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  • mehra_k10 9w

    How Do I Feel?

    The way I feel,
    I don't know how to explain,
    The pain experiencing in the heart,
    I don't know what is its name.

    Feels like everything here
    Is so mean and fake,
    It feels like I'm in a sleep
    And I need to be awake.

    I don't know at this moment,
    Whether I am right or wrong,
    But surely I'm getting weak
    Instead of getting valiant and strong.


  • mehra_k10 10w

    Life manifests different notions,
    With obstacles hidden in various emotions,
    Success will come and it'll be known,
    Even if currently it's a stranger unknown.


  • mehra_k10 13w

    Feminism ?

    We forget opportunities to use,
    For some ladies it's cool to abuse.
    Is drinking alcohol and smoking like men bringing equality ?
    Should we literally carry on with this mentality?
    We have audacity to shout on feminism,
    Misemploy it, is such a shame and should be taken as criticism.
    Live your life freely and brake the glass,
    But don't forget you have a class!


  • mehra_k10 13w

    My scars tell my story,
    Which ripped off the whole glory,
    My eyes were suffused with tears,
    But I couldn't explain it to my peers,
    My fears were shrouded in a fake smile,
    That was all I could do for a while.


  • mehra_k10 14w

    Is Utopia just a state of mind ?

    A place where no one needs a disguise,
    Conversations are never filled with lies.

    Ego never inserts itself for the wait of replies,
    Where clamour speaks lesser than shine in eyes.

    Hate of colour and religion never brutalize,
    All the hard worker aggrandise.
    Laughter is heard more than cries.

    Dystopia exists yet Utopia is not a dream.
    Not only dictators, even middle class can glutton on cream,

    Carpe diem is an idea, not just some fancy scheme.
    Believe and your hope can be turned into sunlight from just a gleam.


  • mehra_k10 17w

    Sometimes the night seems to smile,
    As I've been awake for a long while.
    In a pursuit of an unrealized dream,
    In the search of a world to redeem.
    Taking a step further with firm feet,
    For a longing that refuses to retreat.

  • mehra_k10 19w

    Be like the sun and have your own pride,
    As one can shine brighter despite he is burning from inside.


  • mehra_k10 21w

    We often build the curiosity for knowing the unknown,
    Leaving behind the hostility through which we are grown.
    Passing through the dark wood, passing through the colony,
    Idk what the world is trying to sparkle in my agony.
    I want to know the truth which seems so intolerable,
    Still my curiosity for knowing the unknown is inevitable.


  • mehra_k10 24w

    This pandemic rolling out by its score,
    Devastating the mankind more and more,
    Doctors are working diligently on one shore,
    Yet social distancing is not abided in this abrupting war.
    Stay safe, stay away from your house's door,
    Only then the world will bloom again with all its heart and core.


  • mehra_k10 31w

    मत पूछो मुझसे मेरी पहचान,
    मैं तो भस्मधारी हूँ,
    भस्म से होता है जिनका श्रृंगार,
    मैं उस महाकाल का पुजारी हूँ।