My dream is to become a published author 1 day. For the world to hear what I have to say, to hear my tears and pain, to know my story.

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  • michelledavies 2d

    Recycled Memories

    Why should hope be allowed in?
    I try to change how I think
    But here I sit with recycled memories
    What do you do to shake the bitterness?
    I dont know so all good is rejected.
    I sacrifice my good for my sins
    I never asked to exist
    But I'm going to make the best of it
    Sadness, just like happy, is fleeting
    Just smell that rose I guess
    And try to shake your past misdeeds
    It is dead and gone like we will all eventually be

  • michelledavies 6w

    No one is perfet
    So don't try to be perfect

    I'm doing what I can & it seems to be working
    I do all I can but it seem's to not be working

    I know I'm me & that can't be so worthless
    Cause I've seen worthless

    I wish I could do better as a person
    And you all forget that I am a person

    But I know I am not what you claim & you know it
    I am the same alone or with people & you know it

    I love me every morning
    I hate what I feel every morning

    Be who you are when no one is looking
    Be what you inteded to be when they are all looking

    It is cool this life will hurt you
    It is fucked up, this life will hurt you!


  • michelledavies 6w

    I Am So Self-Centered That I look In The Mirror And All I Can See Is My Reflection!

  • michelledavies 7w

    Product Of Dread

    I am the product of my environment
    I am displaced in the mind you created
    Then you don't like where I live?
    Because it screams the truth of your bullshit

    I am the result of too much dread
    So much time lost, gone, and wasted
    But who really gives a shit?
    Well, fuck you all, I do and I did then

    I scream so loud
    In a stolen crowd
    That will always see me but never hear a sound
    While I am about to drownd

    But here I am and here I live
    Here I was and here I sit
    I just need someone to notice
    I'll just wait here and fix my trunk and wait
    Hay there, how are you, Sam? Need a lift?
    Hold on, can you sniff this?

  • michelledavies 8w

    Why did I find you as you died?
    Why did you have to take so much of our lives?
    I am sick of your shattered dome of a mind.
    You left us alone & you never thought right
    I guess neither have I

    Where did you go, momma?
    Why did you leave us behind?
    We were your girls & we cared & we cried
    Or did you just not care enough to kiss us goodbye?

    I am struggling because I don't have my mom tonight
    You decided those patches were worth losing your life
    I guess cause I was grown then you thought I wouldn't mind

    You were always so taxing, vexing and mine
    I miss you so much it is still a sharp hurt in my side
    Why would you be so selfish & leave us behind?

    When you died it was a shattering realization
    When you left us Cara was stuck with her last criticism
    When you said fuck you all I am leaving
    You left us alone to live amongst the wolves & snakes slithering
    You never prepared us for what this world really is
    You should have told us you would die too soon
    You should have told us to love who we are regardless!

    But it is what it is and it was what it was
    we have no choice but to survive, this?
    Just like you did?

    We are so angry but it's so sad
    You dying caused so much strife
    You wanted everyone to know you were alive
    Well, momma, it worked didn't it?
    We feel like you left us behind

    I am trying to pick me up but you should be alive
    All you did was fill my eyes with cries
    You were more important than we were that night
    I miss you and so does Cara Dawn
    You can't make someone love you who wants to die
    I got me, Cara has her, you have no more problems, right?
    The stigmas and bullshit you left us with is alive

    We both love you and miss your laugh
    We both wish you would have lived for us
    But we learned to live all alone with your death
    So did your Emmy and even Eric's dumb ass
    You touched so many and you don't even know it
    We all wish you would've made a different choice
    We all love you and miss your voice.

  • michelledavies 9w

    Stay True To You

    Be who you were born to be
    Embrace your insainity
    Don't allow liers or thieves
    Narcists or fallen Kings
    Be who you want to be seen as being
    Stay the same regardless if the world is looking.
    Love who you are and they will love you the same
    It's hard but it's real shit!

