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    It's not a fight of HE vs SHE
    It's the VICTIM'S fight for safety,
    To join is our DUTY,
    To just hear and let it go
    Is a CHOICE,
    To come up with a solution
    Is a SAYING,
    And to do something is where comes RESPONSIBILITY.

    It's been over ages
    Since opinions are neglected,
    And voices are muted,
    The world still goes on ,
    Wars would continue to be fought,
    Battles would be heard off,
    Pandemics would come and go,
    And India would have lost so many soldiers in row,
    Politics would continue to be the dirty game (no offense)
    And people,
    Well they can't get up to be sensible enough
    To STOP talking about HE and SHE
    and come up with the concepts of YOU,ME and WE !

    When picking the pen was the easiest thing I could do!
    And not being able to weave words was a tragedy though!

    I realised!
    It's not a teenagers problem you see,
    It's all about the ill fed mentalities.
    So who is to be blamed?
    Because with system
    We think about government!
    We think about administration!
    We think about management!

    But what actual system is?

    "To human whims and fancies
    Is a system made
    Where law at times break
    And everything goes to stake!

    With desires so high
    Population so huge
    Administration faces issues
    To which we don't even muse

    Education can't be blamed
    And so can't be upbringing wholly
    Because even the best
    Can produce the worst.

    To wait,
    It time taking
    But for the hours need,
    I see there are voices,
    So ruffled and muffled ,
    That not a word is clear"

    It's high time before we come up with a solution.
    And that is to respect the opposite gender.
    To boycott people who think that it is okay to objectify anyone.
    To curb the evil when the minds are still growing,
    And socially boycott all those who think it's all OKAY.




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    It's been a long time writers have been writing their hearts out on paper . Penning down every possible emotion so during this quarantine when everyone is hell bored , I was looking forward to do something exciting. I'm posting the beginning of a story with no title!!! Oh yeah no title. If you like it text me your favourite genre and I'll surely put some elements of it in any chapter tagging you..... See!!!! It's gonna be amazing. A story have something for everyone to read. A blend of all the GENRES possible. Doesn't it sounds amazing? So the grip is all your . Drop what would you like to read or what's your favourite genre in the comment section and also lemme know if I should continue this story?
    TITLE? We'll figure it out in the end��

    So here it goes...

    Lyra Edwards was walking down the hallway when she overhead the conversation in the studio room. She couldn't help her eagerness and eavesdropped the chat.

    "It's just a matter of few days and this Edward girl will know her actual position", she heard a familiar manly voice say, yet she shook her head denying the fact of who she assumes it to be.
    She saw a girl with ruby red hairs and tattoos all over her right shoulder, she knew it from the first glance who she is. And then to her shock the figure turned around leaning in to kiss the girl. The moment she caught the sight of him her stomach dropped and she couldn't breathe. She stepped back her eyes getting blurred. Anger fuming down her veins. The air around her was enveloped with a thousand emotions and she wasn't sure which one to breathe in.

    Her steps went weak, as she moved out of the hallway, several eyes landing at her. People standing agape. Through her blurry vision and dumb senses she could still hear whispers of her name.

    Oh Gosh! No I can't let this happen to me she told herself and only then she stumbled falling into someone. She saw a new face with a worried expression taking her grip before the black out finally hit her.

    I'm waiting for your response!!!
    @smi_vaid @shaiz_fs @darkerthanblack @nehadvn09876 @udit94

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    Okay it wasn't supposed to go this pathetic but it ended somehow I felt it I worte it.

    Times have changed and I'm beginning to write again. To write about the sandy hour glass and ways beyond horizon.

    One fine day I'll be gone just as the northern wind blows and
    You will never know.

    One fine day my existence will be confined to a cemented grave and
    You will never know.

    One fine day my last breath will be mixed in all the airs around and
    You will never know.

    One fine day I'll go as normally as the sun sets and the dusk rises and
    You will never know.

    One fine day my laughter won't exist anymore and
    You will never know .

    One fine day you'll ponder to talk to me but that number won't be reachable anymore. I'll be gone and
    You will never know.

