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  • mesmerizing_sarah 8w

    No longer human

    I feel detached so inhuman
    No longer hold the power
    Which I thought I did
    This world keep moving
    I remain in this trance
    Is it that hard to understand you,
    I can't even understand myself
    I lost myself deep in this world
    Lost my sense of understanding
    Just pretending
    No longer human
    Inside this inhuman sphere

  • mesmerizing_sarah 9w

    #fakelove #thoughts
    By unknown writer

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    Fake love

    For you I could pretend I was happy, I could hide away the sorrow
    For you I could feign strength, numb the pain, and be the man you can depend on
    I'm wishing loving was perfect, I'm praying
    Don't realize deep inside that I'm broken
    I trusted in a dream, a hopeless cause
    Now I watch the flowers as they wither
    I'm so sick of this
    Fake love, fake love, fake love
    I'm so sorry but it's
    Fake love, fake love, fake love

  • mesmerizing_sarah 9w

    In the name of love

  • mesmerizing_sarah 9w


    Double face people
    Are miserable and
    Play two characters in life
    One is there true self
    And other is
    What they are proving to be