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  • mayur__patil__ 63w

    Ek Kahaani Dil Ki Jubaani❣
    Maana की Raasta Thoda Kaccha Hai
    Par प्यार Mera Saccha Hai!

    Jab Tujhe जाना ,Tab Tujhe माना Nahi
    Jab Tujhe माना,Mujhe Dur हैं Jaana Nahi ❣

    Tera Chehra Ho Ya Uspe Teri मुस्कान
    Tera Hasna Ho Ya Teri Aankhon Ki चम्कान
    Maana Ki Us Wakt Meri Uljhano Mein उल्झा
    Par Pyaar Mera सच्चा ❣

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    Mein कहूँगा Ab दुर Ho Jaana चाहिये ❣
    Tum इशारा Samajh के Mere और Qareeb आ जाना ❣

  • mayur__patil__ 63w

    Remembering Vividly
    She reminiscenced the day they met,
    In The Hustle And Bustle Of Students
    Were Many Stories To tell.
    A Friendship Was Embraced
    Consoling her on the betrays and treachery
    A lovely time they spent!
    Passing Days Strengthened their bond
    On Silly Things He Fought..
    Her Smile Her Tear
    Her Anger,Her Frown
    She assumed herself to be "Difficult Stuff To Mess Wid"
    But He was Well Acquainted wid "Crazy but mine"
    He Wrote In His Journals��
    She Felt d same��
    but was afraid to say��
    Some Unspoken Words
    And Actions were Exchanged
    Affirmative She Was Later
    It's for real He Exclaimed
    They Talked Later
    A Confession was made
    Forever Is What they decided to Conclude❣

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    Fight Wid Me,Argue Wid Me
    Curse Me or Blame Me Or Do Whatever

    But Never Give Up On Me
    My Life Will Be Incomplete Without Uhh
    I Believe In Us ♥️

  • mayur__patil__ 64w


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    Can I Be Ur Eyebrow
    So I Am Right Up
    When U are Low

  • mayur__patil__ 65w

    I lied to Uhh
    That I Love Uhh ��
    But ,
    I Love Ur Words More��

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    Mutual Understanding Ahh?
    My Keypad gives Ur Name Suggestion
    On Typing the "First Letter Of Ur Name"

  • mayur__patil__ 68w


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    She Is A Crayon
    Though Broken
    But Colourful

  • mayur__patil__ 77w

    Pasand Aayi Mujhe teri Yeh Beimaani
    Tu mera
    Aur tujhe
    Fiqar Kisi Aur Ki����
    #Major #Missing
    @vedika_11 @shivampatil1357

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    Mein 'December' Aur Tu 'January'
    Rishta Kaafi Nazdik ka Par Ek Saal Dur Ka

  • mayur__patil__ 82w


    Let the Chroma Of My Life
    Mix with Glow Of Urs
    And let's make a beautiful picture
    By those newly developed colours

  • mayur__patil__ 82w

    Maa Khafa Toh Sab Khafa
    Maa Hasee Toh Sab Haseen����

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    Saari Raunak Dekh Li
    Zamane Ki Magar

    Magar Jo sukoon tere pehlu mein hain woh kahin bhi Nai 'Maa'

  • mayur__patil__ 82w

    You r d best thing dat ever happened to me...
    U r juzz amazing...U trusted me When ppl grudged...
    Ur sarcasm...����..Ur Soothing Voice...��...I missed it a lot����Finally!!!Thank Uhh For all ur...Posts.����
    Ani Haan Thoda kami ghabraycha....Kalala��...#Meri #Fattu
    #Hate #U #D # Most ������
    Mr. Feelingless ����❤

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    Dil Todna Maine Aj tak Nhi Sikha...
    Kyunki Pyaar Karna bhi toh Apni Maa Se Sikha Hain

  • mayur__patil__ 113w


    People fall in love...
    deceived by those bright smiles...
    deceived by those enticing Faces...
    deceived by those alluring expressions...
    deceived by those blonde hairs...
    deceived by muscularity...
    But we?
    We believe in Feminity...
    We believe in Eternity...
    We believe in brilliancy...
    We believe in Self Love...then Mutual love
    We are less diplomatic more sarcastic...
    Lastly we believe in Each Other....