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  • maybedeep 1d

    Are you still opening the doors they're not even knocking at?

  • maybedeep 3d

    Refer to last post.

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    And if it still ends, it's for better.

  • maybedeep 3d

    Refer to next post.

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    Lesson 101

    You don't get what you don't ask for.

  • maybedeep 4d


    Usually men carry them as undeliverable packages and hide them under their blanket called masculinity.


  • maybedeep 5d

    Whatever color I choose,
    Whatever thought I choose,
    Whatever place I choose,
    My words will always draw you.

  • maybedeep 5d

    Do you get sad when you can't relate to anyone?

  • maybedeep 1w

    I've found you at places where I don't even allow myself in.

  • maybedeep 1w

    If you look for me.
    Search me at horizon, I'll not be there, but I'll be there.

    Walk in, dip your feet into cold water
    I'll be the unexpected warm stream, unprecedentedly travelling to your spine waving through follicles.

    I'll be in aroma of fresh flowers, but detached
    Make you feel nostalgic
    About times when you gave cactus a purpose.

    I'll be pavement between woods, covered with broken stems and dead leaves
    A path discovered, to be never walked again.
    You may walk a few steps but don't bother wandering. Let it be.

    and when you leave,
    I'll borrow light from stars, lighten your way but from very far.

  • maybedeep 2w

    Day 851

    Still can't find anything else so fascinating to write about.

  • maybedeep 2w

    Thank You

    You've filled me with so much love that now I water every plant even if it's not my garden.