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  • maxiuy 8w

    Buenas noches de confesiones

    Espero tu noche sea maravillosa llena de tu sonrisa hermosa y radiante como un atardecer o amanecer que hace que los pájaros canten, una hermosa canción para un hecho tan precioso que lo valoramos como un tesoro hermoso, como el amor que trasciende realidades su belleza se siente por eternidades y el amor que deja ablanda hasta el más duro de los corazón así como derrito el frío de mis tiempos yo te digo esto sin rodeos y son cuentos eres una maravilla de la que aún no caigo al cuento por qué no me lo puedo creer que existe tal ser tan hermoso que me quita el aliento

  • maxiuy 8w


    Espero tengas una hermoso tiempo claro y bello como tú alma y tan puro como tú corazón
    Pues este último sin razón me ha dejado sin palabras
    Al pensar en ti hoy día no tengo nada que decir, más bien es un sentir que me llena alegría y más allá le digo que eh vuelto a despertar, de esa cruel pesadilla en la cual no pude amar, gracias a usted mi ángel, tu me has echo despertar por eso ahora le debo todo mi amor incondicional, para toda mi vida firmó este contrato sin mirar por qué no hay manera de que tu mi ángel me vayas a traicionar

  • maxiuy 8w


    If you feel like the world is ending
    If you feel everything is tearing apart
    I will always give you my hand
    Because I been there in the cold water
    More than one time
    And I know what you feel at that time
    But I got out of it thanks to a helping hand
    Now is my turn to give you some ligth
    Because I can't let such a beautiful and awesome star
    Turn down such a warm light

  • maxiuy 8w


    What you did to me I can't forget
    Like the water flows so it's my pain
    Every drop of it is like a million knives going into my chest
    Every drop burns my heart and lefts a scar
    I didn't know I could be feel this bad
    It's like I'm being choked by nothing but the pain you left on me
    Now I'm leaving this life
    And there's nothing or no one
    That can bring me back

  • maxiuy 9w

    Good night

    hope you have a wonderful night today you pretty star
    Because the is ending and you have to rest for the night
    Being so bright it must be really tired
    I hope your night goes right
    Because you deserve the best for your future and heart

  • maxiuy 10w

    How I feel

    I am sad and I don't know why
    I see the sky and I only see the dark
    I'm drowning in the coldest water and I can't feel my heart
    I can't feel my body
    I can't feel my life
    The light is leaving my body
    And it's a goodbye

  • maxiuy 13w

    As I get closer

    As I get closer to you
    The universe greats me with more time
    Everything slows down
    as see your beautiful eyes
    My heart gets crazy every time
    he's happy because who you are
    As I get closer I feel warmer
    and impatient
    those sweet lips makes me dream
    as I get to kiss you
    I feel everything
    the universe has give me more time
    and you have give me all the happiness in my life

  • maxiuy 14w

    The night I've noticed

    I always see you
    look at the sky
    With those beautiful
    And big eyes
    I always thought
    That they see more than mine
    Because I see a blue sky
    And you see the future
    We jointly will have
    Those glasses you use
    Reflect my smile
    Because I am always happy
    Being close to your heart

  • maxiuy 14w


    I feel, a deep weight in my chest, I feel the sadness of thousands that have gone a away, I can feel a warmth inside all over me, love is there deep inside me it's trying to keep the hope flame living inside me,
    there's lots of confusion rigth in my head
    I don't know if my insecurities are true to this day

    My head is hurting from overthinking
    the feeling of why I always end up alone is making me explote, the thought of why I am never good enough, I accepted how I look I accepted how I feel but there's something still hurting and I don't know if it's real

  • maxiuy 14w

    Dancer in the dark sky

    Mysterious girl I see at night
    Covered by the clouds of the sky
    Dancing like it's your night
    Your dress shines more than the stars
    The moon is dancing with you at your side
    I am admiring your majesty form the ground
    Because you haven't let me be with you now