    One fine day as the chocolate melts you will miss me but I'll be gone and
    You will never know.

    One fine day you will want me to be there but I'll be gone forever and
    You will never know.

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    And one fine day it was all gone.
    Like a dream .
    In a blink of an eye.
    I was standing at the periphery where it was all too close to be miles apart .
    And then .
    It drifted apart.


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    Hey friends I'm sorry I've been unavailable for long.....I missed you all....n finally I'm here with the continuation of the series.

    These words keep echoing in my brain when she pushes me in. Now, I am weak enough to resist and the door behind me close with the slam. I stand there still waiting for it to come any moment. Any second. I form my hands into a fist and take support of the walls. It's dark there too dark and it feel so dizzy there.

    Suddenly, I feel a hand gripping my wrist. I get scared. I step back and that invisible hands pulls me. I keep struggling and that hands keep me directing in an unspecified direction. Under some light I look at those disproportion fingers clasping my wrist and there lies a bracelet named Melancholy.

    I couldn't help but shiver. No I can't let that happen to me again. No, I don't want to get back to him. He..... He's too rough with me. His presence makes me feel sick. I need to escape .I need to. But how could I? I find No Way Out? Melancholy keeps pulling me until there is a big devilish chair in front of me.
    I beg her," let me off" ,but she glares and my nerves twitch a little .Suddenly my hand feels loose and I see she's gone. Oh, I get a great opportunity! It's time to rush ....but wait, I can't move ! Why my legs ain't supporting ? Where is all my strength gone? I struggle and stumble managing to stand. I catch the view of that monstrous figure before me. I follow his steps approaching me and take a step backward each time until my back hits the wall and his huge physique blocks my way.

    I know him he has been with me so many times. I know his body smell but now I no longer feel the same way. I mistook him to be peaceful rather. He was my slow disaster gradually sucking life out of me, but no, I can't let this happen. He has been with me for months. I was kind of OKAY and getting used to him when lately I realized that Happiness and Smile mean much more to me. He had kept me into an illusion, telling world is a shitty place. But for now when I stepped out and encounted Happiness, I think..... I can have no better friend than him and our company together with Smile was the best and since then.... when I stand here in front of him, I don't feel the same way. I was mistaken to think Loneliness was someone who brought me solace but todat when I tried to sneak to meet Happiness she became my worst companion and dragged me all the way down to his room.

    Yeah His. He has been my partner for a long time.... people are scared of him. He's named "Depression" as he took hold of my waist by one hand and brushed my neck with the other. I felt disgusted . He neared me ,his lips just inches apart. And finally he crushed down on me like always, expecting me to let him take control and dominate as usual. But this time I didn't I know what would it lead to if he takes control. Nah, I can't let this happen again. I push him back. He's surprised by my actions and the next moment. I see this side of him. I don't wish to. He is terrible when he gets angry and I just did that . He grabs me pressing me under his body weight . I shout and push him back. But he doesn't even move an inch. I struggle trying to get out of his hold for I know what was worst is coming. He's fuming with rage now. He kisses me harshly and my feeble legs tremble.

    Tears start to roll down my cheeks and I plead him to let me go. I don't want to live with him anymore. But wait, I just angered him more by what I said.

    " Oh! so now you want to leave me and go to that bastard Smile. ", he comes closer to me,
    "Don't tell me he kisses better ....?? I'm the best!", and with that his kisses trail all over my body.
    " No.....", I try to say , my throat dry and body collapsing I managed to speak.
    " I.....I don't want to be with you anymore!"
    "Oh ! so you have learned to speak with those bastards? You need to learn a lesson."

    And with that comes Dizziness. She takes me to Drugs. Oh pretty hell. I hate him. He's worst than depression .

    Please tag more n more people n share.
    To be continued

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    So finally came the time.....

    it isn't about all those decorations and candles and cakes n lights and lot more.... though they are a majo part of Christmas... Ups Carol's I missed...but still Christmas on a real note is about sacrifice, is when we make others smile....is about all the counts to bring that one prodigal son back to his father....so this Christmas....
    Lighten your hearts n REDEFINE love!

