Though the chapter was little tough with shades of blue
    But never forget that how strong were you?
    The days were awesome with funs in it ,
    Inspite all the dark sides just fade away a bit.
    Let you be the owner of your crown ,
    And not let anyone to bow their head in frown.
    You are the queen and continue your steps,
    As my presence behind you doesnt want to bring in a gap.

  • marufdawar20 15w


    The long time beneath the sun's light,
    Gives me all what I opt for—
    As the strong attachment with the two,
    Keeps me engaged and away from the blue.

    The romance of the bat and bowl,
    Enthrals a satisfaction to a different level.
    As the lovely perfect timing shots
    Gives all the answers to my blank,ignored dots.

    The rectangle of twenty-two yards with three sticks both the side,
    Tells something very deep but not that of narrow and wide.
    And there looks when the ball shines bright,
    Dwells in peace, the poet-anchorite.