《speak like you can't appologize》

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  • mentalhydra 7h

    To be held in false emotion is more damaging to ones heart
    than to never have been held at all


  • mentalhydra 8h

    My heart is an empty room I decorate with thoughts of you


  • mentalhydra 10h

    Another one for the spirit of October. Enjoy.

    #mentalhydra #inktober

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    First season of the Wolf

    I got you like a pig! I never saw this happening!
    How could it be that one so conscious of their actions has let go?

    And now I taste you like a wolf, you are my canvas and these nails my brush!
    Wherever did go my personality? Whatever happened to my rationality?

    I feel more and less than human at this moment aaaasssss eyyyye FEEEEAST!!

    Oh what Joy?! How much fun!? That I should have you on the Run!!
    You are a rabbit and I a wolf! On a night with nothing NOTHING TOOOO LOOOOOOSSSE.....

    I can smell you there's no use hiding, I can tell you there's no reason for fighting. Let me take my time..
    Actually please don't. I appreciate the struggle and I promise you that you won't!

    I have found you and I hear the cracks of your shoulder blade in your back
    I have stretched out the skin
    Internal organs now I win

    But don't look so sad because the time is near, you should join me!!
    I shall make sure that everyone else share your fear!!


  • mentalhydra 21h

    Before the world should end I send you this song (and most will not like it)

    I believe that most people are not really good inside, and if you think otherwise just consider that "good" doesn't exist!

    The only way I'll eat meat is once in a while. chicken with vegetarian hypocrite sauce, but I digress. Don't try to hold me to a standard as adaptation is in our DNA, and in marketing.

    cats and dogs are infestations on chains and deserve a fair chance in life too! If you disagree then perhaps you should let Rover chain you up outside for the year and feed you kibble.

    If your boss continues to be rude to you unprofessionally just spit in his face. I promise you he won't do it again, and I promise you this whole thing is stacked against us as employees

    Just do as you want, As long as it harms none more. We wouldn't need the word " rights " if religion and money didn't exist, so I say challenge the richest!

    Too many people have something to say but don't know how to say it! Too many people say the same things and now I'm deadn'd to care!

    So many people seem stupid to me but I know I'm no genius either!
    Arrogance is a modern plague , with a side order of ignorance stuffing everyone's face.

    I hope we die! And the aliens study us well!
    I hope it all dies! If we all can't live without destroying one another.
    Give me All or Nothing! What good as a box of chocolates with half of them eaten?

    Take it all back and re-order, but let me choose where from next time. We certainly don't all want the same thing.

    And before you challenge my words I feel like I must say, the earth isn't flat and I know this because it'll roll over onto us before the end of the day
    And before you try to become angry know that I will not care ! There is a fine line of nothing and nobody but action answers your prayers

    So go ahead and slander me there is no bad kind of publicity, and if you think otherwise just consider "bad" doesn't exist

    Or don't. I don't care ❤


  • mentalhydra 1d

    Emery flowers

    From a digital notepad I water a flower of unknown nature with fluid of thought, kindness, and affirmation sparingly as she shows me her petals freely of her own accord.

    This is not why I do it, because cause and effect do not impact me from so so far away.

    I do this because we all need nourishment to grow , even when we are unsure what may flourish , or die.


  • mentalhydra 1d

    Definition of lanlord:


    Thieves who do not work.

    " that blood sucking lanlord is a worthless waste of life and far worse than anyother parasite I've ever come across"


  • mentalhydra 2d

    Someday soon I shall see the Dawn

    Through the snow of desolation

    I cry for whoever is left


  • mentalhydra 2d

    From Virginia to Kentucky did they go but only after they got a lot of money in which their government does not know.

    Feels like a lot of hate and sabotage coming from all these people who are a little late to the Future and in religious camouflage.
    What kind of physical future do we have when these guys have the nature to swing a staff at a human for being a little gay?

    And that's $15,000 funded by the people who like to pray

    Pray that God will strike down everyone who has something to say about their individuality

    They say it's not a religion of hate but this is the reality

    They keep threatening War because they're afraid of pure Equality

    Now this professional Nazi bigot is also after me

    Haha nothing new . I've caught rocks and bullets for your point of view, I've had long talks and tried to be tolerant too
    But when I looked for it I could find none.

    But I really do promise you, we are far from On The Run


  • mentalhydra 3d

    The ability to live without a job is your right
    and one that has been taken from us all

    We are free. Free to die or enslave ourselves


  • mentalhydra 4d

    Addictive thinking

    I don't normally smoke
    In fact I quit
    Can I have a ciggeret?
    It helps me wind down
    I only do it when I drink
    Perhaps only one.... Then another

    I need a ciggeret
    I don't want a ciggeret
    It makes me feel fine. It helps me unwind.

    It's close to worship but I prefer sacrilege, yet here I am at the alter. Cherry, whisky, menthols, black

    My lungs don't enjoy this and I could have a heart attack

    Please to myself save me , 32% in a relapse
    I don't want this. what if my lung collapse? What if I get cancer ? What if I don't? What about a blood clot ? What if it's in my bones.

    I can be better , but for this moment I'll allow myself to be weak. I let the enemies in when I took that first hit
    The devil is a lie and I feed him to myself
    Oh please will power let me try let me do.
    I really should put this ciggeret back in the pack but now it's in my lungs

    Bad breath , bad taste. what a Damn sack of human waste. Here I am with an addiction I'm faced. All these terrible chemicals are laced . What about all the months I've chased? These little demons are cased. How long do I have can my time be paced? Here I am in a situation in which I have self placed. And it's a race,
    To quit

    While I still can