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  • medusas_child 1d

    The day in the life of a controlled woman

    It for sure wasn't taught.
    Did I want to channel my mother's essence?
    Hell yeah!
    I could make him know,
    If you fuck with me,
    There's a tombstone with your name on it.
    It doesn't sound as convincing,
    When he laughs and says" you're so cute baby when your angry "
    Ugh not the fucking point.
    I wanted to give this "stand up for myself "thing a try.
    He looks at me and I know that's my cue to get him a beer, sigh.
    I shut my mouth and do what I'm told.
    Like a dog getting house trained for the first time.
    I go along with the rules
    And for what ? Oh I have a list of reasons.
    Being single is like being a whore both repulsive.
    Letting myself and friends and family down.
    Constantly hearing the terms" what did you do"
    "Go back to him" "I told you so".
    I try to avoid a guilt trip at every cost.
    Hmmm do I love him?
    Isn't that why people are in relationships ?
    I can't speak for them.
    The fear pops out of my eyes.
    I was spacing out.
    How could I be so stupid!
    I turn around and say "sorry",
    And I go back to what matters.
    Serving a man that loves me, yes this is love and I am happy......right?
    Shit I can feel his breath on my neck.
    Can he read my thoughts?
    I pray he is not upset.
    I'm trying, I am a good girlfriend.
    I am doing my best.
    Again I get him a cold beer and he looks at me with the blackest of eyes,
    Warning me not to take to long again.
    I smile even though I am numb inside,
    I walk back into the kitchen and I clean up.
    Because I am a good girlfriend and I do this for him because I am in love?
    Tear stained cheeks,
    Sore bruised arms,
    Shut up, shut up!
    Quiet my thoughts,
    To him I am enough and this is love.
    As I scrub the floor, scrubbing my hopes and dreams away.
    I see his shoes, afraid to look up.
    But this is love right?

  • medusas_child 2d

    Wear your scars as armors instead of shackles

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  • medusas_child 4d

    One lie can ruin a thousand truths

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  • medusas_child 1w

    Jekyll Doesn't Hyde

    I'm terrified,
    She's ready to fight.
    I try to run and she finds me.
    When she hears my cries,
    She attacks everybody,
    I try to calm her down.
    Her anger takes over,
    Rage she is.
    When I am not around.
    I think about what she might say or do?
    I stay silent.
    While she spits venom.
    I wanna stop her,
    but her hatred is so strong it takes over.
    I will forever be alone.
    Because she scares people away.
    Her pain is affecting my happiness.
    She likes hurting others.
    While I stay undercover.
    How do I help when,
    She keeps me prisoner.
    I wanna survive.
    While she wants to stay miserable.
    Do I oblige?
    Or do I fight the Jekyll?
    So I no longer have to hyde.

  • medusas_child 1w

    The side effects of perfectionism

    I shed blood, sweat and tears for you.
    I wear my mask at all times.
    Seeing the real me shows I am human.
    To me that is weak
    To me that is wrong.
    No one can hurt me if I am a brick wall.
    Penetrate nor demolish
    I am stern and soild.
    To me I am strong.
    My feelings are under the radar.
    Emotions make who you are.
    But to me I won't let society see that far.
    I will risk it all for you.
    You are the charade that helps me through.
    My real face will be shown when I die..until then.
    Perfection will reside.

  • medusas_child 1w

    Longing bygone Butterflies

    When the butterflies dance
    I'm thinking is this finally gonna happen?
    When dark minds connect,
    forever is imminent.

    When butterflies begin to drift
    We've done and said it all.
    Our common interests flowing along.
    Conversations completely normal.
    Except, I was left to wonder.
    While all this was for another girl.

    When butterflies begin to question everything they are.
    Did I talk to much?
    Should a white emo guy date his kind.
    A brown emo girl maybe isn't his type?
    I was never given a reason.
    I would reach out hoping for a response.
    Heartbroken because I never received one.
    Is it their personal darkness they wish to keep me from?
    Should I not blame myself?
    Am I ugly, slutty , loud , black and proud?
    Flip a coin and see where it lands?
    Girlfriend chic or one night stand ma'am?
    What am I doing wrong?
    I get a tune here and there but I never get a full song?
    Do I fall for the fallen?
    Incapable to love anyone not even themselves?
    Never get to close the shadows are the safest of homes.
    All of these theories running through my mind.
    I like a certain man everytime, and I only get a days worth of dancing butterflies.
    And then they disperse, just like you.
    My heart is on repeat,
    Beating to the same story
    Always racing to stop the ending.
    When butterflies just want to be loved.

  • medusas_child 1w


    Your fall's snowflake.
    As you break free from the oak's twig.
    As you twirl in midair,
    Dancing nature's ballet
    Softly landing,
    I pick you up,
    Cradle you in my hands
    Watching the colors change before me.
    Feeling the leaves fall on my face....laughing.

  • medusas_child 2w

    The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow.


  • medusas_child 2w

    What am i?

    I am the yellowest of suns
    Yet I am more sunshines and sunups than that,
    I burn the brightest of flames in your eyes.
    What am i?
    I'll give you another clue,
    I'm rich and gawdy,
    I stream in sunflowers remains
    My throne sparkles in your reign.
    I'm not yellow
    I'm not always sunny filled with roses.
    I'm not orange.
    Poke me and I laugh.
    I am bold
    I am special.
    I am GOLD

  • medusas_child 2w

    A rainbow in a black and white world

    Black and white ghosts doing the same
    A unique vast of shadows,
    A world of rainbows,
    Different, unquestioned, embraced.
    But the ghosts are afraid
    Of scrutiny and anger from society.
    To change means to rebel in their eyes.
    To change for us means expressing is where happiness lies.