Hey there 👋🏻.... Be happy!😊💓

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  • maryam70420 34w

    Sometimes, It’s necessary to show attitude because they take us for granted.

  • maryam70420 36w

    Moonlight was reflecting his face,
    Felt so great to see him again.
    But this time i would be little conscious
    Because Moon doesn’t have it’s own light.

  • maryam70420 36w


    Jab main logo ke sath hoti hu toh fir jism se hasti hu,
    Par jab uske sath hoti hu toh mere jism aur rooh dono haste hein.
    Main logo ke sath lamhe mehsoos karti hu,
    Par uske sath lamhe jeeti hu aur woh lamhe tejori mein kaid ho jate hein.
    Aur jab woh durr hota hai toh ye tejori khud hi khul jati hai,
    Shayad ye faasle hi is tejori ki chabi hai.
    Aur jab hum ladhke durr ho jate hein toh main usse khafa nahi hoti bas us pal se mehyoos hoti hu.

  • maryam70420 37w

    I never knew how strong i was
    Until I had to forgive someone who wasn’t sorry, and accept an apology I never received.

  • maryam70420 37w

    Old ways won’t open
    New doors.

  • maryam70420 38w

    Sometimes we have alot to say
    But we don’t
    Because we think that the other person might get hurt.

  • maryam70420 38w

    Teri ruswayi ka hai khayal mujhe bhot
    Tu baar baar khawabo mein na aaye isliye kam sota hu .


  • maryam70420 39w


    Her feelings,she can’t express,
    From which she feels depress.
    She has always suppressed,
    Which feels extremely incensed.
    People tell her,there is no scope,
    From which she looses her hope.

    She is not feeling alive anymore.
    She doesn’t needs your sympathy,
    Just she wants is HER FREEDOM!

  • maryam70420 39w

    People will always talk behind your back ,
    Make sure to give them an interesting topic.😎

  • maryam70420 40w


    Meri jung mujhse hi hai
    Aur kisi mein dam kaha!😎