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  • max_style 3w

    We are United

  • max_style 6w

    11 movements on the Earth
    All struggling for a golden moment
    Rivarlies are dilluted

    Takes me away by magic of the boots
    Clashes of the warriors blades
    Visiousnes in the eyes of gladiators
    Stoppage of golden moments

    Grounds broken by Sliding cracks of heels .
    All made and settled
    But no screams of crowds or cords of chorus.
    19 an unlucky number took it all away.

  • max_style 6w


    Nothing to feel
    Nothing to write
    Nothing to hear
    Always in the Night looking for light.

    The world is so calm like never before
    I wonder why am so lost
    Just stranded with no words
    Nothing makes sense anymore

    So lost of words to say

  • max_style 6w


    What's all this darkness I feel
    Been Sucked into a world of Unknown
    With so much eagerness to get out.

    Seen to be bounded in the chains
    I put myself in
    Take it all away from my mind
    To be from the pain.

    Want it to be taken all away,
    I can't take it anymore.

    No life deserves soccery of the mind.

  • max_style 6w


    Loosing faith is a time for faith to be tested .
    All hopes is lost at a point in our lives in every single day of living.

    Can't lie to myself feel all hope is lost.
    So shattered in all pieces,

    Can't pinpoint in a life start
    Just want go to the highest mountain and shout "WHY GOD"

    Take me away

  • max_style 9w

    Thought of the day

    Even the devil was once an angel

  • max_style 9w


    She was a nobody who made me a somebody to have everything to make anything but we belong to everybody which makes us two bodies

  • max_style 9w

    Two Worlds

    Striving in a world with two of both background
    One uses Emotions, other use Instincts
    I wish both could cross paths,
    To know what the other went through.
    Never looked eye to eye on matters , only use brawns to face situation.

    Three worlds are shown
    A world with emotions taught from the heart
    A world with instincts taught from the mind.
    This is my world broken by the clash of both worlds.
    This world is harsh, rivarly of lives, background, experiences, ages, denominations.

    Well I guess only one person created all this worlds .
    Just want to scream his name in his text,
    I am scared of the curses coming to a sinner.

  • max_style 9w


    Happy that I left you ,
    It hurts a lot.
    Just to know I wasn't,
    Making you happy .
    Knew I wasn't treating you right

    Yeah I guess we will never understand why we did such.
    People made you to be something that you are not .
    I will always understand why I made that choice
    To leave imperfections and strive for perfection.

    It is what It is .
    Pain always build me
    That's why you are biggest accomplishment of a disappointment

  • max_style 10w

    Scared of love not to scared to love