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  • mazewilson 4w

    Suicide scream.

    I don't do girlfriend,
    For I am afraid.
    I'll see them leave,
    My side next day.
    A good kiss,
    Then a great fuck.
    That's all I am for.
    A physical bliss,
    Than an emotional metaphor.
    I can't do people,
    For they are mean.
    I can see their lies,
    Trying to be friends with me.
    Comics,porn and comedy,
    Gets me through everything.
    I believe I'll sleep my tragedies,
    I am numb for everything.
    Last laugh, ciao.

  • mazewilson 6w

    Belief that changes future.

  • mazewilson 7w

    Plastic flowers.

    It is you who saves me everyday,
    From myself.
    I would have jumped from the bay,
    But your photos on the shelf.
    You make me want to try again,
    Care for things unrequited.
    Your voice ease the pain,
    Of a nail in my heart I have thrusted.
    Closed doors that have been sealed,
    With memories of dreams and responsibilities.
    For your love I yield,
    happy or sad it is clarity.

  • mazewilson 7w


    Is a person really good,
    If he doesn't know what is bad.
    Can a human really abstain from sex,
    Giving if he already had.
    What questions can a child ask?
    If he sees the death of his dad.
    Remember to go on path,
    Without getting mad.
    Choices are not always right and wrong,
    No man will ever really be glad.
    You become ugly inside instead,
    When your a beautiful lad.
    By chosing to not be intimate,
    Will a person be sad?

  • mazewilson 11w

    One piece.

    Look at me all alone. No one to share my heart with,
    broken and disgraced.
    I am nothing but pain standing in the darkness.
    No heart left to love anymore,
    No one to love me back for.
    I feel sad, my face is happy though.
    Don't need love I can keep up this show.
    Belief that i'll never ever need,
    The warmth of love that serene.
    I fear my fears have gotten the best of me,
    Too broken to ever get back in one piece

  • mazewilson 13w


    I walk the path of destruction,
    Alone looking down in hell.
    I've given on my soul in submission,
    In hands of the devil I fell.
    Don't hate me for what I've done,
    There are things I can't tell.
    please leave before I transform,
    Stop me from falling in this well.
    I know I have never done anything just,
    For once I want to go back and care
    My wings are impure my halo is fake,
    Lead me to my heart my dear.
    Allow this human,
    A chance to repent.
    I will change,
    I'll care for my friends.
    Just another chance please,
    I'll be a good boy and make amends.

  • mazewilson 13w

    Ke sab saath hai.

    ye raat hai ki khatm ni hoti,
    na wo dard ke halka hojaye.
    ye jo yaad hai jo khayaal ni hoti,
    na tu paas hai ki kahin khojaye.
    bhool to waqt zulm bhi jata hai,
    to Kya insaan belagaam hojaye.
    jo sawaal khaaq karde zindagi,
    unke jawabon me tu raakh na hojaye.
    koi Matlab bina soche mulaqaat karna kabhi,
    shayad insaan pe fir yakeen aajaye.
    ye jo raat hai kasam se khatam hi ni hori,
    na ye dard ki araam miljaye.
    kyun rooh pareshan hai,
    jab sawera nazar aaye.
    khoon to mera bhi utna hi baha hai,
    to teri baat humse aage kyun jaye.
    maafi chahiye to khuda se maangiye,
    meri to zaat hi aapko napaak kar jaye.
    us oonchi kursi pe baith ke zara uper dekh liye,
    hume dekhne me aapki nazren na jhuk jaye.
    ye haath mehnat me khoob kharaab hue,
    kya majaal ki kalam se likhna bhool jaye.
    aapki baat bhi likhenge,
    aapke hukum bhi.
    aapki be rahmi bhi likhenge,
    aapke aansu bhi.
    aapki maut bhi likhi jayegj,
    aapki saanse bhi.
    khauf na kariye humari bheed se rehnuma,
    ye jamhoriyat hai fursat ho to thode sawaal pooche jaye.
    aap baadshaah nahi na hi hum ghulaam hai,
    naukar hain awaam ke koi ghalat fehmi dil me na laaye.
    raat hi hai kabhi to khatm hogi,
    or ye dard bhi shayad chala jaaye.
    ab ummeed bhi hai or himmat bhi,
    sab saath khade hain jo hona hai hojaye.

  • mazewilson 14w


    kya gussa hai,
    kasam se kya gussa hai.
    ki har baat pe aitraaz,
    nukhte nigaah hi hai khilaaf.
    jo humne kiya,
    me na karun.
    jo tumne kiya,
    khul e aam karo.
    ye gussa,
    humse hai,
    meri shakl se hai,
    ya mere khoon se hai.
    meri baat se hai,
    meri zaat pe hai,
    ya khudse hai.
    kya gunaah hai mera,
    jo nazr se tum khaaq karte ho
    kyun zaroori tha ki,
    tumse kehdun har baat.
    kya gussa hai
    is baat ka ki
    na rishta na mohabbat phir bhi hume yaad karte ho.
    haq nahi tha mera,
    jo khamoshi se naraz rehte ho.
    zubaan cheen kar meri,
    kaho shri ram kehte ho.
    cheekhen sun humari,
    hasi me khumar rehte ho.
    kaafi nahi hai gaaliyan,
    jo sadkon per katl-e-aam karte ho.
    kya gusaa hai,
    kasam se kya gussa hai.
    ki tumko nahi khuda ko sajda karte,
    meri bandagi se takraar rakhte ho.
    salamat rahe ye watan,
    kya din me paanch baar bhi kehte ho.
    is mitti per khuda ki rehmat ho,
    jise maa bol kar aurton ka balaatkar karte ho.
    hasi aati hai ki aankh band kiye
    virasat me jo mila hai,
    khud daulat rakh sadke me nafrat baant dete ho.
    kya gussa hai,
    kasam se kya gussa hai.
    aaj hum dushman hai,
    kataar me kis kis or ko shumaar dete ho.

  • mazewilson 14w


    kisi ki ijazat hain.
    to ye koshish maaf kijiyega
    aap haseen bhi or nadaan bhi hai,
    kabhi aaine se tareef ki talab ho to hume pukaar liyega

  • mazewilson 15w


    I've been weird lately,
    Afraid of what I am,
    Afraid of what I might become.
    I've been pushed back,
    Since I were a child,
    Bullied for eating mutton.
    I was slapped for asking questions,
    Condemned for not bowing to everyone,
    Ask me why I can't believe,
    What you pray for.
    My belief is as real for me,
    As yours is for you.
    Don't come at me like I am a pest,
    I only have pity,
    For your hatred is manufactured,
    It's not your own.
    Alright you hate that,
    I am different.
    I guess I am stupid,
    Thinking of you as a friend.
    Truth be told,
    You make me question,
    me being born is abomination ?
    I'll move on, move out of this thirst for ideals,
    You keep what you are told I'll pray for your idols.