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  • michelle_pen 6w

    Hard work's positive outcome continually manifesting.

  • michelle_pen 7w

    Wrongly severed

    So I broke someone's heart today
    Just with my silly words...
    How could I have envisaged that those tiny little words could hurt him
    I'm really apologetic but I don't know how to do that
    From the look in his eyes, I could see it
    Like it cost our friendship.
    This precious bond of ours feels severed
    How do I fix it?

  • michelle_pen 8w

    Rose petals

    Bound to someone, My heart yearns for another
    I crave his touch
    I am not supposed to, But I still do
    I still love him
    I miss him
    I want to kiss him
    I want his arms around me
    The delicate touch of his fingers
    Around my waist
    His soft lips pressed against my neck
    I'm loosing my mind
    This sounds so toxic
    But really don't blame me, hormones are bitches and the brain doesn't forget things.
    Especially not this

  • michelle_pen 12w

    Are you there?

    Shadow self, clone self, other half me
    I'm right here in planet earth
    Surviving and striving to move forward
    I've made some choices that aren't exactly peculiar to my people
    I don't know if we are exactly the same
    But I'd only change my father.
    Are you also a triple board certified surgeon?
    It's beautiful out here in Jarsoom
    But not everyone Is, they make it so toxic here
    In the vast multiverse, I really do hope you are there somewhere
    And we get to share our stories

  • michelle_pen 14w

    Do I still exist?

    The clads of hope i held onto
    Like a fog, got clearer till it disappeared From existence
    Agreed there are flaws here and there
    But there's nothing to keep me sane
    The scales have been tipped.
    The alternate universe has unlocked it's door
    Receiving it's new lost soul
    Just floating in numbness, with several sightings of myself
    Walking through and through
    In mirrors with no destination

  • michelle_pen 15w

    #saynotodomesticviolence #mirakee

    In pain, she laid defenseless
    and nearly unconscious
    She felt it all over
    Bruised and battered mercilessly
    Her blood splatters on the walls and floor
    Skin lacerated, arm broken, ribs broken
    For it was a horrible sight
    I could couldn't bear to look at her
    This definitely wasn't a first
    How could he? Why are you still with him?
    (I can't leave him..... i love him so much
    And my son; can't be without a father...
    He promised he will change...) she whispered in tears
    Saying this she fell unconscious
    She didn't make it to the hospital
    before giving up the ghost
    She had already lost too much blood
    I moaned in pain, for I was never going to see her again
    This happens in a lot of families and relationships
    Domestic violence has to stop
    Women do not settle for less;
    than you deserve like she did
    You are no one's punch bag
    And nothing justifies such action!

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  • michelle_pen 15w

    #belong #fantasy #power #dominance
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay #writerstolli

    In a cave far to the east
    Lies a city
    The long hidden, now lost city of pikan.
    With diamond and precious stones in the walls
    Stream and rivers flowed with pearls and gemstones
    The pikans were all royalty
    And had one sacred rule governing their lifestyle.
    They protected their land in unity and peace
    The earth belonged to the dark pikans
    The waters belonged to the light pikans
    For they control both at will.
    Several have tried to steal from this land
    But have failed

    Hunters came, pikan belongs to me
    Warriors yelled, pikan is ours
    Even the Armani; from the great city of iron
    Lost a great deal to conquer them
    But failed
    Their sworn enemy; the ninjas
    Rose again to attack and take the treasures for themselves
    The pikans have been strong warriors over the years
    Although primitive bound to their customs and doctrines of the past
    This time the story goes different
    The ninjas were defeated as usual but have some men on the inside
    They have been pretending for years to be happy pikans
    They discovered the secret of the land which makes them vulnerable.
    The ninjas again attacked this city while appeasing the Yin energy...
    Yang was left alone to protect the land on his own
    There was only so much (he) could take
    Soon the energy within was lost and a new army of ninjas launched ....
    The pikans fled in fear
    Their legacy of a Millennia all shattered in pieces
    A few pikans decided to stay till death
    For this was their land after all

    The ninjas yelled; victory is ours
    Little did they know that their end was near
    For I lead an army of immortals, wielding nuclear weapons.
    I shall now cleanse this cave of its impurities
    Tic - Toc
    And it goes ka..boom!!☠
    It's all MINE ��

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    It is mine !!


  • michelle_pen 16w

    My wish for you
    On this special day
    Is that you shine brighter than a diamond.
    May your wishes
    On this special day come to pass,
    Mr. Slender

  • michelle_pen 17w


    For it is through you I see; my greatest strengths and weaknesses.

  • michelle_pen 17w

    Thought loop

    I had a thought and I thought that that thought was not very thoughtful of me. And so I thought of a better thought to fill in the unthoughtful thought I had thought of.