    A random one...the pic is my Christmas tree❣️

    Merry Christmas to all me fellow mirakeans!

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    She was composed in complicated structure. But they described her in a simple verse.

    Lively, truthful ,active and creative This Is How They defined her.

    For happiness looks gorgeous on her and she derived happiness from all the satisfaction that she gave to others. Even when all the odds are against them.

    Her beautiful eyes have a different world and her different world his Eternal love .

    She was a Priceless gem earned by years such a pure Soul .

    Although a bit crazy and over the top of all she was the one who made them believe in the existence of Horizon and taught the perfect way to achieve it .

    For her coworkers. She was the best coordinator but takes more tension than required.

    She was told. Distance doesn't matters when someone has a best friend like her because she never judged anyone for their mistakes.

    Fantastic, fabulous ,extraordinary, but above all she was she.

    No matter what has happened. No matter what she has done no matter what she will do. They will always love her and that is totally true

    For they found peace in the pieces of art. She left in their heart .

    For her friends she was appertence of their life afresh creature with emotional Ardent

    A girl with soft and sweet heart for everyone.
    Charming, creative, passionate and Innovative.

    For them she was the best Didi ever, for her nature cannot be described in words . Very good and understanding sister. Very special. Very creative ,a good writer . Her soul sister quotes ,"paglu nannuuu.....no one is like u."

    Little mad, little idiot, extremely lovely: my sister. A cute sister with positive attitude, thanks for all the smiles.

    For She'll cry at the silliest of the things and laugh at the most intense situations for she was defined as fierce and strong . A warrior they said.

    For her classmates be like , "Pyari se chuhiya. kaam hamesha pura....Mera graph banati h....Ziad ki pyaari, Shristi ki dulari, Monitor hamari!" .
    She's so good. She's everything you need in a friend for they call "HIMAWARI APNI" .

    "BHABI JI.. ur beautiful helping nature of such a high capacitance..is far more continous...neither differentiable nor integrable within proper limits"

    Her talent in art is damn amazing and she taught really memorizing on Teachers' Day.

    One of them says she herself is a poem Lol. (She can't help blushing)
    She's a girl who can understand any boy no matter how complicated his story is or even anyone . The reason is her books her own poems, which is deep. Ninety Five percent of her write-ups are relatable to life .
    And seeing all this he quotes, " she's going to be a perfect wife, a perfect sister, a perfect daughter ,a perfect friend and perfect person herself.

    For her best friend it goes: the girl with the most exquisite Personality and purest radiant heart who can decode all the pains in just a single glance. And with who she can grapple all her ardous circumstances.

    They love a girl whose brilliant enough to write a novel and stupid enough to eat ice balls on road. She's crazy enough to turn a man wild and virtuous enough to maintain her own standards. Yes that diversity exists in her and they love her for this .

    For she is the one after seeing whom they have a smile even if they're depressed who comes to know each and everything, by just looking in the eyes .
    And rightfully quoted ," I'm glad to have a friend like you."

    The most simple and innocent girl I met in my life ,honest advisor and knows everything about me. She's a bit crazy, but that's all that matters to me . Yes her divine craziness for she knows how to win your heart by her childish behavior . Though childish she's mature enough to give you Goosebumps by her talks . Chocolates. Damn. No one can satisfy her hunger for chocolates. Words aren't invented yet to describe her beauty.

    She's an angel named Angela.
    Her work was to inspire people and had a personality so beautiful.
    She always wrote the words of her heart and for her weaving words was an art .
    Never hesitant to rectify errors for she was strong enough to fight all kinds of Terrors.
    She has self-confidence as her weapon and there wasn't anything she can't do as I reckon.
    She always possessed a positive attitude and with that she can achieve every altitude.
    She was gifted by God on 24th of October to fortunate father and mother .
    Cool as ice and no doubt the best for seeking advice.

