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  • maxine_ 13w


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    Generational curse

    I'm like my mother with her grandiose dreams
    Like my father with his money making schemes
    But those dreams were just that, never meeting they're expectations
    And the schemes always led to temptations

    Years later the roles reversed,
    Father reaching out and fulfilling his dream of being clean and serene
    And mother with her second hand schemes.
    She tried to find serenity but found she was lost
    Couldn't get better, she finally paid the greatest cost;
    Her life for her sins
    Now my life is about to begin

    Twenty nine and life's just begun
    Now I sit, with these feelings
    Basking in the sun
    Me and trauma are synonymous
    Hand in hand, no matter what
    Even when I'm doing well, tragedy comes

    For my daughter, I've broken the generational curse
    For my daughter, you'll always come first

  • maxine_ 13w

    Let go

    You came back to me
    I was tied in chains and you set me free
    You ran your fingers through my hair and said let's go
    Too bad it was a dream and not Reality

    I should be used to such dreams not meeting full fruition
    I guess it just wasn't meant to be
    And now my heart is in this measly condition
    Instead of finding another one of you, someone new
    I sought out addiction.

    Years later those dreams came true,
    The one where I was tied up and you set me free
    You see, you died and handed me the key
    The key to that unlocked the potential I had in me
    And you did come back to me
    Just not in flesh, only spirituality.

  • maxine_ 13w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short tale on Loyalty

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    Faithfully devoted to myself, my loyalty is unwavering

  • maxine_ 13w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short tale on Opaque

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    Hazy heart, opaque

  • maxine_ 13w


    My emotions are a treacherous sea
    Pointlessly floating
    So quickly they engulf me

  • maxine_ 13w

    Love poem

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    Millward Avenue

    When we met the stars aligned, was it fate, was is design? Forget the logistics, I get to call you mine.

    And I am yours
    Never loved like this before
    Open hearts, naked souls
    Here I am, everything exposed

    Only you take me to a place no else one can
    A place where Our love Reigns supreme
    Where Trust is king, Lust is his queen
    Where All the peasents, are in awe
    Where pleasure is the law
    Pinch me, am I awake or is this all a beautiful dream?
    Cause everything is as good as it seems.

    Enough metaphors I'll stick to what is I know is true; I know roses are red, violets are blue
    I know With out you I feel blue too
    I love those days waking up beside you on Millward Avenue

    Waking up, a new day, the window covered in morning dew
    it reminds me of me and you; just the beginning, a stunning preview
    Making love In your room, you light me up like the lampshade of a city view
    I love the days there's nothing to do but get lost in love and find heaven with you
    ( Who needs religion? oh my God. Oh my God, I pray to you)

    I thought I was in love before but those feelings were just a forgery, a facade, a blasphemy
    Our love is real, not a phony carbon copy
    Not a version that is cut, copied and pasted into reality
    It is pure , and it is true
    I never felt this way before, I never want to part with you
    Roses are red violets are blue
    My heart smiles when I look at you
    I know it's real, cause I'm writing love poems about you
    If I could frame these days they would hang for all to see
    What love looks like;
    It's you and me

    Listening to love songs, none fit us quite perfectly
    So I wrote this love poem, it's like our love story
    You see, it's not perfect, no rythym and rhyme. We are as we are, organically

    We were searching for love on the internet, I found you. How lucky did I get ?
    Four leaf clover dreams ;
    of you and me.. I want this forever, this feeling for eternity


  • maxine_ 14w


    I'm as Cool as stainless steel
    Mean as the most popular girl, when you've tried to take her place
    Loved like a dog
    A dirty old dog
    Who bites & fights
    Oh who am I?

    I am strong as the roots of the biggest trees
    I am as powerful and merciless as the gods before me
    I am as uncatchable and free as the breeze

    These are just words, who am I anyways
    a contradictory chaos
    Of good and bad, of sane and mad?
    These words could never do,
    I'm as Indescribable as life.
    Speechless as a mute, I stand before you
    Gawking and eyeing at all your goodness.
    I know I am worth - less
    I am like an old Copper Penny, not worth much now
    But I stand tall and my head held high
    With pride
    Not sure why
    All these insecurities are inside of me
    Maybes it's cause I should have died
    By my own destructions or some man's
    And I'm still alive
    Alive ! Alive!
    Like Frankenstein's monster, some of my pieces are missing, some are brand new
    But Still my feet on the land
    living this crazy life - oh how grand

  • maxine_ 14w


    I was walking through fire
    I heard you call my name
    I barley heard you, through the chaos of the flames

    I wish I could say your voice brought me back to safer grounds
    But I didn't listen, now my self destruction leads to shame
    No one but myself to blame

  • maxine_ 14w


    Winter memories;
    As fresh as winters first snow
    Of sledding, of snowsuits, hot chocolates, warm blankets and gloved hands in deep pockets
    Laughing with glee, despite the cold
    But those memories are old

    My most vivid memory of winter the one that will always last
    Is the sun shining on the snow on your lawn
    I looked at the windows, no curtains drawn.
    No lights or Christmas tree
    I walked up the glittery path
    I opened the door, the beaming sun lit up your dim house
    That's the day I found mom dead
    Her eyes wide open, the first eyes I ever seen, now blank and piercing through me

    Winter memories floating through my head
    Soaring through the skies of my mind
    Good and bad, Twisting like figure skaters in their beautiful dance

    Nothing is meant to last
    Except for these memories

  • maxine_ 14w

    a new song

    I used to walk through life humming the song of yesterday's, of what was once, of what is gone,
    Of all the things I have done wrong
    Now I'm singing a different song

    A song of sunrises, of morning dew
    songs of tommorow
    A song of something new
    A song for me and you