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  • marzslizzyy 3w


    I hope you find what your heart been craving
    I hope you find that happiness that you been looking for
    Every touch, every act of kindness I want you to feel it all I want you to skip over the moon with joy
    I want the best for your life and spirit
    the love I have for you is different, and no one would understand
    They don't understand the conversation
    the way our energies exchanges when we talk
    I know some hate it, I know they gone judge but I can't let it get in the way of how I feel for you
    No I'm not in love, this just past feelings
    Just months of built up emotions, unseen words
    not enough time to vent, just wasn't a time to say what I wanted to say
    I hope you find what you've been looking for

  • marzslizzyy 6w

    My pussy

    My pussy is glitter
    my pussy is gold
    My pussy is magic but cannot be sold
    My pussy cause heart attacks
    My pussy make you sleep
    My pussy will kill you right in your sleep
    This pussy is not for you not for them
    This pussy is for her my shit is a Gem
    My pussy is God
    My pussy is loyal take one hit iam now your owner
    My pussy is glitter
    My pussy is gold
    My pussy is magic but cannot be sold

  • marzslizzyy 9w

    Faroe islands
    Read down below

  • marzslizzyy 10w


    I just want to get away and be alone travel to the motherland with pockets full of shrooms
    even though I'm sober I feel like it won't last
    I hate the doubt in me the weigh that weighs on my shoulders
    I hate being sober
    I'm scared of being sober hate the coming down
    I'm confused on what's the best option for me

  • marzslizzyy 11w

    Life as I walk

    Maybe I'm full of anger from my internal conciousness to the ones who don't understand I'm deeply saddened by your lack of knowledge I can't change you
    but my own
    i sit and think about the unthinkable
    Are we gonna live or die?
    Is it weakness?
    Is it wickedness
    How am I supposed to be calm in this cold world knowing the end is near
    I might end up with blood on my hands
    Someone told me " you've lost yourself you best to find it don't lose yourself in the matrix "
    Maybe I'm full with anger from my internal conciousness

  • marzslizzyy 11w

    Love or lust

    Love or lust?
    The pictures of you taking my clothes off
    Am I in the way?
    Am I distracting you?
    Damn can we be together
    Stuck between fucking you and wanting you forever
    Stuck between you fucking my life up
    Do I need the negativity?
    Love or lust?

  • marzslizzyy 11w


    God gave you what you could handle
    Gave you what you could handle
    I got the grip like the handle
    And I'm bikin'
    I'm bikin' with me and my channel
    my demons got the angels
    TV's got the angles
    I'm brakin
    Bikin', I'm bikin', I'm bikin' slow-mo
    Maybe the four wheel excitin' us more
    I'm cold when the temperatures dip below 70s
    How can I be around L.A. coast?
    This no home of mine I don't belong
    I go my speed I will make a life of this outta nothing
    God gave you what you could handle
    Be patient

  • marzslizzyy 11w

    Dr. Whoever

    I've thought about suicide a hundred times
    But I'd hate to disappoint and see my mama cry
    Birthdays these days be the worst days
    Cause I know I'm getting older and not happier
    Me and my father love each other but i barely show it
    My siblings spread out damn my heart is broken
    I wish I can turn hands of time and fix the broken shit
    but I know time is something you can't get back
    life moves forward not back
    I sit here and tell you my problems
    That's how this work,right?
    I'm s'posed to be open and honest
    But I got time, right?
    Hey doc, do I tell 'em how I actually feel?
    Or do I see a therapist and numb the pain with the pills
    If you feelin' worthless you should probably go and tell a friend
    But, I should take that advice
    This year has been crazy
    What the fuck is my life?
    My best friend got married
    My other friend got pregnant
    You can bet that I cried
    But Tune in please be my Dr. Whoever

  • marzslizzyy 12w

    Love is like a drug

    Love is like a drug
    A drug you cannot stop taking it's like the ultimate high but the coming down causes great pain
    But I continue to get on this ride wondering it'll last just a little longer
    But the coming down gets worst and worst
    I just wanna scream
    *breaths heavily
    Would it hurt to take this ride one more time tell me if I'm wrong
    tell me if this ride might just crash
    Love is like a drug everyone wants to overdose

  • marzslizzyy 12w


    This is your chance to fall in love with a complete stranger slow dancing together in the pits of hell with no disturbance
    I wouldn't try to throw myself away
    If you asked me I'd say
    To be careful my love
    At death we'll leave the same
    We can't change the things we can't control
    But here and now all that matters
    I see us dancing by ourselves
    We do it better with
    No one around
    Just you in my imagination
    In my imagination