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  • melekvealbatross 14w

    Her Curly Hair

    It's adorable when she wakes up in the morning with her messy curly hair and tuck that strand of her hair behind her ears which makes her effortlessly elegant!!

    Watching her in sunshine is like an eternal bliss as it makes her hairs and eyes look espresso brown or delicious dark chocolate which might get melt due to the rays.

    I love the way wind blows from her hairs and mess up with her face, and she keeps fixing them with making some weird faces as if she is tired of doing it often.

    But she still chooses being natural and flawless with volume of her hair as if she is crowned with her curls like a queen, isn't it perfect ?

    She keeps stroking her hair unwittingly and I keep looking at her curls as if it's my only view forever.

    Ain't her curly hair messing with my heart??

  • melekvealbatross 14w

    The Sunday Morning

    Let it Be the Sunday morning,..
    Where it's almost 7:30 AM, and the breakfast table is full of olives and dates, honey and milk, breads and eggs, tea and coffee as we adore and love them.
    We sitting in the balcony together having breakfast with full of flowers blossoming around us..
    Let the birds sing in a musical way in their tiny lil voices.
    Hey, we have noticed that naughty moon who is hiding himself up their in the bluish and milky sky, He might be thinking we haven't noticed him but we have caught him.
    Look at those dew drops which are falling from flowers and leaves on the grass with so much of joy and happiness, they are the gems of nature.
    We can feel this air while holding our hands, while it's clean and cold this morning.
    How can I forget the gleamse of sunshine?? Let the sun join our treat with his yellowish and caramel shine, which will touch our skins and make our pores shine and face smile while looking at eachother without a blink with peace and love in our hearts!!!