i break my own heart a lot of times

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  • mentari 14w

    3 Seconds Only

    In His name.
    Only 3 second. It must make you know,
    that He never leave you.

  • mentari 14w

    Trust Yourself, Men

    I trust you even i know you are weak.
    I trust you even i know you will fall again.
    It's okay to not be okay.
    But trust yourself, you must not lost it.

  • mentari 14w

    I Lost me

    I wonder why i can not sleep every night?
    Is it, because of my ex boyfriend?
    Is it, because of my future?
    Or because of my job?
    I get it. I get it.
    I lost myself. I don't know how to find me.

  • mentari 18w

    10 Minutes Ago

    You've already change.
    You move on too fast.
    I believe you never think about me again.

  • mentari 18w

    Try Again, Tarimen

    After a lot of fights in this season
    I believe that YOU NEVER STOP
    I still trust in you
    So, try again, your very best, tarimen.
    You can. You will get it.

  • mentari 18w

    I wanna meet you

    Hi there!
    I miss u.
    And today, i want so bad to meet you.
    But, i know u don't want it so bad.
    It's okay.
    I will meet you in my dream.

  • mentari 18w

    30 minutes before it

    I count my days without you
    My heart was so breaking starting from that time
    I miss you, and how can i still miss you everynight?

    I know, there is no me in there again

  • mentari 18w

    Thank you, tarimen

    For never STOP smiling to anyone
    I'm proud of you, and i like you more
    So, don't you dare go away too far
    I'm here. With you. Everynight
    One day, you will get what you want it so bad, tar.
    Trust me. YOU CAN

  • mentari 18w

    By unknown writer

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    I miss you

    Hi there.
    What are you doing?
    I just want to know that you're doing great in your life.
    I miss you.
    I miss you everysecond.
    And i do, really miss you so bad.