    It is what it is
    And it's usually what it seems
    If you judge a book by its sleeve
    Than at least judge the cover accordingly
    I am Michelle and Legion is me
    But a mistake I'm not, or maybe I was not meant to be
    I am the one you don't want to fucking deceive
    I know you and you know me
    So who are you lying to when I know what you did?
    All the truth I could tell and all the lies you keep
    I maybe made mistakes but you did too bitch
    I don't like you even a little bit
    I may have forgiven you're hate,
    But I'll forever remember every hit

    I don't want you anymore man
    I want to get away from your pain
    How do you move on when no one gives a shit?
    How do you break away from your dreams?
    This can't be how it was supposed to be.
    Do I hate you or do you despise me?
    Will you let me go or will I have to dig your grave?
    No, I'll never dig mine again so don't say it
    You are not a problem for me.
    I don't care if you die or if you live.

  • michelledavies 10w


    Misfits are always misunderstood because they are the ones who keep it true.
    They're always judged because they tell the truth.
    With that said, I'll do me and you fakes do you.
    I am done trying to fit in cause I don't agree with your views.
    And I shouldn't be blamed for being something good.

    You are not my problem and I am not yours.
    How can you survive in a world so cruel?
    You stay away from those who want to push and pull.
    Be who you are and fuck the rest of the world.
    Be the person who can look in the mirror & like the view.
    Never stop telling the truth
    No matter who that truth consumes!

    Bullys are what this world is made of
    They are the ones who ruin our schools
    They think they are God and they are in delusions
    They will never care about your pain because they never saw you!
    They will forever be selfish and introvert
    They will spend their lives blaming you for their issues
    They will never see the pain they put us through

    With all that said, us misfits must stick together
    There aren't many of us in this world
    So stay true and remain you
    Tell the truth, be humble, be kind, be what you
    want to be treated like
    And I know it is hard and it hurts like hell
    But be better than they are!
    They can all go away and you don't have to deal with assholes!

  • michelledavies 10w

    I'm not insane I'm just imprisoned for some insane shit
    I never killed the ones they found in my basement
    They were there when I moved into that place
    I didn't shoot all them but hate I may have been filled with
    But that smell was cause I forgot the lye not cause I killed them
    I'm guilty until proven guilty, not innocent
    No one cares about that
    Who are you to judge my judgement?
    It's all good till I kill you and me and all the rest
    Always pushing then asking why I've become what you've caused me to become

    Who are you, who is me?
    When I died did I really survive it?
    Am I just stuck with all my dead demons?
    Do I need to see all the bodies I piled in my closet?
    Do you need to see all the bodies you shoved in there?
    Maybe this is pugertory.
    What if I was never brought back from death?
    Am I a ghost just unknowing?
    Forever romming?

    I want to be happy but happy rarely happens
    What is real and what is not?
    What have I become?
    Will you save me from myself?
    Probably not.
    It's cool, mine got it.
    This is mine house and mine house is full as fuck.
    I am not sure but I know I dont care anymore
    If I've been dead or dying this whole time
    Then I'll keep on like I'm still alive

  • michelledavies 11w

    The dead do not speak or tell lies
    All that is plated in gold will eventually rust
    Whoever you think you are,
    Is not the person I saw.
    But what can I say, I wonder what you saw as well?
    I tried to care, I tried to grow
    But you took it all from the 4 of us.

    You are selfish and you never did care
    You were not who you pretended you are
    I can't excuse all the abuse and broken hearts
    I forgive you but I will remember it all
    Why would you hurt someone like us?
    Some things only God can forgive you for
    I am not a judge
    I have no heaven or hell for anyone
    Good luck

  • michelledavies 13w

    Entered into dreded wedlock
    The misuse of dreams, turned shallow
    It is such a frightful knowledge
    What was once beauty incarnate
    Has now become a short come up
    Then the truth comes out
    No more sun, only cold rain drops
    All you can hope for is to learn from it
    And not make the same mistake tomorrow.

    He who wants to hold the power
    Is the one who is a forever liar
    It is all just a trick to ignore who they are
    I am myself and myself is Michelle
    So don't judge my judgement and I'll ignore yours as well

    Yesterday went by so quick it feels like it was tomorrow.
    I do what I can but beauty never lasts or follows
    I have to forget me for a while
    All the rage that I swallow
    Is not so unintentional
    It is a hard pill to swallow
    I'm here today but I'll be missed tomorrow