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  • maybeyourtale 3d

    # Maybeyourstory: Pause

    She rushed all day,
    leaving trifling yet amazing moments unnoticed.
    She made decisions in haste,
    neglecting her delicate emotions.
    She hurtled through her rivals,
    and scaled-down her friends.

    Turning back to see emptiness,
    regretting racing all her life,
    All that she missed were moments,
    moments that were abandoned,
    moments that were forgotten and forsaken.
    Memories can be made in a jiff,
    so make some with the loved ones.

    It's never too late to pause.
    So just pause,
    to fall in love,
    to laugh out loud and to be a shoulder to cry on,
    to breathe in and breathe out, to read in and write out,
    to hug with passion and to forgive even in anger,
    to dance in the rain and to walk in love.
    Just pause...

  • maybeyourtale 3d

    Random snippets : Blinding Lights

    You walk through the path that others paved ,
    Suddenly the light blinding you whole ,
    You stagger ,skip and get startled,
    Planting a doubt in your soul .

    It comes in form of the wrong choices you took,
    The wrong job, the wrong person you loved and more ,
    Good thing it paralysis you just enough,
    To make you realise you deserve more .

    Sometimes it's the what ifs in your mind ,
    The little voice that's asking you to be bold ,
    to follow your dreams ,to take the risk,
    Making you realise that everything needs a little sunshine and speck of rain to grow.

  • maybeyourtale 1w

    Random snippets : Tiny room

    He doesn't remember the last time he opened the door ,
    He stays inside the tiny room passing days in solitude ,
    He tried to come out but his key does not fit anymore.

    He had spent years trying to make it a home,
    He has grown to the solitude and darkness
    sipping through it like purest of honey ,
    He knows it's hard to get in and even harder to get out .

    The monsters are not under the bed but locked with him,
    They won't let him be still and know every single thing that he ever experienced,
    But he knows they are the only company he has got ,
    So he doesn't fight them anymore.

    No one can hear his cries anymore ,
    He just watches the world move forward without him ,
    All they see is that he locked room ,
    They don't know that tiny room is not made of brick,
    But it's in his head .

  • maybeyourtale 1w

    # Maybeyourstory
    Her lone voice that radiates with a lot of courage; her dazzling smile spreading joy; her bright thoughts painting goodness in others mind; her eyes lit with a vision. She's everything that brightens his life. A woman within whom light runs so wildly has never in her life seen it. He wanted her to see the world through his eyes and hold her close forever. Complications and difficulties that he might have to face felt like nothing. He could see the whole universe in her eyes and he confidently believed that with her eyes closed though open, he will definitely be able to win her trust. With a lot of hope he stood before her all ready to live his dream....A blind girl with a vision and a guy willing to do anything to make this work can never turn out without ending up with each other.

  • maybeyourtale 2w

    Random snippets : Criss-cross pieces

    Some glide through days ,
    With happiness dancing in their words
    and crystal clear purpose in their eyes ,
    They fit in pretty well with other pieces,
    Each assuming a role to play ,
    Never forgetting what they are meant to say.

    And then there are people like us ,
    Cutting out our edges , trying to fit in ,
    Hoping that we would live in those pieces a bit ,
    But we forget our lines , act out of character and reverse our roles ,
    We are those crooked pieces that doesn't fit .

    We can't be masculine or feminine enough,
    We love the "wrong " genders ,
    We can't ever do it the "right way" can we ?
    So they make us into a group alone ,
    Call us LGBTQ

    But it's okay for we are being who we are not what we are meant to be in our own Criss-cross beautiful way.

  • maybeyourtale 2w

    Random snippets : The things we crave

    As the winter air grew frosty,
    You long for a warm Coco,
    It's mellowness spreading through your parched body,
    It's how we crave for warmth to flee from cold .

    As the girl that you thought was the one
    entwined her hands with another ,
    You crave for her smile that is like million rays of sun shimmering the sea ,
    And your can and can'ts get tough.

    As the demons lingering in your head answering to your name Messing you brain,
    Laughing at you , making you doubt yourself ,
    You carve for a boat to escape out of this drunken sea ,
    Search for help for as far as your eyes could see or as long as heart could beat.

    We have a knack for craving things don't we ?
    Craving for things we can't have ,Love that's not ours , demons that we can't escape ..

  • maybeyourtale 3w

    Random snippets : Lighthouse

    Waves rush with salted air
    Winds keen
    Fogs deepen
    Toxic bitterness and detective dreams
    Mush the mind.

    But like the lighthouse
    That keeps a light
    For the ones left out
    Build a fire ,inside your soul
    Let the warm embers ,fill your heart
    Find love inside of you.

  • maybeyourtale 3w

    # Maybeyourstory
    She was the only girl he ever loved. Her love made changes inside him that transformed him into a better person. He never really understood why a wonderful woman like her ever picked him but without her he would have never been able to differentiate between his shadow and soul. She helped him find his true self. She supported his passion and never let him doubt himself even for a second. But all of a sudden the darkness engulfed all the brightness in his life. Her life was so short but the depth of her love that was rooted in his heart was so deep that he couldn't believe she was gone so soon. Little did he know that she was born not just to let their love life blossom but also to save another's from withering. Her registration to become an organ donor an year ago and a husband willing to do anything to save his wife was probably just a coincidence. But she's alive and her love is alive and he always knew she was born to change people's life and so are all of us. Love goes on and life goes on .,

  • maybeyourtale 4w

    # Maybeyourstory: love after marriage
    She was an anxious bride. In a beautiful wedding dress all she saw was the rest of her life in the eyes of a stranger. With lot of fear that felt like jumping off the cliff, with a lot of expectations and with a lot of terror that the stranger is going to shatter them all, she stepped into a whole new world. Is she going to lead a love-less life; is life gonna be all bout adjustments; is compatibility gonna be the only way she can make this work...these thoughts kept quizzing her all the time. But sometimes living your life upside down is thrilling. Getting to know each other and enjoying the differences between them was a lot more fun. Falling in love after marriage is something she was least expecting although she was only hoping for that from the very beginning. But getting to know that he reciprocates the same feelings made it heavenly. Staring into his mesmeric gaze and falling in love with him in her thirties was so adventurous. This is also a love story with no proposal, no dates but just a single vow to be there for each other forever. Two imperfect strangers finding love after wedding is the best marriage story ever.

  • maybeyourtale 4w

    Random snippets:Get a girl

    1. With whom What you share is like a comet skimming through the sky. It's surreal.

    2. With whom you can dance around at night in the TV light and it's beautiful yet silly .

    3. Who makes you question everything about love. She makes you unsteady, reckless and put of control. Yet you are inexplicably drawn to her.

    4. With whom it's a honour to be in love with. Like winter slowly ebbing away to summer. She will love you for as long as she can.