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  • maxxxxx_ 5w

    It was there on that cafe, on the very same that we first met
    The door bell chiming as you walk forth into the room
    Breathing in the bittersweet aroma of coffees and pastries
    Leisurely holding in your favorite book that you’ve read a hundred times

    I was too young to understand the words you uttered that moment
    Those three words I never want to hear from you ever again
    Like a broken glass shattered into pieces, unmanagable to fix
    A curse only you can foolishly risk with every unexpected lie you prepare

    That day was the first and last moment I saw your ephemeral smile
    An enigma that attracts way too many uncontrollable attachments
    A blanket that hugs me in warmth in time of the winter season
    Yet, I can never go back to the heart-warming lies I used to yearn for

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    Not My Haven


  • maxxxxx_ 5w

    Your sarcastic remark was embedded in my mind
    It was mind puzzling, the true meaning of what you truly wanted to say
    It was like a code, waiting to be deciphered
    A long awaited mystery in the realms of the unknown

    Although your voice sent chills running through my spine,
    Your golden honey eyes looked at me in a softly manner
    Greeting me head on filled with pleasure and of stare in awe
    A reminder that even if you’re a type of mixed genres, there is only me in all of it

    Pushing through the orange colored rays of the sky,
    You mixed in the purple touches to beautify the crestfallen goodbye exchange
    And without words, you have silently told me your story with blank pages and wet brushes
    A gentle action cleaning up the mistakes forgetting to cover up the traces of regrets

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    Golden Honey Eyes


  • maxxxxx_ 8w

    You are my home. Thank you for finding me. ��

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    My Home

    Like flowers, I will bloom
    But I, too, will also wither
    Water me with your love, my groom
    With you, I am better

    Just like clouds, I also feel gray
    Loud cries and thunderstorms
    You help me feel okay
    We are always in different forms

    You are not a four walls and a roof
    Nor are you in every corner of rails
    Surprisingly images of you were aloof
    But each and every time they will sail

    I have seen you grow
    A witness to your mixed seasons
    You have let me know
    False are all those conditions

    You are my warmth in the middle of the night
    My damsel in distress in various occasions
    But you are my light
    The one I will love for generations


  • maxxxxx_ 14w

    All she ever wanted was to be saved.

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    Unpredictable like it has always been
    Attacks her without any warning
    How she wish for it to be seen
    Just so she could know when to start acting

    It has been pouring nonstop
    Devastation fills her up entirely
    Perhaps she need to give up
    Disappear with her as it should be

    Tormented herself with insecurities
    There is no one she can trust
    Death is her only friend for centuries
    She knew this was her last

    The ache hurts way too much
    It has demolished her in every way
    She was right with her hunch
    Drowning night and day

    Choked her up silently 
    A war of bloodbath within her
    Broken and bruised fearfully
    Can’t she take a breather?

    Locked up in a cage
    She is clothed in misery and forlorn
    When there will be a change?
    A loser ever since she was born

    She couldn’t scream
    Not a single word can she utter
    They were losing her in every dream
    Holding a knife and a cutter

    The end was her only escape
    Silence and darkness looms inside her
    Covered her mouth with a tape
    She wanted to sob louder


  • maxxxxx_ 15w

    Continuously loving you.

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    Alas, you have found me
    I have been waiting for you for eternity
    Time cannot skip this prophecy
    All will be well if they’re meant to be

    Love, why are you looking all so shy?
    I am in ecstacy I could cry
    Our longingness cannot be quantify
    You no longer need to defy

    Call my name in a whisper
    It makes our heart beat faster
    Cage me in your arms with tender
    We have grown lovingly fonder

    You always look at me with adoration
    Never did had any qualifications
    Accepted me, even my imperfections
    Showed your pure intentions

    Passionately loving me tirelessly
    You carefully move your way towards me
    Pulled me close to you effortlessly
    I hear your heart beat furiously


  • maxxxxx_ 16w

    To my December 5th guy,

    I am still writing poems for you,
    believing that there were chances we didn’t take,
    I will keep my hopes up until there isn’t any left.
    Surely one day my words will reach your heart, but if not, I am sending you my gratitude for the memories that’ll last for eternity and for the feelings you made sure I wouldn’t doubt.

    The love you gave were sincere, and that’s why the heartache hurts too much.

    The girl who broke her heart for you

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    Slowly, without fail our eyes met
    Under the glowing stars that gives light
    Surrounded by comforting silence
    You passed by with a simple glimpse

    A touch of heaven was sent
    Coursing through my veins
    Growing stronger as it pleases
    What a blissful feeling it is

    Captivating my heart with a stare
    Pounding so loudly without a rest
    Racing like there’s no tomorrow
    Is this what love can do?

    Fell into my own sea of thoughts
    Drowning I was
    Pulled back into the cruel reality
    You made it looked so beautiful


  • maxxxxx_ 17w

    My eyes are hurting,
    Can I now stop crying?

    My heart is aching,
    Will you please leave me in peace?

    My body is tired,
    Can I now get some rest?

    I'm tired.

    The world is too cruel.

    I can't keep up.

    Can I now just stop?

    No, wait, am I even allowed to?

    The world has taken away my rights as a person.


    Ah, tears are starting to flow again,
    All my efforts are in vain.

    Too much cruelty.

    I'm getting sleepy.

    I'm going to sleep.

    Please don't ever wake me.

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    Tired Eyes

    A night’s sleep is not what I need.


  • maxxxxx_ 17w

    Remembering a precious memory one last time as the gentle breeze of the wind touches my skin makes me close my eyes in rapture. ✨

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    Now I remember wistfully
    You walked up to me nervously
    This makes my heart ache too much
    Calm me with your touch

    Your breath that once touched my skin
    Lingers harder as I remember
    Holding me closer was like a sin
    Yet you’d come nearer

    As I lay my head on your shoulder
    I wished the time would go slower
    Knowing that was our last
    I prayed it wouldn’t turn into a past

    Taking me into your arms one last time
    I secretly wished you’d stay
    Hugging you tighter slowly felt like a crime
    Later parted as we may


  • maxxxxx_ 17w

    A night to remember. ✨

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    Whispering lullabies close to my ears
    I feel the warmth of your love
    Hugging me tightly for years
    Embracing everything we have

    Stay close to me
    The empty space is unbearable
    Choose me
    Over everything that is breakable

    I will hold onto your hands
    As you guide me through forever
    Fixing the loose strands
    You make it easier to remember

    Dancing so gracefully together
    The night sky is ours to keep
    A memory that will last until December
    You are still with me in my sleep


  • maxxxxx_ 17w

    Wandering carelessly.

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    Somehow in the vast darkness
    I long to be called an artist
    Without anyone reading, it turns worthless

    Longing for hope, I lost
    Crawling my way out weeping
    What a life that costs

    I saw a light
    It was magical and bright
    It almost reminded me of you

    Between you and me
    Not a thought have I made
    Such making makes me want to flee

    Harmony and grace in life are gone
    Kept in the dark I was
    Here I am again alone

    Poetry and you
    Once a part of my life
    You left with someone new

    Holding a pen that makes art
    I, too, want to be a masterpiece
    Writing pieces that will never part

    Stranded in the darkness
    I now understand
    I was careless