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  • mhnhsn 5d

    Mistake.. s

    Life is paradox of
    Yes and no...
    Sometimes yes can
    Lead to many possibilities,
    Sometimes no is the
    Solution to many queries.
    Every mistake is
    Another take...
    Making you worse or better,
    No matter how smart
    You may be...
    Pondering long, calculating
    Every thing..
    Mistakes are about to happen.
    You can't evade it.
    Its like groping in the dark.
    Don't know where it will take..
    To lost or broken relationships
    To regrets or failures
    or shattered faith...
    Life is collection of
    Numerous mistakes.
    It befooled you time nd again.
    You toiled to come out of
    One to fall in trap
    Of another mistake again..
    Mhn Hsn poetic endeavors

  • mhnhsn 1w

    Distance of.... Selves

    Distance of Selves covered,
    But distance of souls remain...
    Always at loss but,
    Sure to play again.
    The song of life,
    Is beautiful but
    Frenzies of reality restrains.
    Standing at crossroads,
    Waiting for new journey to begin
    Mhn Hsn poetic endeavors.

  • mhnhsn 1w

    Wills (desires)

    Wills are there with no will,
    They enchant your eyes,
    Fill your dreams that fly,
    Spill your heart with joys,
    They never stop, keep multiplies,
    It lives with life,
    When no hope is there,
    it still lies,
    How! Strange is this...
    It has no shape or eyes...
    But it keeps you Alive...
    Mhn Hsn poetic endeavors

  • mhnhsn 1w


    Can never love you again,
    Betrayed nd lost..
    Gathering the pieces
    Of Self...
    The dream of love,
    I once had is no more,
    Filling the eyes,
    nd saddening the heart.
    Another tragic end of love,
    would n't Change the world..
    But one thing inside me
    Has changed... Forever
    Can never love you Again...

  • mhnhsn 1w

    Where is me....

    Beneath the dust of time
    Somewhere lies me
    In my cloistered self
    Lies the ashes of
    Those desires and glee
    Which I have no more
    Which the time has
    Cruelly taken from me
    I lost my way...
    To find that way...
    Take me where...
    I could find my lost dreams.
    With every lost hope..
    I tried to gather a new
    What the fate has brought to me
    I compromised it as true!
    So now when I looked back
    I often questioned me
    Where is me???
    No more,No more,
    Those desires
    Which I used to cherish inside me,
    But the grave truth of life
    Is that...
    It seldom not like what
    We want it to be..
    Perhaps its life
    Who expected us to
    To give away everything
    Just to survive A Life....
    Mhn Hsn poetic endeavors

  • mhnhsn 1w

    A twig of wish
    Rises in my heart ...

    Some one ...,
    comes to me...
    true to me...
    Wishes for me...
    Some one...,
    Only to me...
    Stands for me...
    Every time to me...
    Some one...,
    Trusted on me...
    More than anything to me..
    Cheer to me...,
    When I need...
    That is all I need to be in you...
    My dear friend..
    Mhn Hsn poetic endeavors.

  • mhnhsn 1w

    Ugly Girl

    No crisp features,
    No enchanting eyes,
    Tawny complexion,
    Sad smile...
    Hardened in tone,
    And rugged in her style...
    Beneath this ugly face,
    You never know...
    What a pristine heart lies!
    Some lovely emotions,
    And uncountable desires..
    Though she is ugly,
    But she dreams high..
    She wanted to be praised
    And treated right.
    People have seen her
    Ugly face,
    but never seen her
    shattered Pride and
    tearing up of eyes.
    She is of nobody care,
    nd nobody desire.
    But like all other women
    of this world, she wished
    for the Soothing of love
    and care in her life.
    Though ugly she might be
    To the world....still
    She has a beautiful woman inside..
    Mhn Hsn poetic endeavors

  • mhnhsn 2w

    My love is you ❤️

    Don't know how you felt,
    But my love is you...
    Weaving so many dreams,
    My only thought, is you...
    A kind of rediscovering myself,
    Some one that kindled,
    Beautiful feelings in me..
    Is you...
    Love was once a wonder land,
    to me... Some one I wished
    to stroll through this,
    World is you...
    Though things tend to change,
    But one thing ever remain the same..
    Is my love for you...thats true..
    Mhn Hsn poetic endeavors.

  • mhnhsn 2w

    Every Moment Matters

    Every passing moment..
    Takes away silently,
    Some minutes from life...
    Life that is not static,
    But slipping away..
    Bit by bit, pieces by pieces.
    With so many desires in eyes,
    So many words to say..
    And promises to fullfil.
    In the hope of better tommorow,
    We are losing the today...
    When so many moments of
    Today that turns in to yesterday,
    Many dreams unfulfilled,
    Many tasks undone,
    Heaping in our regrets,
    Another moment that passed away.
    So waiting for right moment,
    Life become shamble,
    With nothing in hand.
    This ticking of clock,
    Tells us one secret..
    Every moment matters..
    Live every moment of
    Life,creates some joy,
    Find something new,
    Because there is no tommorow
    Every moment that matters
    Is of Today...
    Live your today!!
    Mhn Hsn poetic endeavors

  • mhnhsn 2w

    If Someone..

    If someone ask me,
    Whom do you want,
    To spend your entire
    I simply say, the one
    Who can understand
    That I m not perfect.