    "I remember you drew a leaf on your hand,
    That was the time you watered the tree of hope and imagination on my barren land.": says a close friend

    Her work shows what a brilliant and lovely mind is encased in her personality.

    Like gold; Hard to find, strong, Beautiful, and rare to have.
    Her friendship means a lot to them, and they are so thankful for it. hope we remain friends forever!

    Lastly they say,

    "The one for whom we can't be good enough."

    They all declared in Unison. Happy birthday!!!

    This poem is based on my previous post!

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    The last words on her suicide note read:

    "Yeah I expected too much
    According to me I DESERVED that much"



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    Knock knock

    I'm sitting on the chair. But today my companions are different ,that lady named Loneliness is sitting beside me and weeping. She's even forcing me to keep. Suddenly a sob escapes my lips and see her . Her face brightens up seeing me in pain. She adjusted herself and carefully flinches . Her face pale and a small side pout. She then lands her huge , dark palms on my shoulders and starts to speak.
    " Oh baby girl.......... I missed you so much. You had been with that bitch Happiness nah ! but told you all those are so temporary. Ultimately, it's me only who's there with you?"
    " Yesterday.....", She circles her arms around my neck ,a little tightly making me choke. I cough. She losens her hold and then she comes back to her creepy melancholic tone.
    " Yesterday .......! evening, right?", She looks straight in my eyes as if expecting an answer ,when I stay still she frowns and I nod with a tear rolling down my cheeks.
    " You were dancing with that jerk Joy and don't think that I haven't noticed that asshole Smile . He was kissing your lips....."
    "Arrrghhhh......." , she raises her voice, somewhat full of rage. She's now standing right in front of me. My breath coming in small puffs . I feel so suffocated . My throat getting dry and my vision blurr . I swallow hard! She rests her huge arms on the side supports of my chair blocking the little light in the room and then narrowing her monstrous eyes. She lowers her head to my ears . My body shivering.
    " How dare he??", she bursts out and I knew it was coming. I shut my eyes she continues.
    "Huh? How dare he ? Tell me everyone knows that this is your home. I'm your owner and then how dare YOU hang out with those creatures?", She takes hold of my lower jaw. it hurts.
    "I even came to know that it's not just yesterday, but often and again since the last one month you have been meeting Happiness and Smile . Happiness introduced him to you nah!"
    Her hold gets tighter . I wriggle , squirming in my own little chair.
    " Poor creature ! told you You can't escape. Sufference will be your punishment."
    My eyes widen at the word punishment. My mind starts racing. I think now what it could be. She then clenches my wrists and pulls me up. It takes a lot of strength for me to stand up . My legs barely support and my vision is too blur because of bubbling tears. I'm dragged. I feel the pain I try to figure out what's happening .
    "This time, I won't spare you . You are gonna pay hard for it.", she says in a wicked tone.
    I blink my eyes only too late to figure out where she was pulling me too. I at once pulled myself back, but damn her hold is too tight on my slender wrists.
    " No..... No...... I .......I'm sorry ! ", I beg her knowing what worse would be following.
    " Please ......spare me for the last time . I won't do this again ....", suddenly she stops. And turns towards me. She glares commanding my silence.
    I curl my lips and press my eyelids. Once again feeling being pulled in that dark threatening hallway. It was so dark. I can feel Goosebumps coming on my skin and my nerves getting low. I again built up the courage to murmur,
    " P..... PL.... Please_________. I'm sorry . Don't do this to me, please.", she continued to pull me pretending as if she hasn't heard my plea .
    Suddenly she stops and I know it's there. I pull and push and cry begging to my utmost, but she holds me strongly I'm made to stand in front of a door all broken and cracked and I know what's ensuing. I shiver and a chill runs down my spine when I hear her whisper into my ears.
    " Now he'll handle you, baby. "
    These words keep echoing in my brain when she pushes me in. Now, I am weak enough to resist and the door behind me close with the slam. I stand there still waiting for it to come any moment. Any second. I form my hands into a fist and take support of the walls. It's dark there too dark and it feel so dizzy there.

    Please tag more and more people and share!
    To be continued

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