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  • meraki_impressions 3w

    Greatness isn't defined by how many people agree with you.

    Greatness is defined by how you handle disagreements!

  • meraki_impressions 4w

    Myths about Bongs:
    We only eat fish and roshogulla
    We're smart coz we eat fish heads
    We eat water
    Wait, what?

  • meraki_impressions 5w

    To all the Serial Entrepreneurs,
    The pace at which your start-ups are dying...
    I should start calling you Serial killers!

  • meraki_impressions 9w

    O' tell me, O' tell me,
    The nature of this pain,
    That triggers me to put,
    Ten shots in my brain!
    Tumblin' over the dark side,
    Turnin' insane...
    Trippin' over something,
    I can never change!
    I've now turned tame,
    With your stupi-childi game!
    Well aware of things,
    That can neva-eva be same.
    So can we just grow up,
    And stop with this blame?
    Your desires to end it, however sadistic,
    I've realised now, they are pessimistic!
    The suicidals in me, excited n exhausted,
    About all the hell of the graves I'm digging,
    To look at you rejoicing unaffected,
    FUCK! This is sickening.
    I wish I had some wisdom,
    About this... At the beginning!
    Dear homies, if you don't find me near the stunt,
    Catch me in the backyard sparking a blunt.
    I haven't felt like this in months.............

  • meraki_impressions 9w

    The E Word

    The E word isn't reserved for the feminine vocabulary. We men deserve and desire them too. We also want some warm coffee at the end of a tiring day. We also desire some hugs when we're upset. We love appreciations and complements for something we do from our hearts. We love to hear our smiles are beautiful. At the end of the day, we desire EFFORTS too.
    Efforts, the E word, some of us men shower them on our loved ones. Unconditionally, and beyond limits. We also have engagements, but above those we're always available for them. And in exchange, we are taken for granted! We are undervalued and understated.
    Is it still too much we ask?

  • meraki_impressions 12w

    "You're still the same person buddy. You still look the same, think the same, work the same, and win the same. So which loss are you repenting? If there's a loss, it's her's! What did you lose ha?" Nandita didn't know whether she comforted or confronted him.

    "The genuinity of my smile", Daman replies with a smile!

  • meraki_impressions 13w

    To live like no one can dream of,
    You got to work like no one can think of!

  • meraki_impressions 14w

    A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor!

  • meraki_impressions 15w

    The kings never survived revolts,
    Dictators did!

  • meraki_impressions 15w

    Zero fucks to give,
    Million bucks to earn!